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Talk to me here.

Why, thank you. I see RedYoshi edits here. He and I know eachother personally. VictoryStar 19:19, September 25, 2011 (UTC)

Cool. RedYoshi has told me he doesn't like this wiki anymore. He tells me he had a bad past here, but he won't tell me what. VictoryStar 19:29, September 25, 2011 (UTC)

Again, thank you for inviting me here. VictoryStar 18:16, September 26, 2011 (UTC)

  1. Wow. I saw what Universal said. I did not beg for adminship, as I recall. She said I "lied." About what? Technically I only had 1 strike. Also, a strike is a substitute for a ban. If you don't think you should ban the user, you give him/her a strike. Three strikes, you're banned.
  2. Why are you coming to my defense? I don't even know you. XD

VictoryStar 22:42, September 26, 2011 (UTC)

Main page redesign

Hi! Please see the message here and tell me if you have any questions. Ausir(talk) 08:59, September 29, 2011 (UTC)

Hey cow, could you change the Fantendo logo back to the regular one now? Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Ok the filename of the image is [[File:FantendoHalf.png]]. Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

I wil not leave

I will not leave. I do not want you to get upset or i will feel guilty. anyways, your the new ruler and i shall obey. We are friends no matter what dumb thing I do

Vizro9009 01:50, October 2, 2011 (UTC)

It's cool. I was just trying to fix some of these broken redirects.--Trip 02:31, October 6, 2011 (UTC)

Funny thing

No, Teadrop gets more then enough attention. If you were to ask any newb who their favourite character is, they would most likely answer teardrop. Plus, he has only been around for 6 months, yet already has like 5 things related to him featured. And Speedy does get praise, but not as much as Teadrop. And the only reason who are saying this is because you worship Teadrop and twist the words around of anyone you doesn't.


Did sonicwiki just pull a "1337doom vs. sprako", with tear acting as sprako. Because SW's speech seems oddly familiar... to me. -leety

Um, no. I'm not jealous, I was just trying to explain why i think Tear is overrated. And I have lots of characters, please specify who you mean. --WikispeedWikispeedsigpic.png

Actually, I visit the Mariowiki almost every day. The problem is that I'm editing here more and don't know very much what to edit there. Pesh3D.pngArendYoshiSMSJ.png(talk)Blazey.png(contribs.)JackJ3d.png

Hey, you know a lot about music, so can you help me here?

Watch this on youtube, skip ahead to 2:17 and, if you can, tell me the name of the song and the artist.

Fawful.png Lemmy Fawful.png Wiki Trolls are the frosting of irritation on the cupcake of stupid

Thanks man! Penguiny.jpgLemmy the PenguinPenguiny.jpg



Listen, Wikispeed and Eltario think I'm RedYoshi. THIS IS FAR FROM TRUE. Can't you check our IPs and see if they're the same? Seriously, my future here is at stake. VictoryStar 21:30, October 23, 2011 (UTC)

Yo, dude, chat conference in about 20 minutes if you're still on? Something mindfucky happened and I need a bit of consulting.

TuckerSig.pngYE Rage and love.Babbysmoochumstalk.gif


On my talk page, it said that I received a warning for editing pages. Is this a real warning? All I did was correct spelling errors. If the rules are this ridiculous and I'm going to get in trouble for correcting spelling errors, then I'm not even going to bother coming here.


I'm glad the situation was dealt with peacefully. =^)

I edit wikias a lot (I mainly correct spelling errors), and I thought I would do you guys a favor by fixing little mistakes.

I might make a fanfiction page once I get the time. I'm kind of busy with real-life stuff at the moment, so it'll be a while.

Talk to you later, and have a nice day! =^)

CoffeeShopFrank 20:22, November 6, 2011 (UTC)

