Empress Scarlet

aka That cute n lovable gremlin

  • I live in Some place even higher
  • I was born on May 8
  • My occupation is trying to make the world a better place
  • I am Female
  • Bio oi, the names scarlet and im just here to drink and have a good time!
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Appreciate you

I don't really tell you how much I appreciate you, so here I am right now- you're a great friend and I'd love to get closer.



At the moment Fantendo isn't letting me comment. So, I'll post this here.

(Fantendo's not letting me paste an image here unfortunately)

A wicked creature from Bloodlands in the Spectroverse, Phendropteryxes are giant monsters that scour the land for food. They gobble various plants and herbivores, and typically do so violently. On top of that, it seems capable of contorting its body into various destructive forms to decimate unfortunate individuals. These creatures are dangerous fiends that make the Bloodlands all the more terrifying.

Upon entering a smash fight, the beast flies in from off screen as its spike-shaped extremities shape into feet before touching down. Some may argue that the beast is too big for Smash, but it's been sized down to approximately Ridely-sized, it somewhat hunched over. The beast is fairly slow, very stocky and defensive, and has fairly dangerous moves with slow wind-ups. It also has 4 midair jumps. Smash attacks typically involve it shaking its wrecking ball-like head in the appropriate direction or swinging it in a circle around its feet, it also has a d-air that involves zipping downwards with its spike-like feet stretched down. Other attacks have it swipe its feet while stretching them into blades in the appropriate directions. It may be slow, but when it gets its claws on someone, there'll be Hell to pay.

  • Neutral Special: Acidic Sludge - The creature extends its hips forwards, before lobbing forth a ball of Acidic Sludge from the gap in its midsection. The arc flies in an arc, splatting against anything that gets in the way. It doesn't do much damage, however it does stun foes and leave them vulnerable for a while.
  • Side Special: Spike Protrusion - It puffs out its chest, and in the same motion extends a bed of spikes from its bust. For now, its stuck in a pose where its jutting out its chest and able to walk forwards band backwards, its spike continuing to stay stretched in front of it. It should be noted that while its spikes are out, it resists knockback from the front, though is vulnerable in the back. It can jump once, walk left and right, and poke into foes with its bed of spikes. Pressing the special button again causes the spikes to hurl forwards and damage anyone in their path.
  • Up Special: Twirling Claws - The beast suddenly lunges upwards about the height of two jumps, while its feet take on a sickle shape. Then, it spins around with its sickle-feet stretched out, the blades cutting through whoever's too close. Upon striking a ledge, the sickle clings to it, and the beast can climb up onto the ledge.
  • Down Special: Devilish Warcry - The beast lowers its ball-like head onto the ground, before stretching it skyward and letting out a mighty cry. Those that close and airborne will be shoved away, while those on the ground will be rendered dazed. It has long start lag and long end lag, so one should be careful when they use it.
  • Final Smash: Feeding Time - The beast brings its ball head about foot level as its body rears back into a pouncing stance. Then, it lunges about 2x the length of a dash attack forwards, intent on smashing into anyone too close. If it strikes an enemy, a cutscene plays where the captured foe(s) are seen stuck to the spiky head as it rears up, its whole body upright such that its head is the highest point on its body. Then, tendrils begin snaking up its neck and coiling around the head and the caught foes, curling more and more and more, the caught foes steadily taking damage. After a bit of it, its head bears tendrils about twice as large as its head normally is, before the tendrils constrict tightly, dealing a sharp amount of damage to the caught foes. The tendrils unfurl, and it swings its head, ending the cutscene and launching the foes.

How's it look?

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hi Scarlet / Redwing! I recently saw your profile and realized that you made a good logo, but can you give me permission to make an improved version of the logo?


one last question before UCP rolls in.

which website did you make this icon on?

MrYokaiAndWatch902 (talk) 23:01, August 19, 2020 (UTC)

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