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  • I was born on August 9
  • My occupation is being a lazy bastard when i'm not on the computer
  • I am A Jigglypuff


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Welcome to our wiki! However, please make sure that you read our standards before making too many of your pages! The pages you've made don't exactly fit our criteria. 💀 ♪♫♬ no life till leather · we're gonna kick some ass tonight ♪♫♬ 💀

Good luck

OK this has been going on long enough for me to not take notice; you are seriously talented with your image editing, especially making renders for Mario enemies (I especially love the recent Hammer Bros.) and I like how you're channeling this talent into games like Super Mario Ninjutsu. Honestly, I'm kind of jealous? I've been working with GIMP for around two years now and I'm only learning some of the stuff you seem to be doing masterfully.

What I'm trying to say is good luck. I'll be keeping an eye out for any future stuff you put out; with the direction you're going, you're going to be huge. That may not be the case now, but as they always say, the journey of 1000 miles always begins with the first step.

Once again, good luck on here. I don't think you've been given a proper welcome here, so on behalf of everyone, I would like to welcome you to this little community.

Please reply to my talk page so I know you got this message.


Thanks For Recovring One Of My Lost Files!

The file you recovered, which is File:Lightning_Artwork_-_Mario_Kart_Wii.png, is back in business! Now I can use it again! Thank you so much!

LarryKoopa102 (talk) 22:10, November 23, 2017 (UTC)LarryKoopa102

Thanks Again

Again, gotta thank you for the Party Planner renders because they're so damn good.

Thanks :D


A Helping Hand

As I said in a previous talk page message around two or three weeks ago, I think your stuff has a lot of potential, and your image-editing can lead to some great things. Though I do think they could use some improving though, and you probably don't have a solid idea on where to go for feedback, or you could just want to talk about your games and have them be checked out. Either way, I think the Fantendo Chat would be a good place to go; it's essentially a a chatroom dedicated to this site, where you can talk with other users about pretty much anything. It's also helped a lot of up-and-coming users with their content on here, and as such it could end up being very beneficial for your stuff, as we're all willing to help someone out. So drop by if you have the time. Don't be shy about talking with others either; very rarely do we ridicule new users (unless they are trolls).

Also, you can personally send a message my way if you have any further questions, as I'm more than happy to help. You're relatively new around here, and I'd like to help you out a bit, showing you the ropes and such.

Send a message on my talk page to let me know you received this message (don't worry, you did it correctly the first time, so just do what you did before).


Sunshine 2

So as a thank-you for the render of L.K., combined with my desire to help you out on the wiki, I've begun to make grammatical fixes to your take on Super Mario Sunshine 2. Honestly, you've got a lot of potential and I'd like to help you make a name for yourself here.

Fantendo Chat is a great resource for that, and I highly recommend giving it a try. We don't bite :)

Paper Bowser sprite Tigertot Skull Kid Obliteration2017 SHOWTIME.389Torterra 22:27, December 27, 2017 (UTC)


Can I use Helmer in Super Speedstar RPG?



Hey Computerboy64, I was looking at your pages at thought "they look really cool!" So I was wondering if we could be friends?

Bowser Jr., Mario Party 9ALL HAIL THE FLAME KING!!!SquirtleByxous54

Mentorship Program Recommendation

I've been noticing that your spelling and grammar has been improving, which is good. Me and a few others have been setting up this thing called the Fantendo Mentorship Program to try and help out some up-and-coming users by pairing them with a mentor, showing them the ropes, helping them with article development, etc. I feel this could help your content greatly, so consider joining.

Send a message to my talk so I know you got this message.


Hey hey, long time no see!

I was recently scrolling through my old Twitter posts, which were littered of automated tweets of whatever videos I liked and stumbled across your channel again. I saw your update video and was stoked to see you got onto Fantendo. I always enjoyed the video game concept videos you made, so I figured you'd be great at making articles for Fantendo - and lo and behold you are, and are pretty succesful at it too. I probably should've recommended this to you earlier back when I was a bit more active here, but it's cool to see you turning your ideas into articles for this wiki.

- Zyphyris/TheBri-ex

oh wow, this guy stole everything from us. thanks for bringing this to my attention. what a jackass.


hello,i'm pikapika200

so,i assume your first language is dutch,based on where you live.

Your Articles

Hey I just wanted to compliment all of your hard work on these articles. These ideas such as Super Luigi Odyssey, Mario vs Donkey Kong: Return to New Donk City, Super Mario Ninjutsu, and others are just fantastic! Great work and I hope you create more articles :)  Tyler730 (TCE)  12:26, March 22, 2018 (UTC) 

Spikers Characters

Would it be alright of I used some of your characters for Super Mario Spikers?


Go for it! I must have forgotten to make her free to use, but yeah, you can use her!


Party planner renders

Can I use your party planner renders in my game Mario Heros Unite

Re:Party Planner Renders

Ok thanks

Mario Renders

Hey, I was wondering where exactly you go in Super Mario Odyssey to crop out Mario for your renders. I’m looking to create some of Mario in the Sunshine outfit. Thanks in advance.

Paper Bowser sprite Tigertot Skull Kid Obliteration2017 SHOWTIME.389Torterra 15:30, May 12, 2018 (UTC)

Render Request?

I was wondering if you take requests for renders. I just have two simple bosses that need 'em for Super Mario Expedition: the Oil Blooper and Sandy Walleye, and I know you're among the best when it comes to renders on the wiki. If you have time, I'd love to see 'em and it would be much appreciated.