Saboteur Wikia

<a class="free" href=""></a>There's a game called The Saboteur. It's a fun game that I recommend playing, but it's rated M and I don't know if you would be interested in playing.The reason why I brought this up is because only two people work on The Saboteur's Wikia. The other guy who edits it asked me to find people to help us edit it, and you seem to do a lot of editing.Is it okay if you can help us? You can ask others to help us as well. I know this game doesn't have anything to do with Nintendo fanfiction, and I don't know if I'll get in trouble for mentioning The Saboteur's Wikia on this one. If I get in trouble for mentioning another Wikia here, please know that I'm not trying to cause trouble!Your help will be greatly appreciated. =^)Sincerely,<a data-rte-meta="%7B%22type%22%3A%22internal%22%2C%22text%22%3A%22CoffeeShopFrank%22%2C%22link%22%3A%22User%3ACoffeeShopFrank%22%2C%22wasblank%22%3Afalse%2C%22noforce%22%3Atrue%2C%22wikitext%22%3A%22%5B%5BUser%3ACoffeeShopFrank%7CCoffeeShopFrank%5D%5D%22%7D" href="/wiki/User:CoffeeShopFrank" title="User:CoffeeShopFrank">CoffeeShopFrank</a> 21:03, November 6, 2011 (UTC)We need people to correct spelling errors and clean up disorganized pages, as well as people who have more information about various articles.<a data-rte-meta="%7B%22type%22%3A%22internal%22%2C%22text%22%3A%22CoffeeShopFrank%22%2C%22link%22%3A%22User%3ACoffeeShopFrank%22%2C%22wasblank%22%3Afalse%2C%22noforce%22%3Atrue%2C%22wikitext%22%3A%22%5B%5BUser%3ACoffeeShopFrank%7CCoffeeShopFrank%5D%5D%22%7D" href="/wiki/User:CoffeeShopFrank" title="User:CoffeeShopFrank">CoffeeShopFrank</a> 22:28, November 6, 2011 (UTC)

That'll be good enough. =^) CoffeeShopFrank 02:40, November 7, 2011 (UTC)

My idea for a game

I have an idea for a fan game. I don't know if I should make a page for it, because it wouldn't have Nintendo people in it. Instead, it would be based on SMRPG and would have exagerrated real-life people. Am I allowed to make a page for this? I'm not going to tell you what it'll be about, because I want it to be a secret.

CoffeeShopFrank 17:20, November 12, 2011 (UTC)

I forgot to put my signature. Sorry about that! =^(

I'll work on a page after I figure out how to modify photoshop images so they're worth showing to people.

Do you know how I can change the colors of images? Right now, I want to change Booster's color scheme:

CoffeeShopFrank 03:58, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for directing me towards the right direction! =^)

CoffeeShopFrank 03:44, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

Look I wanted to say, lets stop arguing about stuff and being assholes to each other. We've both been assholes and argued alot to each other lately and I wanted to apologise for my side of it, oh and BTW congrats on 10,000 edits :D Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Mattrox needs to be stopped

Hey cow, just wanted to let you know. A user named Mattrox2018 was banned for infinite a while ago for stealing, spamming and flaming and he keeps making multiple sock accounts I assume by using proxies, is there anyway we can stop him from doing this? These are the accounts hes made and his IPs:

He has another IP but I couldn't find it and I think he has still more sock accounts, most of them are already banned but can you stop him from making more? Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Cobweb, you deleted my work!

Hey cow, may I use Smile and the Ghostborn species in my new fantendo FPS game please? Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Thanks. Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Please ban --WikispeedWikispeedsigpic.png


Hello, I am a bureaucrat on this wiki's counterpart, the Mario Fanon Wiki. I noticed a user named UltraAnnoyingOrange was banned from here, and he has been uploading images from here and making pages that are similar to ones here. Could you explain the relationship between this wiki and him?Thanks, --{{SUBST:User:Shade Link/sig}} 02:13, November 22, 2011 (UTC)

Hey cow, sorry to bother you but could you ban this dude please? The reason? Hes a mattrox sock, I know because he responded to a question asked to mattrox a while back before being banned (I think). Anyway, I would have asked steli but I can't get onto chat anymore. Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Cow, the Bagel is not working. RY! Hey, it's RY! The series! Come talk to me!

Hey Cow, this dude needs a banhammer if you would please, he keeps adding his own stuff to other peoples things. Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Hey cow, infinite ban this guy please, hes a sock and keeps stealing SW's characters. Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

He may not have done much on that IP, but on his account he constantly hassled SW about saying he had permission to use Purple even after SW repeatedly told him he didn't. Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

You are invited to the Fantendo Secret Santa. Sign up if you like there. JairoGalaxySuit.gifHalfblood2000

Hello Cobweb, I have favor to ask you?

Can you delete Trixie Kong, please?

