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You're just making yourself look worse every time you delete your talk page. That's the sort of thing that noobs get criticized for. --Cowbeb (Good Cop Bad Cop) Why are you leaving, anyway? You still haven't given a good reason.

This reminds me of what Micool did... I think the only reason people aren't treating you like they treated Micool is because you're a sysop. GamerX Inc.

When you get this "New Fantendo", do you plan on fixing all the errors? And do you realize that if Fantendo moves, a lot of people won't like it, so they'll stay, and both Fantendos will die? SparkbadgeSparkbadge2

We are fixing the errors spark, and if they stay this fantendo will thrive, and the NIWA can help the other fantendo thrive, why won't they like it spark? the last one they didn't like because of the errors, well me and shrb will fix them, so what other reason do they have not to like it --000GHemmy Talk!Blog!000G I am teh ultimate Cookielord 01:53, February 22, 2010 (UTC)

Ok then, I'll go with you. Also, is there a way to make it so you can use HTML on a wiki? If so, please enable that on new Fantendo. SparkbadgeSparkbadge2

there is a way, and it is on my list of things to add onto new Fantendo --000GHemmy Talk!Blog!000G I am teh ultimate Cookielord

Awesome. Thanks! Bob the Slowpoke (talk)

Um... Hi, uh Hemu, I came here to you to chat with me on my talk page. Wanna work on this game? Luigi HalerN DaisyHockey Edits PrincessRosalina Talk to me


Can I make a Nintendo IC game?

Check Mate

Have you decided on what the main character's name will be yet? TemplatesmileHappy FaceTemplatesmileYou WILL be my friendEvilHappyFace

Fantendo Plays: Hockey!

Congrats, Xero and Retro have been invited into Fantendo Plays Hockey as referee. A game by me MQM and CK11. Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me....


Since you posted a comment about 5 or so minutes ago, give or take JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but you don't seem to be on chat yet. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

Micool figured out how to get on chat. =/

YoshiEgg Nook FTWIt's YoshiEgg!!! St. Jimmy's coming down across the alleyway... Bloop 3

I guess you were right. I was wondering if you like my game. Why don't you look at it?

It was not, it has a gameplay and it's not completed. Need anything, ask me.

Hai, do u want 2 b in Zorz Wars? Livin' On A Prayer - Whooooa, we're halfway there. . .

Come to chat! We've got cookies and jesseroos! ShroobyrightShroobarioCall!Shroobyleft

Hi Hemu can Xero and Retro appear in Fantendo Smash Bros. Scuffle? Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me...!

We need you on chat, for Fillet is announcing the results with his love interest.

Tucker The Dimensional Link You're leavin', you're leavin'...DreamSignIcon

._. Make Me A Avatar? i gives you picture... [IMG][/IMG]

._. Make it out of that?

Hey, dude. Come on chat, it's story time.

Tucker The Dimensional Link You're leavin', you're leavin'...DreamSignIcon

Please ban Micool26. He flamed me because I called him retard. --GenoSMWWiiI Am Tha Legend GenoSMWWii

Please ban me FOREVER. So I can never come back. If you can I would really appreciate it.

Sincerely, The n00b.

It's important!

Click this link immediatly! It's important! Livin' On A Prayer - Whooooa, we're halfway there. . .

Can I use Xero in Wolf Fanon Battle? NSMBΩYellowToad YELLOW INFINITE NSMBΩBlueToad BLUE INFINITE

Erm Hemu When are we making the Legend of Zelda: Termina Path's thing... Leo5978 19:37, June 14, 2010 (UTC) Leo.

Hemu Mind editing my Topic for Grammer and tell me What Is wrong? thanks. Leo5978 03:22, June 16, 2010 (UTC)

Hey, Hemu, I'm trying to use the CGI:IRC chat, but when I try to send a messgae, It says that the IRC isn't connected.. RedYoshi NAOYE Hey, it's RY! RedYoshi NAOYE Come talk to me!

Apparently I need java to get on the babblecoaster. RedYoshi NAOYE Hey, it's RY! RedYoshi NAOYE Come talk to me!