Paper Bowser sprite Tigertot Skull Kid Obliteration2017 SHOWTIME.389Torterra 22:27, May 25, 2018 (UTC)

Re: Render Request

Thank you so much!

Paper Bowser sprite Tigertot Skull Kid Obliteration2017 SHOWTIME.389Torterra 23:27, May 25, 2018 (UTC)

Collab Offer

Hey there! You probably don't know me too well, but I'm MeGa eXal. MGX, Mega, or Exal for short, which I'm not. I've been interested in your Mario fan games for quite a while, mostly because I like how you can make a whole story out of a single Odyssey kingdom. So, as a fellow Mario fan, I am here to ask if you would be interested in collaborating on a Mario hockey game, Mario MHL Sliders. But if you're not interested, that's perfectly fine! I just think it could be fun to work with you on something.

Thank you for considering this offer, and I hope we can talk soon.

Lincoln Nickelodeon 3The real you is the perfect you. LOUDHOUSELoriRender

That'll work! Thanks.

Lincoln Nickelodeon 3The real you is the perfect you. LOUDHOUSELoriRender


Hello, I saw the transparent images you did on the forums and I'm quite impressed by it. How do you do them?

Ico-zilla-icon HollowPharaoh (talk)

Ideas for enemies to use in new Mario games

Mario Enemy Ideas

Excuse me, but I have a few ideas for Mario enemies you could use.

1. Tako-gesso/ Octosquid: Based on Octoombas and Bloopers. They live underwater, shooting balls of coral at the player.

2. Kumo-mucho/ Scuttle Snifit: a combination of Spider and Snifit which drops down on strings and crawls from left to right, shooting bullets. Based on the Arachno-snifits from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

'3.  'Tokage/Maw-nitor:  These lizard-like enemies are similar to Maw-ray/Unagi, but more lizard-like in appearance. They crawl out of holes and try to eat the player. They have more mobility than normal Unagi.

'4. 'Hi-fuki-metto/ Flaming Beetle: Based on Buster Beetles and fire. These enemies are similar to Buster Beetles, but instead of throwing brick blocks, they throw fireballs.

'5. 'Hitodama Teresa/Will-o-wisp Boo: Based on a Boo and hitodama wisps. They have a circle of hitodama around them, and they can attack opponents by shooting hitodama at opponents.

6. Kuwagata Metto/Staggy Beetle: Based on a Buzzy Beetle and a stag beetle. They act like normal Buzzy Beetles, but when they see someone, they charge at them.

'7. 'Biribiri Jugem/ Electro Lakitu: based on the Lakitus from Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap. They fly through the air and drop electric balls which briefly electrify the ground.

'8. 'Keronpa Ball/ Fire Chomp Ball: a subspecies of Fire Chomp that doesn’t have a fiery tail. It stays in one place, shooting fire at the player.

'9. 'Taiho Dossun/ Cannon Thwomp: a Thwomp subspecies with two cannons on either side of it. When this Thwomp falls down, it shoots Bullet Bills from its side cannons.

'10.  'Banken Wanwan/ Watch Chomp: Chain Chomps with spiked collars on them. They patrol the area, and are not connected to posts by their chains, and if they see someone, they hop after them to bite them.

'11. 'Gasu Teresa/ Foggy Boo: Based on the Misty Red Boos from Mario Party 6. They float around the room, and if they find someone, they capture them in their misty bodies and take them back to the beginning of a level.

'12. 'Kyuribo/ Seedy Goomba: Based on Goombas and Weird Mushrooms from Super Mario Maker. They are tall, and walk around, but they spit seeds when stomped on, similar to the Stretches from Yoshi's island.

'13. 'Gaogao/ Bear-Chomp: a variant of Chain Chomp with the characteristics of a bear. They wander around from place to place, and then charge when they see someone. Based on Chain Chomps and Bears.

'14. 'Fuwafuwa Teresa/ Floating Boo: large-sized boos that float up and down, acting as obstacles. Based on a smaller version of Boohemoth.

'15. 'Kutsu Gesso/ Scoot Bloop: this unused enemy from Mario and Luigi makes a return appearance. It walks back and forth, occasionally stopping to spit ink balls.

16. Nise-koin/ Pinching Penny: disguise themselves as coins, but run away if you get near them. Based on the Pennies from Hotel Mario.

So, what do you think of these enemies?

Enemies in Odyssey outfits

Would you mind if you made some renders of enemies in costumes for me to use as Alternate Variants in [[Bowser's Tower Trouble]? I may ask for some more renders later down the line, but for right now I would like:

  • Goombas in Lake Kingdom and Seaside Kingdom outfits.
  • Koopas in Metro, Sand, Lake, and Seaside outfits.
  • Lakitus in Sand, Metro, Lake, Seaside, and Bowser's outfits.
  • Shy Guys in Sand, Metro, Lake, Seaside, Bowser's, Moon, and Snow outfits.

Don't feel like I want all of them done immediately. Take all the time you need.

On a side note, if you do have some of these already made, could you point me to them? My internet's been shotty lately and I haven't been able to search the wiki all that much.

Pokerninja2 (tbc)

More enemy ideas

Say! I am impressed with those pictures! You have added some flair to these enemies, and I want to thank you for accepting my ideas! Anyway, here are a few more enemy ideas, this time based on enemies which have appeared in previous works.

1. Itsunomanika Heiho/Hidden Shy Guy: This enemy from Yoshi's Island makes a return appearance. He hides in the background, and when Yoshi comes near it, it rides on his back while a Bandit steals the baby off of Yoshi's Back. Hidden Shy Guys are easy to defeat.