Micool provoked it actually :| By starting off saying "Bearded Smiley as best game? *link to a video of laughter*".
Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

And fuck you Cow, I saw your comment before you edited it. I actually wish you would leave, infact I'd party if you did :/ Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

No, I only reacted that way after he said that comment on the other blog :/
Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

He did lie in order to steal SW's games :/ I'm done arguing about that, he did And your the cause of me leaving now too so we're even :|
Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Tried to be my friend? TROLOLOL! Its more likely that you tried to be a dog than it is you tried to be my friend :/ Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

My anger kinda gets the better of me sometimes, I was pissed off about something else when I started insulting Micool, anyway I'm still gonna leave, its for the better.
Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Can you please give Micool a warning? Hes trying to provoke flame wars on my leaving blog. I just ignored him but its getting annoying.
Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Alright, well if he does keep doing it can you tell him to stop? I'm not gonna respond to him when he does it.
Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)


Hi, Cob. Would you like to make music for my game Darmanitan Slam? If you say yes, please don't make anything like "Blissful Lunatic on the Side of the Road". XD VictoryStar 21:54, December 25, 2011 (UTC)

Excellent. Let me know when you are ready. You could listen to some DKCR (Donkey Kong Country Returns) music on YouTube for some inspiration. Meh, do what you like. VictoryStar 18:05, December 26, 2011 (UTC) (I also asked Waddel, so you don't have to do it all yourself.)

Okay, I have created the page for the game's soundtrack. VictoryStar 21:02, December 26, 2011 (UTC)

Wait, could you do the soundtrack for a game I'll be doing in the future instead? In that case, can you please delete DS's soundtrack page? VictoryStar 23:26, December 26, 2011 (UTC)

You win, your reward for recompense is that you deleted that crazy and gibberish page, and now, your the best admin of the world :D

Jenten Message Alert!

Cobby! Work0obi is making very horrible articles and is disturbng our peace. Please make a 2 week ban. He is not listening and making crappy articles , going all caps, and being nonsensical. Please ban him

Jenten12 00:09, December 31, 2011 (UTC)

Could you ban User: he is trolling many of our articles and users.

Cobweb, I just want to say, I said the thing to Eltario, I made the blog post and pretended to be Micool. I'm sorry. Please don't ban me! Iceguy74 (tbc)

Hey im new to this wiki, Is there any process to making all this fanon or do you just make whatever page you want about nintendo.Wildcats11630 17:55, December 31, 2011 (UTC)

Also, There one thing about this wiki that Idont get either,... why are people swearing on here. I know every one has a right to say what they want but this is fanon for nintendo, and nintendo attracts a younger crowd with kids who think shut up is the worse word in the world. And on top of that, even some admins are doing it, all i am asking is that there is some rule set up to minimize swearing, cause its hard to read articles with nothing but f you in capitals. Wildcats11630 07:39, January 1, 2012 (UTC)

Degenerator, at least, in person

Hey Cobs. How ya doin'? I can't access my old account (Degenerator) because every time I try to log in, my computor freezes and says page cannot be accessed. Anyways, I may decide to come back and edit regularly here. But a major factor to that is whether we can let what happened in 2010 stay in 2010. I don't know about you, but I'm sorry for everything that happened between you, me and the Valentines (Drake, Terry and Aurora). I feel obligated at this moment to explain about my (what doctors say) "mental disability" called autism and why that is important to the situation and anything else related to. Please tell me, in a NICE way (no insults, cursing, or racial/sexual slurs, please), if I'm welcome or if you don't want to deal with me. Honesty is key here. DOMINATED! That's what it is! 04:12, January 2, 2012 (UTC)Executionist

New Soundtrack

Okay, I have created this page for the soundtrack of my new game, Legend's Wake. It's another PKMN game, but far more original than Darmanitan Slam. VictoryStar 19:29, January 2, 2012 (UTC)

Those Trolls are back. Here and [1].--"You spin me right round baby"--Trolling bird.gif--"Right round like a record, baby" 23:26, January 2, 2012 (UTC)

wait wait hold up come back, I was gonna answer your question and not murder anybody D:

TuckerSig.pngYE Rage and love.Babbysmoochumstalk.gif

Oh, my answer was that yes, I am pretty damn sure that this has all happened to her. Also, she was over today. It was wonderful. :D

TuckerSig.pngYE Rage and love.Babbysmoochumstalk.gif

Wow, you're an admin. Congrats :D

I AM WALUIGI!! 07:50, January 11, 2012 (UTC)

Hey cow, could you restore something for me please? Steli deleted a picture of Teh Fanny by accident a while ago and he dosen't know how to restore it, the redlink on top of the page with the caption "Teh Fanny and his face of death" is what needs to be restored. Thanks in advance.
Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Yeah, sora made it as a joke character, but its also a Balance Keeper in the Fantendoverse now. Can you restore the image then?
Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

I was gonna see if sora was ok with me doing a revamp of Teh Fanny, but I need sora's original image too because I forgot what he looked like, once I see the image I can make an art of him then.
Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)

Oh :( Madokasprite-resize.gifElise (talk)


I'm sure you've noticed that I haven't really done anything on here in a while, but I just have nothing to do. At this rate, I'm never gonna get back to my good position.