EBOL HEADING INVADER. loljk. Anywaiz, yeah, idk what the heck to do.

Tucker The Dimensional Link You're leavin', you're leavin'...DreamSignIcon

Well, he has been adding a section for a while now, and I am telling him to stop. But he won't! He says he will only be good as soon as he gets a section on my talk. But I don't WANT an arrogant n00b having a section on my talk. Sorry about flaming. --GenoSMWWiiI Am Tha Legend GenoSMWWii

Also, why did you only remind him? I have been reminding him enough times. I think you should change it to a warning. --GenoSMWWiiI Am Tha Legend GenoSMWWii


That game and that character of mine where just test that you delete, wait to see the real ones.

No, I did NOT rip you off. No, I am NOT changing my music company's name. And I like Jemusic more then Jetmusic. So, sorry. Yoshijumpspecial 2 Yoshi Lover Kamek Magikoopa Hater Karma Karma Creator

If your online, plz come to chat. PenguinyLemmy the PenguinPenguiny

I'm not leaving, if PJ insults me like he's been doing, I will. I just have to face the facts, I'm a n00b. --GenoSMWWiiI Am Tha Legend GenoSMWWii

I won't leave. But it just seems that any time I make a little mistake, everyone gets mad. And when I make a big mistake, I get warned, yelled at, etc. I do diserve a warning, but being yelled at? The warn replaces return-flaming or yelling. --GenoSMWWiiI Am Tha Legend GenoSMWWii

I know all that. --GenoSMWWiiI Am Tha Legend GenoSMWWii

How did I earn the title "Junior Detective?" PenguinyLemmy the PenguinPenguiny

Lol, I mean what does the title mean? PenguinyLemmy the PenguinPenguiny

can i b your friend --Mick Cool3DMicool26The sword isn't just for showingTransparencyMicool 23:51, July 3, 2010 (UTC)

Seriously, what does "Junior Detective" mean? Fawful Lemmy Fawful Wiki Trolls are the frosting of irritation on the cupcake of stupid


Hey Hemu It's okay if you ignore me. I just want to come here and say sorry, you were not the one being mean it was me. I was being a n00b and I still am, I just want to say I improved on spelling and I am not a total @$$ anymore.

.'*Sometimes you gotta look up at things in a good way,even if its bad.-Atm*'. 02:59, July 6, 2010 (UTC)


You understand! thanks so much :D anyways need any help on a fan game or something? -Aidan --.'*Sometimes you gotta look up at things in a good way,even if its bad.-Atm*'. 20:45, July 6, 2010 (UTC)

Right now

Well right now actually I kinda need help on something, I don't know if you are good with wiki coding but i need help making columns.

On here

Um like on here, under unlockable characters and under worlds.. -Aidan


K i will try that, but how do i put my own characters and images? -Aidan


Hey Hemu I noticed someone added the columns for me...Was it you? If yes thanks! but I need under the character section I have 6 more characters i need to put in so i need 6 more slots please, thanks... and under the powerups section i have 10 more power ups so i neeeed 10 more slots for them, please, thanks.... Please and thanks...

if it wasn't u ignore this messege but at least reply to configure.


Can I be your friend? Luigi992 23:48, August 2, 2010 (UTC) {{User |[[User:{{{Luigi992}}}|{{{Luigi992)))]] [[User talk:{{{Luigi992}}}|(Talk)]] }}

HAI HEMU TRYING TO WIN A BADGE BY DOIN THIS ShroobyrightShroobarioCall!Shroobyleft


GUESS? Okay fine I'll tell you. Go on chat. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

COME ON CHAT RITE NOW. LeftRight - Sign here!

COME ON CHAT RITE NOW. againLeftRight - Sign here!

A question...

How do you check a user's IP? Because I think Lisa is Sally, so I want to figure out if I'm right... GamerX Inc.

come on chat LeftRight

Can't. I'm on my way out the door. When I get back and after I study for a test, I might.