2. Bero/Licky Lantern: This enemy from Super Mario Land 2 makes a reappearance. It just stands there, extending its tongue. They can't be destroyed, but they make useful platforms.

3. Biroron/Jack-in-the-block: This enemy from Super Mario Land 2 makes a reappearance. They disguise themselves as normal blocks, but when Mario hits the block, a Jack-in-the-box pops out and starts bouncing around wildly.

4. Keipu/Snitch Witch: This enemy from Super Mario Land 2 makes a reappearance. This little witch snatches Power-ups, 1-up mushrooms, or ? blocks and runs away with them, but if Mario manages to defeat her, the missing item will be given to the player.

5. Daruma-otoshi-kun/ Stack-a-rock: This enemy from Yoshi Topsy Turvy makes a reappearance. This spiky enemy walks back and forth, and cannot be harmed by any means.

6. Futamogu/Monty Hole: This enemy from Wario Land 3 makes a reappearance. They have been redesigned to look similar to Monty Moles. This enemy blocks off certain pits which the player needs to access, but can easily be dispatched using a ground pound.

7. Gaugau/Scarewolf: This enemy from Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 makes a return appearance. He attacks by throwing daggers at opponents

8. Door Heiho/Door Guy: This enemy from Yoshi's New Island makes a return appearance. These Shy guys carry away Important doors needed to access certain parts of the level. Yoshi must defeat the Door Guy in time for the door to be acessed. Otherwise, he will fall into a pit. Fortunately, the Door Guy and Door can respawn if the player backtracks and reloads the section they are in.

9. Tree Heiho/Tree Guy: This enemy from Yoshi's New Island makes a return appearance. They are similar in most respects to the Door Guys, but carry important tree platforms instead of doors.

10. Monomane Heiho/Impersonator Shy Guy a.k.a. Fake Yoshi: This enemy from Yoshi's New Island makes a return appearance. He looks like a white Shy Guy with green spots. Impersonator Shy Guys can copy the player's movements, so you have to lure them into a trap to solve a puzzle.

11. Kurokyura to Minikyura/ Blackula and Minicula: This enemy from Super Mario Land 2 makes a return appearance. Blackula is a vampire who sends out Miniculas (flying vampire bats) to attack the player. Both Blackula and Minicula can be defeated using stomps and fireballs.

12. Karakara/Umbrelloid: This enemy from Super Mario Land 2 makes a return appearance. They  resemble Kasa-bake (Japanese umbrella ghosts) which unfold themselves and launch into the air, then slowly float back down and return to their places.

Let me know what you think of these ideas.

Krixby87 (talk) 01:10, July 2, 2018 (UTC)Krixby87Krixby87 (talk) 01:10, July 2, 2018 (UTC)

Bear Chomp Pet

Would it be OK if one of my characters had a pet Bear Chomp from Super Mario Snow Run?

Pokerninja2 (tbc)

Permission to do something

Hey man, I really like your games but there's one thing I want to ask you, is it okay if I can create a game that takes place after Mario vs Wario: Full Moon please? It will be a game starring Wario, and of course I will credit the Nightcap Devs. for this, I hope you'll respond! ;)

--GrandTheftAutoHero (SFPR) (talk) 14:10, July 7, 2018 (UTC)

RE:RE: Permission to do something

Thanks man!

--GrandTheftAutoHero (SFPR) (talk) 16:32, July 7, 2018 (UTC)

Greetings! I would like to give you some more Mario enemy ideas.  

1. Kabocha-mushi/ Pumpkin Bramball: a pumpkin-headed bramball subspecies that dwells in graveyard levels. Unlike a normal Bramball, they never move. They can still be stomped on, though.

'2.'Donguribo/ Acorn Goomba: an acorn-like Goomba subspecies that dwells in trees, disguising themselves as acorns. When the player comes near them, they will fall down and act like normal Goombas. The Acorn Goomba’s acorn shell protects it from stomps, so the player has to defeat it by Fire Flower, Shell, or Star.

'3. 'Debu Dossun/ Incoming Thwomp: a fatter version of the common Thwomp. They dwell in the background, but then jump onto the foreground and smash into it, creating pits for you to jump over.

'4. 'Bound Dossun/ Stompin’ Thwomp: This variety of Thwomp bounces up and down in one place. Sometimes, Stompin’ Thwomps are seen bouncing from one end to another.

'5. 'Hibanachan/ Fire Wiggler: Based on Wigglers and Fire Flowers. These happy-go-lucky Wigglers spit fire from their mouths. If they are stomped on, they turn black and set themselves on fire to chase after the player. They can be defeated using the ice flower.

'6. 'Wanachan/ Chomp Wiggler: Mechanical Wigglers outfitted to look like Chain Chomps. If angered, they try to pursue the player and bite them with their jaws.

'7. 'Dokuro Killer/ Skullet Bill: a Bullet Bill wearing a skull. It usually appears in graveyard levels, and it takes two hits to defeat due to the skull on its head.

'8. 'Dokuro Magnum Killer/ Bonezai Bill: a Banzai Bill that wears a skull, just like its bullet bill counterpart. Like the Skullet Bill, it takes two hits to defeat.

'9. 'Magnum Torpedo/ Torzilla Ted: Based on Banzai Bills and Torpedo Teds. They emerge from larger skull boxes and fly towards the player.

10. King Torpedo/ Torpedo Titan: Based on King Bills and Torpedo Teds. They are the largest type of Torpedo Ted to be found.

