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Want to play? Now? SamStation(Talk) I can play with you at MKW

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hey look at this For All My Friends werewoof16

Photo tutorial

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Ideas for minigames for Plunge in the Past 4 - Cartoon Chaos? SamStation(Talk)

edinemir95:i dont now?

Message From S55

Harriet ? you aldready forgot beezo :D ,anyway. THX for add yourself in my friend list ;)

Also...I add myself in your massive tower, i hope you agree that but after all , it's normal, you use my animate picture :)

Edinemir95:THANKS! its ok


added SamStation(Talk)


Chat? SamStation(Talk)


Join the chat

join the chat, plz and I'll tell you everythingSamStation(Talk)



You is awesome!

talk with me in Wii Sport wiki chat

Make friends not enemies


Pumpik Jack-o-Lantern&#039;
Pumpik Jack-o-Lantern&#039;
SamStation Gray Baby Yoshi Lumoshi (Talk)Orange luma

No, sorry, you cannot join Raindrop Studios, I prefer to work on my own and I actually only made a company because it looks better than just putting your username on pages =P 200Misdreavus Trick or Treat! Jack NL

What did I do to get kicked off that chat?

title says it all Beastmagic I'M TOO FREAKIN LEGENDARY!

nothing. You can still go on here


Sure :)

TeruTeruBozu2Spoopy4Me Happy Halloween TeruTeruBozu2Spoopy4Me 

it's okay :P

70px-Ghost SkylandersI'M TOO FREAKIN SPOOKY!70px-Ghost Skylanders


Made in Game Maker 8. :P ⿻ kmm - talk


I make my artwork with PowerPoint (as weird as it sounds I actually do) but I do not recommend it;; instead, try a better program that's meant for art. It's hard to get used to powerPoint and it isn't meant for making art. Also, Musescore works kinda weird;; you should probably set your volume really high since for some reason, it plays really soft. 200Misdreavus Trick or Treat! Jack NL

Sorry, but what do you mean by ruining? MYsigkanade1 Middy (talk) MYsigkanade1

Ehm... stop sending pages to deletion because of no reason. Alright? Thanks. AingeruBoBTenshiThanatosBoBHey yo!HypnosBoB

All fixed

I have fixed the page ;) 

You're welcome ;), and you're forgot to "close" the template by putting }}SamStation(Talk)

No. LKY001LKY-001LKY001


You're back! :) When you can, leave me a message on my message wall of the WSR wiki and go to chat, please. I have to tell you something. SamStation(Talk)

I use Blender. You can download it at this site. good luck! :)

Image Editing software

Hello! :) I use Photoshop when making my pictures. I'm glad you like my work! File:Sigdmts.png(Talk) 16:43, December 8, 2013 (UTC)

One last note about the roster Evo

If your updated roster doesn't appear soon, then upload it as a seperate file and make a new comment saying you made some changes. Anyways, I'll probably be on for a while tomorrow so try and catch me on chat if you have any questions. G'night :>

If we are going to ascend
we'll do it together!


Yooo, you're the only one who hasn't submitted a roster for the Pokken Tournament Roster Evolution. Submit one soon or I'll have to disqualify you. Here's the link.

If we are going to ascend
we'll do it together!
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