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Hi I am Monzemonman2.

Pokemon White 2 Roster Ideas

I'm thinking about Emboar, Electrive, Metagross, Unfeazent, Pawanard, Scizor.

After what you've done to Template:User, please do not do that again. Now I'm letting you off with a warning, but if you continue to do things like this, more warnings will be given and then a ban will be served. SpaaaceCore.jpgSPAAAAAAAAAACESpaaaceCore2.png Sorry I was trying to change my avatar and I got confused

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Hey Monzemonman, need any help with your userpage? :) Thunder Cloud.png LightningLuigi93 Thunder Cloud.png

not now, i'm kinda busy with my current projects, but I can help you with some arts and the wikicoding of the page. OriginsRayman1.png Good Rayman Bad Rayman DarkRayman.png

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