'11.'Tsurara Dossun/ Icicle Thwomp: Based on icicles and Thwomps. They act similarly to thwomps, and fall on the player when they get near it. However, they stay stuck to the ground, so they can be easily used as platforms. Icicle Thwomps can easily be destroyed by fire flowers.

'12. 'Dossun Obake/ Ghost Thwomp: Based on Boos and Thwomps. They float towards the player when they look away, and they stop if the player faces them. If a Ghost Thwomp gets near enough, they will fall on the player.

'13. 'Okami-nokonoko/ Were-koopa: Wolf-like koopa troopas that transform into actual wolves and pounce after foes when  exposed to beams of moonlight. Based on the Were-troopas from Super Mario Bros. Super Show and the Gilliam Knights from Mega Man 7.

'14. 'Mimizukichan/Squirmer: acts like a normal wiggler, but digs through the ground without legs. When stomped on, the potato on its head falls off, and it becomes angry and goes faster. Based on Earthworms and Wigglers.

'15. 'Raigumo/ Cumulonimbo: flies on the top of the screen and occasionally  drops thunderbolts. Based on the Thundercloud item from Mario Kart.

'16. 'Kinokobo/ Shroomba: disguises itself as a mushroom and comes to life when you get too close. Based on Goombas and Mushrooms.

17. Rakugaki Brothers/ Graffiti Bro: shoots toxic paint from its paintbrush. It takes two hits to defeat. One reveals its true form and the other KO’s it. Based on Shadow Mario from Super Mario Sunshine and Hammer Bros.

'18. 'Tobi-haze Pukupuku/ Skipper Cheep-cheep: Based on mudskippers and Cheep-Cheeps. They jump out of the water and waddle towards the player.

'19. 'Hi-fuki Bubble/ Spitter Bubble: A fatter version of a podoboo that dwells in castles. They jump out of lava pits and spit out smaller Podoboos at the player’s direction.

'20. Tora Pakkun/Felis Pirahnicus: a Piranha Plant subspecies resembling a four-legged tiger which chases the player and tries to pounce on them.' 

holy fucking shit she's adorable, thanks!

one thing though, could you make the eyes and mouth pink? still it looks great!

Pokerninja2 (tbc)

Item Renders

I was wondering if you could make some renders of the following items that I can use in Mario & Luigi: Scrambled Eggs: Boo Biscuit, Taunt Ball, Shock Bomb, and Secret Box. All of them originate from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, so you can look to that for reference.

Take all the time you need to make them, even though they could probably take one or two minutes each, but w/e.

Pokerninja2 (tbc)

Ideas for Kirby Enemies

I see that you're working on a Kirby game. I'll be glad to assist you by giving you ideas for Kirby enemies and bosses, Most of which are from the Kirby Anime.

Mukadenki (Miniboss)

Appearance: a centipede-like monster with green eyes

First appearance: Episode 4, a Dark and Stormy Knight

Copy Ability: Spark

Attacks: shoots electricity at his opponents, grabs the opponent in his mandibles and shocks them

Tatsu-no-oroshi-go (Miniboss)

Appearance: a seahorse-like monster with arms and legs

First Appearance: Episode 31, Abusement Park

Copy Ability: Poison

Attacks: spits out a stream of poisonous ink from his mouth, shoots ink bubbles that pop on contact

Ikkaku-don (Miniboss)

Appearance: a walrus-like monster with a unicorn horn

First Appearance: Episode 31, Abusement Park

Copy Ability: ice

Attacks: rams into the opponent with his horn, shoots ice cubes from his mouth, slides into opponents.

Takame (miniboss)

Appearance: a one-eyed pterodactyl/ hawk monster

First Appearance: Episode 31, Abusement Park

Copy ability: beam

Attacks: Flies into the opponent, shoots beams from his eye

Aku-guma (miniboss)

Appearance: a teddy bear-like monster with yellow eyes and claws

First Appearance: Episode 63, Masher 2.0

Copy Ability: cutter

Attacks: slashes with his claws, shoots claw sickles from his hands

Garoken (miniboss)

Appearance: a boxing glove-wearing wolf monster

First Appearance: Episode 4, A Dark and Stormy Knight

Copy ability: Tornado

Attacks; punches with his boxing gloves, blows tornadoes from his mouth.

Kumogani (miniboss)

Appearance: a spiked spider crab monster

First appearance: Episode 4, A Dark and Stormy knight

Copy Ability: Spider

Attacks: does high jumps to flatten opponents, shoots webs from his mouth.

Akuma-jiro (miniboss)

Appearance: a spiked armadillo-like monster

First Appearance: Episode 4, a Dark and stormy Knight

Copy Ability: Metal

Attacks: Breathes fire, Rolls into a ball to run over opponents

Anmonaito (miniboss)

Appearance: an ammonite-like monster

First Appearance: Episode 31, Abusement Park

Copy Ability: needle

Attacks: Shoots shockwaves from his tentacles, shoots spine missiles from his shell


Appearance: a Shy Guy/Ghost-like monster with a Scream-style face

First Appearance:  Episode 12 Escargoon Squad

Copy ability: Ghost

Attacks: floats from left to right, blowing ghostly fireballs


Appearance: a small, white insect monster floating in a bubble

First Appearance: Escar-Gone

Copy Ability: Esper/ESP

Attacks: when Erasem hits Kirby, he will lose his copy ability, and his controls are reversed.