The problem is, I have no game ideas, and it just seems boring to me now.

What should I do? Any suggestions on how to keep me here?

Penguiny.jpgLemmy the PenguinPenguiny.jpg


Thanks but you don't need to apologise, noone does, they're allowed to state their opinion, but it'd be nicer if they respected mine instead of completely ignoring it.

--LThommo© (talk) 13:44, January 26, 2012 (UTC)


What should I do to make an article about a location? VictoryStar 18:39, February 14, 2012 (UTC)

hI Cobby how are you? N64dude 21:31, February 24, 2012 (UTC)

Hey Cow, how have things been around here? Just thought I'd drop by, see what's going on. Know that I miss this place quite dearly, but I just can't do this anymore. So yeah, hope things are going good. - Lemmy


What did you want, Cobweb? Alange the DarkAingeruLet me show the face of darknessPablo

I just need a good reason to go to chat. I just think there is a reason like banning, insulting or mocking me, so I don't really think I will go to chat. And of course, if you want to talk with me, it must be in a good hour to me, I won't stop sleeping at 3:00 AM to go to chat and you may ban me or laugh at me. Alange the DarkAingeruLet me show the face of darknessPablo


I'm trying to figure out who Degenerator is. Is that like..... an inside joke I'm missing here.My web has made you my friend 11:11, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

Oh. Hmmm... just a wild question: Was she your girlfriend? That may be why Degenerator is mad at you for banning her. My web has made you my friend 16:51, April 22, 2012 (UTC)Rita Cobweb

Apology accepted, Allen.

My web has made you my friend 17:01, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

Then, can I call you Henry? My web has made you my friend 02:14, April 23, 2012 (UTC)Rita Cobweb

I saw your message to Marioferb's talk page and even though it's not him replying I'm just saying that me and Marioferb have no relation.

Demopan.pngSTOUT SHAKO Stout Shako.png FOR 2 REFINEDDemopan.png

Edit summeries

I used to be an editor on Wikipedia, which is where I get my habit of using edit summaries on every single edit from.--THE TROLL Launchballer.jpgSSS.jpgGirl time.jpgSuper Mario 64 DS.png 14:40, April 26, 2012 (UTC)


Hey look, I'm just joking with you and having fun. I thought you knew that. Sorry, mr. Cobweb.

My web has made you my friend 22:25, April 26, 2012 (UTC)

The joke is that I call you a ridiculous RL name, and we all know it's totally wrong. You should know that I really don't want to know your name, and you should know my real name isn't Rita (it's not Degenerator either, b4 you get any ideas). I just assumed you didn't really care what my name was. But seriously, just loosen up a bit. I'm only messing with you.


so ive finished my shy guy page could you bring it back

I need some details

Hey Cow, I need to talk about some stuff about the character I did. At the moment, I added some stuff, you can see here. But I need you to tell me some info that I asked you before, but I lost the sheet of paper where I wrote it. Please, if you can, come to chat soon and tell me all the stuff again. Thanks :) Alange the DarkAingeruLet me show the face of darknessPablo

Meh... Better send me a message with: the birthday of the character, the weapon, one or two elements and the ability. Please answer me, thanks :) Alange the DarkAingeruLet me show the face of darknessPablo

Thanks Cob, but you forgot to tell me the ability. I would thank you a lot if you tell me what ability you want. Alange the DarkAingeruLet me show the face of darknessPablo

Oh sorry Cob, I did not know you didnt know what type of abilities. There are some like flame body, water body, thunder body... The transformation you want. There are also changes of height, weight, wings, invisibility, ... You can invent one if you want, I dont mind :D Alange the DarkAingeruLet me show the face of darknessPablo


I know you do not like it, but can you restore Degenerator(2)'s latest blog? Just because I have not seen it yet and I wonder what kind of nonsensical stuff she has to tell this time. Pesh3D.pngArendYoshiSMSJ.png(talk)Blazey.png(contribs.)JackJ3d.png

Okay, thank you. Pesh3D.pngArendYoshiSMSJ.png(talk)Blazey.png(contribs.)JackJ3d.png

Cobweb, can we talk on chat query? Please, I need to talk about some stuff. -Alange

More to Restore

^I love rhyming. Thanks for restoring Striko, but may you restore Sabrina, Sheriff Ace, White Lord, Underworld, City Rush, and City Rush (series) as well? VictoryStar 18:02, May 14, 2012 (UTC)

Cobweb , I'm doing something illegal in fantendo. I was wondering if I can copy pages of this wiki, and then translate - to put them on my wiki. Can or can not?

