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Hello, MegaMario! Let me be the first second user to welcome you to the wiki. I'm doing a poll so I'll need you to answer this question:
Out of these five fangames I made, which one would you say is the most interesting?

Also, check out Something Else Entirely (SEE)Thanks! Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

Oops. Forgot the cool formal welcome!

I'm Max2, one of the sysops/founders of this wiki. As well as one of the most active users. I'm usually the sysop to fix problems, create things to make the wiki cool, and create problems. Really, I don't though. Usually.

Anyways, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

K. Thanks for your vote! Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

Of course not. Well... yeah I like Pokemon. A lot. More than a lot. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) (I can go from formal to normal really fast)

Just Diamond. I'm a really good breeder, so I have like Forty-million Pichus. :) Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Woah! My highest is my level 79 Dialga. And my highest Pichu is my only shiny one, level 10. :) Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Pokemon Yellow. My starter Pikachu, Pika, was level 100 (as high as you can get in the original 3 games). Second highest was my Level 92 Mudkip (Everstone FTW) Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

I had the Dream Team in Pokemon Yellow.

  • Pika (Pikachu) = Lv 100
  • Nido (Nidoking) = Lv 69
  • Charchar (Charizard) = Lv 74
  • Saur (Venasaur) = Lv 75
  • Turt (Blastiose) = Lv 74

I didn't even need a 6th Pokemon. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Nothing much, I've been recruiting people to be co-authors for my fan-fic, F3 2008 Number Zero... and that's about it. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

Nice, but...

Could you beat my team? no way.

  • Piplup, level 100
  • Egg, level 0 (x4)
  • Eevee, level 1

Well, honestly, I've beaten the game and pretty much filled out the National Dex, so I'm focusing on breeding rare pokemon.

Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

  • Egg 1


  • Egg 2


  • Eggs 3 and 4


Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Hi bud.


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