Fridgy/Reizo (Miniboss)

Appearance: a mammoth-like monster

First Appearance: Prediction Predicament Part 1

Copy Ability: Ice

Attacks: shoots ice balls from his trunk, shoots ice beams at opponents

Mr. Bubbles/ Sharbon (Miniboss)

Appearance: a ghost with a bubble-like head holding a bubble blower

First Appearance: Scare Tactics Part 2

Copy Ability: Bubble

Attacks: blows bubbles at the opponent, traps opponents in bubbles, then pops them, creates a shield of bubbles around himself

You'll have to watch these episodes on Youtube to inspire you to create those enemies.

Transparent pics

Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it! But could you do these?

I might add Bomberman, but thank you! --MARIOFX948 (talk) 14:13, August 20, 2018 (UTC) Thank you very much! So, If you need help just get me! I do 3D renders but with bad lighting ☹️

Hi, it's me again, I might get a PC/Laptop soon, and I was wondering, before I get it, what software do you use for making the transparent images or editing them? And if it's only for the computer model you have, what is it? And if it isn't, what doesn't have it? Thank you --MARIOFX948 (talk) 19:10, August 25, 2018 (UTC)

👆This👆 Ok thanks for letting me know! I bet Adobe Photoshop is better then MS paint. I'm guessing you use the same software for the screenshots and special FX?

hello, can you make the following image transparent, and make it look like a 3D render? thanks!

P.S. i think it might already be transparent.



yeah, i noticed that, but anyway. sure, it would be really helpfull to make one that looks like it, (idk if his helmet and cloths should be fabric or  metal looking, but i want his face to be metalish looking but with the same color.)

Ok! Thank you! I really appriciate it! Also, I was thinking about making a game called "Fantendo Party!" It's kind of like Mario party or Wii party. Exept the boards are based off games on Fantendo! And you play as people's avatars. My avatar is going to be a black sonic R sonic with green stripes, but if you want your avatar to be in it, just put it in my talk page! Also this is optional just so you know, and that Bomberman render looks really good!

Hi, it's me again, --MARIOFX948 (talk) 19:13, September 1, 2018 (UTC), I kind of need this drawing over this sonic R artwork, so if you can change the sonic R artwork look like the drawing, thank you very much, and after that, can you make a cropped image of his head? Thanks!

Thanks SOOOOOO much but can you add the third spike behind his ear? And there's also stripes on the other spikes two, But I just feel bad for you helping me a lot recently and me not doing anything for you, thank you.

Thank you very much! Also, does Ice colored a greenish color? If it is, sorry about the mix up, but most of all thanks very much!


Hey Computer boy can I please use mr. Goldensil and your bear chomps in my game Mario Basketball

Luigi4747 wins by doing absolutely nothing (talk) 03:17, September 2, 2018 (UTC)

Re Characters


Luigi4747 wins by doing absolutely nothing (talk) 12:07, September 2, 2018 (UTC)

Enemy Ideas + Request

So I'm not sure if you want an explanation, but here goes:

Chain Nya: A version of a chain chomp but it's a cat. It's asleep until Mario gets very close, then it will wake up, and give him 2 seconds to escape before attacking. Unlike a Chain Chomp, a Chain Nya only awakes when you're very close, and its range is much farther than a Chain Chomp.

Stone Octoomba: So in Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo changed Octoombas to fire cannonballs instead of rocks, and they needed to be gp'd instead of jumped on. The stone Octoomba fires rocks, and can be jumped on.

Also, this will be really tough, so if you don't want to, I'm fine. Can you make Up Up look like the 64 low poly design? I know it may have to be in a different pose, so I'm fine if it is. Like I said, you don't have to. Just one art, unless you want to do more. 

In case you need more of what Up Up looks like.

Thank you, Up Up the Cat (talk) 14:54, September 5, 2018 (UTC)

RE: RE: Enemy Ideas + Request

Thank you so much! I couldn't help but scream with joy when i saw the pics! Thank you!

Up Up the Cat (talk) 17:21, September 5, 2018 (UTC)

Hi, remember that avatar you made for me? I need these made into the avatar you did, one is for a N64 game called Fantendo Fighters, and the second one is just a modern version, also his eyes are the same color as his stripes.

Also, with the modern one, make his chest I little smaller, and not make it stick out as much, also, as a thanks for helping me a lot recently, you have permission to edit, any of my articals, thanks very much!

--Ice97 (talk) 22:56, September 5, 2018 (UTC)

Hi Again from Up Up

Can you make Up Up in a pose similar to this? Like still 64-style, but in this pose?

And also more I'll have more ideas for enemies and power-ups for your games soon. Up Up the Cat (talk) 22:21, September 6, 2018 (UTC)


Up Up the Cat (talk) 18:52, September 7, 2018 (UTC)

this ^^^

hi again, can you make some SSB artwork for these?

Again ^^^ Sorry, I should of said SSB64, can I still have the 64 ones? Thanks! (I need to stop referencing super smash bros 64 as SSB)

But I really like the Ice artwork! --Ice97 (talk) 00:15, September 8, 2018 (UTC)

Sorry to bother you again, but can you make him look a little more low poly? But I could use the image for a Fantendo fighters!!: Arcade though, thanks!

Hey, so remember the Ice artwork you did? Well, people started getting mad that it was a sonic recolor, and the purpose of Ice was to be a character in the super Fantendo show, and the main character is a cat, (up up) but, you put a lot of work into the artwork, so I was making sure that you are Totally fine with me turning a ice into a cat, it's ok if you say no, it's okay.