TuckerSigYE Rage and love.Babbysmoochumstalk

Turns out I owned the name TehVict afterall!



What? 70px If you were intelgent you'd vote for me 70px

I know about the "snarky" comments, but I've never used the delete category that much, let alone use it on Dr. Toadly's article. I did REMOVE it from an article called Gobblegut, because I didn't feel it should be deleted, just needed some work. For the former, I thought I had free speech. 70px If you were intelgent you'd vote for me 70px


Heh, this is kinda weird because you're usually the one telling me to go to chat, but this time I'm the one telling you to go to chat.

So go to chat.

TuckerSigYE Rage and love.Babbysmoochumstalk

Hey about that whole "alien bible" thing - that would have to only apply to the Old Testament, as there is historical proof that Jesus did indeed live so the New Testament has to have happened on Earth. However, Old Testament references and any visions people might have can still be alien-related. Revelations could be interpreted as not being the future, but being a vision of the past when the aliens died. But we don't want it to get blasphemous, so we should try and keep religious stuff to a minimum (except concerning dead religions. we can prove them wrong all we like :P) JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"


OK sure dude, but that game was kinda inactively edited so... Slipknot Darkrai


THE NEXT HUMBLE INDIE BUNDLE IS OUT TOMORROW. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"


Hey I was talking to Stelios7 and I asked how I could change my User Name but he didn't know and said I should ask you Cobweb or Shroobario but none of them knew how either so do you know how I can change my User Name? If you do please tell me how. Thanks

Madokasprite-resizeElise (talk)

Baron von Hemingsworth!

Wouldst thou happen to have any Anarchy Fish songs recorded? Empire Ants - Working the machine... Read the Fandemonium 2 premier!

Aw. :( Empire Ants - Working the machine... Read the Fandemonium 2 premier!

Somebody hates you

I fond this image in the NEWEST IMAGES thing on the right, thought you might want to see it. It's by some user named Doug.scheer.

Thank you! I listened to it; it's awesome. Yeah, I'd appreciate it if you could upload the guitar-only version... :) Empire Ants - Working the machine... Read the Fandemonium 2 premier!

eeeeeeee thank you so much Empire Ants - Working the machine... Read the Fandemonium 2 premier!

Main page redesign

Hi! Please see the message here and tell me if you have any questions. Ausir(talk) @fandom 08:59, September 29, 2011 (UTC)

Oh ok then. Madokasprite-resizeElise (talk)

hemu , why u removed my page super mario crossover land

gabriel cavalcanti

He is awesome like that, also it is a listYoshiGo99

Hemmy, somehow when the troll was banned, I somehow got banned too.

I think he did something to me. Can you help please? :(Mick Cool3DMicool26The sword isn't just for showingTransparencyMicool


Please let me join your employees! 02:53, January 3, 2012 (UTC)

Block Stelios7

I just have a user who destroyed something I created. I worked very hard on it, and he won't respond to the warning I wrote to him. I want him gone and to never come back. Plankton5165 21:23, January 10, 2012 (UTC)

Does Pushmo have anything to do with Nintendo?

Well, does it? You know why? Because Steli might destroy my page. Plankton5165 23:55, January 18, 2012 (UTC)

Now that I am finished with my Justice: Apocalypse project, I am going to send invitations out for users to give it a final & complete review. You're one of them! User:IsmailFeroz/sig5

woooooooooooooooot In the Shadow. - I wish that I could be the king... then I'd know that I am not alone.

Fantendo + Fanon

Hello Fantendo! I am TheUltraman, Admin on Super Smash Bros. Fanon. I was thinking since we are both Nintendo Fanon sites we should be affiliates as that gives good promotion on both sides. Super Smash Bros. Fanon is also affiliates with Video Games Fanon and is in the works of being affiliates with Super Smash Bros Wiki. We would like it if you could think about this offer and discuss being affiliates with our site.

If you want to talk about it any further you can PM me or Animal Crossing Leader (we are the two active admins on Super Smash Bros. Fanon out of our four admins). TheUltraman (talk) 20:15, August 12, 2013 (UTC)

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