--Ice97 (talk) 15:43, September 9, 2018 (UTC)

RE: Ice redesign

Ok thanks!


Do you know how to make SSBU Style icons? Just wondering Up Up the Cat (talk) 12:55, September 14, 2018 (UTC)


Yes, Up Up the Cat (talk) 16:10, September 14, 2018 (UTC)



can you help make mario look like gold?

Mario super mario odyssey by figyalova-dawnrmz

And make him look a little happier too please

Up Up the Cat (talk) 16:59, September 14, 2018 (UTC)

Thanks + More Ideas

Thank you very much. Here are some probably bad ideas. 

Red Turnip/Radish: It looks exactly like the 2nd player's turnip (a red turnip) from the Captain Toad port. It acts similar to a turnip (maybe make it a giant turnip) but it bounces around, even off walls 10 times before breaking. It could possibly be for CT:LA or SM&tHfGT.

More soon

Hey I saw that you’ve been transparent-ing images for someone. Do you think you could help me out? I’m only on mobile as it is and need
this pic transparent. If you can then thanks, I appreciate it! And if you don’t mind I may have some more requests in the future. PTSR-Flygon Dragon of Steel PTSR-Metagross

Thanks!! PTSR-Flygon Dragon of Steel PTSR-Metagross

Using Images?

Can I use the Callie/Marie/Pearl/Marina images from this? DarkSpark83 (talk) 21:23, September 15, 2018 (UTC)

I promise I'm going to get a PC soon. But can you make these controllers for me?

--Ice97 (talk) 19:52, September 17, 2018 (UTC)

I meant have the design of the drawing of joy cons, and put them on the official artwork of the joy cons, but I can still use these, thx! --Ice97 (talk) 20:00, September 17, 2018 (UTC)

Render request

Hey, can you make the character render here transparent?

CatOCIcon HollowPharaoh ~ (talk)

Thank you! CatOCIcon HollowPharaoh ~ (talk)

Doubloon and Star Doubloon Renders

Could you make renders of Doubloons and Star Doubloons for me to use in Super Mario Allies? They'd be pretty much like Coins, except hexagonal. The regular Doubloons would have a skull imprinted on them while the larger Star Doubloons would have, as the name suggests, a Star on them.


Pokerninja2 (tbc)

Those are great, thanks!

Pokerninja2 (tbc)

Up Up 3D


I was wondering if you can make the new Up Up in 3D? It's a pain in the behind for me, but you are really good with renders. 


He's doing an oh well pose, but like still happy

He's wearing a bandana. If it helps you can look up Catonean here and it may help for details on the ears and whatnot. Also please have him in this pose and (no offense) the 3D Charlotte art was kinda creepy, so please base him off his old 3D design, and if there's anything with it, I'll fix it afterward.

I know it's a big load, but you'd be helping meowt (pun intended) a lot.

Thank you so sos so sosos much, Up Up the Cat (talk) 14:20, October 1, 2018 (UTC)


Hey, I'm going to get a job and save some money to buy a laptop, probably getting it next month? so until then. Can you make 3D renders of these?

Thank you so much your help for everything you've done for me!

Hey, you did a awesome job on the artwork, but just 2 more things, can you make his eyes look like this? And I didn't draw this on him, but. Can you put side burns on him? Not huge but as long as Marios? Thanks!

Thanks, but can you make the text white in the FA logo? Thx!

Thank you!

I'm the blue bomber! Oh, your looking for the other guy. Blue bomber cropped (Talk)

Koopa Renders

Could you make renders of Koopa Master and the Kung Fu Koopas from Mario Party 7 and mariowiki:Don Pianta from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for me to use in my upcoming Mario Party game?

Pokerninja2 (tbc) The renders are good, thank you

Pokerninja2 (tbc)

Why hello there!

Hello, Computerboy, I'm KEW (KingEvilWaffle), I'm a big fan of your Calavera Pokey, and I was wondering if he could be playable fighter in an umbrella game I'm making, if he could come in, that would be fine :) ~ KingEvilWaffle

Your Charaters

Hey can I use some of your characters in my game Super Mario Dunkers?


Re your characters


Bud, I need a request please.

I need you to make a Switch box art for a game I'm making called Beorn Woods.

The box art features a wood-like location and a closeup of a tree, with an axe in it, with the title.
Beorn Woods Title

Here's the Beorn Woods title.

-Ya boi, KEW


Hello, I was wondering if you could do some HD art?

--SmashProX904 (talk) 14:18, November 10, 2018 (UTC)

It looks really good! Just a couple more things can you add the green ring he had on his rist like he did in sonic adventure? And that green thing on the back of his shoes (it looks grayish green on film) and make the end of his shoes round like it did in sonic adventure. Thanks!

That looks really good!

Bing bong, it's the king of breakfast again

Hey bud, it's me again, I was wondering if you could make a giant, purple, ghostly fusion of DJ Octavio, Dr. Eggman and Bowser for a game I'm making, please?

Sincerely, the breakfast baron himself, KEW

Peach Render

Could you edit Peach's render in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to replace her umbrella with mariowiki:Perry from Super Princess Peach? I want to use it for Super Smash Bros. Charged.

Pokerninja2 (tbc)

Bluster Kong

So for zero reason whatsoever aside from maybe an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Charged as an assist or whatever, I want you to make a render of Bluster Kong from the Donkey Kong Country TV show. I just want it to be a thing that exists.

Pokerninja2 (tbc)

Question, dude

I made a Salmonid character called Reely *Fishing rod pun* and I was wondering if he could be in Splatoon 3: Operation β as the camera-man of Off The Hook?

Sincerely, the breakfast baron himself, KEW

Render Request

Hey, it's Krexxal. I was wondering if you could do a render of Mr. Smash & Watch from Super Smash Bros. GR. Essentially, he's an amalgamation of Game & Watch characters along with Shadow Bugs from Brawl. I feel like you'd be able to make it something neat. :>

Paper Bowser sprite Krexxal Skull Kid Obliteration2017 SHOWTIME.389Torterra 23:37, December 19, 2018 (UTC)

Re: Render Request

Thank you so much man!

Paper Bowser sprite Krexxal Skull Kid Obliteration2017 SHOWTIME.389Torterra 06:06, December 20, 2018 (UTC)


hello, can you make this picture ecxept with the firey background from the CSS in SSB64? thanks! 

Geno headI serve... A higher authority 20:02, January 19, 2019 (UTC)


transparency request

hey sorry to bother you but would it be possible to make a transparent version of the following renders?

thanks in advance

Rose-entrancetauntloop.gif If existence is a nightmare, one can only hope they are dreaming. Rose-perfect1.gif

Transparency Request 3432

I was wondering if you could remove the gray from the image, around the balls attached to Mokap's body? I'd do it myself but I'm tired and I figured I could ask a small favor while I'm asleep. if you could do that, it would be great

image is here


Thank you so much!



can you make this transparent?


I would like renders for some captains based on mariowiki:Captain Goomba, mariowiki:Captain Boo, etc. for me to use in Minion Quest: Strength in Numbers. They should be pretty simple, just enemies with a red flag on them.

For now, I only need one of a Kritter, but I will request more captains as the game progresses.

Pokerninja2 (tbc)

A Few Render Requests

To Be Created
Hi Computerboy, I know you've probably gotten a billion of these to do, but could you please make a render of these two? I know one doesn't have a bottom half so please take any creative liberties you need to! I'll make sure you receive credit.

Sincerely, CreativeGamer3 (talk) 01:04, February 16, 2019 (UTC)

Thanks for getting it done so fast! You're amazing! I hope you don't mind me making a few tweaks though.

Render Request


I have seen your work that you have done for Fantendo and I am loving your renders. I'm currently doing a project on the Mario Series. Would it be possible for you to do a 3D render of both Ostro and Albatoss please?

The links to the images are below:

Thank you.

Oliver Western, SPD Krypton 23:01, February 21, 2019 (UTC)

They are absolutely perfect, thank you ever so much for doing them.

Oliver Western, SPD Krypton 20:48, February 22, 2019 (UTC)

Reverse Mushroom

I would like a render of the mariowiki:Reverse Mushroom from Super Mario All-Stars

Pokerninja2 (tbc)

RE: Reverse Mushroom

That's a nice render but I was actually referring to making a render of this sprite: ReverseMushroom

Sorry I didn't make that clear.

Pokerninja2 (tbc)


Can i've permission to use S.S.G.B and Robo Toady as spirits in ASSB

petal t.

Could I use petal t in one of my upcoming games? The reason I’m asking is because I might change her personality slightly.

Small things can make big differences.

Hoola92: (Please reply on my talk.) 21:35, March 5, 2019 (UTC)


So, I know you have the Captain Toad game, and you added the super crown to it, so I thought you can make a 3D Captainette =D

basically, a 3D of this:

please and thank you.

also, what program(s) do you use?

Up Up the Cat (talk) 22:52, March 15, 2019 (UTC)

Mario Kart Superspeed

Are you okay if I use some of your characters and some Super Luigi Odyssey locations in my Mario Kart game?

Re: Mario Kart Superspeed


Another Idea/Request

Thank you so much for the Captainette art!! It looks pretty great! I was thinking of another idea (that's based off an idea Exo used in her game Super Mario Maker Phi) that you can feel free to use in any game you wish. It's called the Cherry Bob-Omb, and what it does is it can be picked up and thrown and does explode, but when it does it can't hurt players. I was wondering if you can make a 3D render? Please and thank you. Image reference: 


Thanks in advance!! Up Up the Cat (talk) 15:15, April 2, 2019 (UTC)


SPM Nastasia
Hey, it's Hoola. I don't know if you can do this. But I was wondering if you could make Mimi in a costume resembling Nastasia (seen to the right). Maybe put her glasses on Mimi, maybe give her some pink hair resembling Nastasia's, and maybe the dress. If you can't do this I understand, it's a pretty hard task, but if you could, that would be great!

Count Bleck TippiSmall things can make big differences.Count Bleck Tippi Inverted

Thanks! She looks a m a z i n g.

Requests/New Power-up Ideas

So, I have a few requests that can also be new power-ups, please:

Can you make Mario in his Mario Maker outfit using the pickaxe from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker?

Also, I have another idea. It looks like Mario when he captures a spark pylon but instead of an electricity trail behind him, it's a comet's tail, and this comet form would allow you to glide in the air instead of walking.

Please and thank you!

Up Up the Cat (talk) 19:07, April 10, 2019 (UTC)

hey, can you make these transparent?


Could you make Callie's kimono look more like the outfit she wore in this picture, please?
Young Squid Sisters
--CuteYoshi101 (talk) 00:10, May 11, 2019 (UTC)

Image Fix

Fix this image:
Callie in a Kimono

by making her hold a pink umbrella from this image:
Callie In Kimono

Another Request

Make Callie and Marie as Agents 1 and 2 (sans the sunglasses and facemask) without their weapons. Don't forget to update Marie as Agent 2 so it looks more like her appearance on the back cover of Splatoon Manga Volume 3 (sans the facemask).
Callie and Marie as Agents 1 and 2

Use this image to help you

Another Image Fix

Fix this image of Agent 2 with a charger:
2.5.Marie in Agent 2 Gear

By making the outfit look more like this:
Agent 2 3D Marie


Another Request

Make 3D renders of Poki, Piki, Rusa, and Sen


Make 3D renders of the WarioWare characters (Jimmy T., Mona, Dribble, Spitz, 5-Volt, Red, 18-Volt, Penny Crygor, 9-Volt, Young Cricket, Master Mantis, Orbulon, Mike, Fronk, Lulu, 13-Amp, and Doris 1)

More characters to put in Super Smash Bros Computerboy Edition


  • Goku
  • Teen Gohan
  • Piccolo
  • Future Trunks
  • Vegeta
  • Frieza
  • Cell
  • Majin Buu

One Piece

  • Monkey D. Luffy
  • Roronoa Zoro
  • Nami
  • Usopp
  • Sanji
  • Tony Tony Chopper

Naruto Series

  • Naruto Uzumaki
  • Sasuke Uchiha
  • Sakura Haruno
  • Kakashi Hatake
  • Rock Lee
  • Gaara


Since Pearl won the final Splatfest in Splatoon 2, can you please make Pearl wearing a kimono (similar to the outfit she wore as a child in this image ) and Marina wearing an Octo uniform (similar to the outfit she wore as an Octoling warrior in that image ) during the weekend?

Something to do on the weekend

On the weekend, please make Pearl wearing a kimono (but with a pink umbrella this time), Marina wearing a kimono (similar to Pearl's kimono, but light teal. Also, she holds a teal umbrella), Marina brainwashed and sanitized by Commander Tartar (she wears a similar Octo Uniform to Callie's outfit, but her octopus tatoo and tights are dark teal and she wears hypnoshades with sanitization goo that keep her under Commander Tartar's control), and Pearl sanitized and brainwashed by Commander Tartar (she wears an Octo Uniform similar to Callie's Octo Uniform, but her octopus tatoo and tights are fuschia and she wears a facemask with sanitzation goo to keep her under the influence of Commander Tartar).

Another thing to do on the weekend

Please make Marie wearing her kimono but without her green umbrella, Marina wearing her kimono but without her teal umbrella, Pearl and Marina in their Octo Uniforms when brainwashed by Commander Tartar, but Pearl doesn't wear her hypnomask and Marina doesn't wear her hypnoshades. Also, please make Callie as Agent 1 with her sunglasses, Marie as Agent 2 wearing her facemask Pearl as MC Princess wearing a facemask and Marina as DJ Hyperfresh wearing sunglasses.

Dr. Mario World Renders

Could you take these renders of Dr. Daisy, Dr. Wario, and Dr. Waluigi, separate them from each other, and fill in the blanks to make them full renders?

I've seen you make entirely original assets so I don't know if this is beyond what you can do, please let me know if it is.

Pokerninja2 (tbc)

Pretty big favor to ask

Hey, off the bat I want you to know you’re definitely one of the greatest users here, taking all of these requests from people and taking up so much of your time to make renders or transparent images. I really really respect and admire your work, and I also want you to know that I would absolutely make these images transparent if I had the means.

Now I’m just going to ask the favor of you before I even upload the images I’d like to be transparent. There’ll be about thirty images probably, which is definitely a lot. I’m planning on making a game around this story I’ve created with my lego figures, which means there would be a lot of lego figures that would need to become transparent. You can absolutely say no and I would completely understand, just let me know on my talk page what you think. Salutationary (talk)

Great, thank you! I can get them uploaded sometime soon. I went through and counted and I was way off, it’s actuslly more like 60. Hope that’s ok. No rush on it at all. For now, though, do you think you could make this picture of my cat transparent? Thanks again! Salutationary (tbc)

Well the game is still very much a concept at this point. I’ll need the pictures once I have enough meat of the game itself to upload the page. It’ll probably be in a few days but I’ll try to get pictures soon. And thanks! Salutationary (tbc)


You forgot to make Kanoko of the Octarian Girls. Kanoko is a green Octoling girl who wears her hair in a ponytail. She has fair skin and green eyes. She wears a light purple T-shirt, white shorts and purple shoes.

Re: Usapyon in Subcon

Yeah, fam. He just need the fingers on his hands, which you presumably took from his feet. If you can edit it to make them look like hands, that'd be cool, as long as it matches in which position they are. --FanOfYoshi (talk) 14:30, December 24, 2019 (UTC)

Ps: It'd also need a better crop, but it'll take minutes to do with precision, if you are able to do that. --FanOfYoshi (talk) 14:30, December 24, 2019 (UTC)

Hi, again!

When will you take requests again on Fantendo?


Wendy in Pipe

Would you mind adding the fake puppets she uses in SMW? (There's no 3D model for them.)

--FanOfYoshi (talk) 19:19, March 28, 2020 (UTC)

Apology message

I'm sorry! I didn't mean to harass you with my requests, Is it okay? Will you forgive me?

Splatoon Operation Beta

hay there! i was just wondering if you were still working on Splatoon Operation Beta and if not. f i can implement some of my own ideas? PicklesaysNE (talk) 20:19, May 30, 2020 (UTC)

Request- Stone Bear

Stone Bear

Remake this stone bear in 3D.

Remake this Stone Bear in 3D please.
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