I've copied this huge wiki pages and translate them from English to Portuguese

Desconhecido 10:57, May 15, 2012 (UTC)desconhecido

Hey, dude. Um, I've been corresponding with Degen lately, since she's actually being very peaceful and informative, and she agreed with me when I wanted to tell you what she's been telling me; insisted, actually. She basically told me her life story just now, and I don't know if you'd find it interesting or what, but it actually sheds some new light on the story if you even want to pay any mind to it at all at this point, which I almost don't want to, and she wanted me to tell you. So if you wanna' hear it, I'll show you. :)

TuckerSig.pngYE Rage and love.Babbysmoochumstalk.gif


Hi, Cobweb!! Could you Pre-Review my latest game, Night Blood? Thanks. Logo t.pngThe Center of MKLogo t.png

Life of Pi is having a movie made, it is coming out november 21st, that is all--000G.pngHemmy Talk!Blog!000G.png To be avoided, and if necessary ignored, were gung-ho platoon leaders who drew enemy fire by ordering spectacular charges. ~ Seargent Manchester 06:42, June 18, 2012 (UTC)

Must ban two users.

Hey cow, I have two users for you to ban I told this to SW, but I'm not sure when he'll see it. So anyways, here's the first one. I got a message from a user and he said an IP completely changed his game. Here's his adress:

The 2nd one: He always edits Mario Kart 8 Wii U, hanging it to ridiculous things. Here's his adress:

(There's another one that also edited, but I can't find any harm.)'ll ban 'em? Thanks. :) Can you guess who this is? Tepig Dream.png It's...Rocky the Rock!

Kill this guy too: THX!

Just a question

Why are you leaving Fantendo? User:IsmailFeroz/sig

Oh. My bad. User:IsmailFeroz/sig

THE TROLL Launchballer.jpgSSS.jpgGirl time.jpgSuper Mario 64 DS.png


Thank you for amending the Monobook skin.--THE TROLL Launchballer.jpgSSS.jpgGirl time.jpgSuper Mario 64 DS.png 17:24, July 16, 2012 (UTC)

well hey cobweb

anyway, since I'm such a big dick lately I just want you to know that I don't know why everyone's calling me a dick, so if you could explain it without being real harsh about it, that would be helpful


the asshole

70px If you were intelgent you'd vote for me 70px

It's alright man, I do that too sometimes. :)


Template Protection

Hey Cobs.. Can you protect the userbox template page by the name of BruceLee. I'm sure no one wants it to be vandalized. It looks like this.



I'm sending a angry IP after you. Don't worry, if he does something to your userpage or whatever, I'll just revert it.

MKU Magikoopa Shy Guy.png Magikoopa is a bad a--. Running Yoshi animation by Kaltral.gif RUN Running Yoshi animation by Kaltral.gifHAHAHAHA!!Running Yoshi animation by Kaltral.gif


Wrath of the Dragon

Hi Cobby! Can you pre-review my latest Bruce Lee film project? Wrath of the Dragon? Thank you. User:IsmailFeroz/sig


The stages are done for Night Blood just as you requested. I'm sure you'll take them to your liking. :) User:IsmailFeroz/sig2

Final Response

Alright, Mr. Cobweb. Night Blood is done. I'm ready for the final review and response. :) User:IsmailFeroz/sig

Can you do something about User:Pablixdelfuturo? He's been going around treating this wiki like his own, and it's really bothering me. He's told people they aren't allowed to use images that he didn't even make, he changed Mario 3D World to have no Koopalings (just BJ and Bowser), and he's replaced people's images just because he wants to. It's really, really annoying. Zeh Nutster! 20:27, August 29, 2012 (UTC)

Can I be a writer for Fandemonium 2's spin-off episodes (Extended chats between characters before and/or after the challenges)? Samtendo09 (talk) 16:56, September 14, 2012 (UTC)

Mario Kart Double Dash 2

why did you delete this page? i worked hard with Red Inc. to make it...

To be fair, I never would expect you'd apologize for something that happened like two-three years ago, but I forgive you anyway, even though it doesn't harm me much anymore.
As of now, I've yet to think about writing for Fandemonium season 2. Pesh3D.pngArendYoshiSMSJ.png(talk)Blazey.png(contribs.)JackJ3d.png

How's about you not stalk someone over a comment and suck my dick, lady.

Don't gotta hurt my feelings, I was just retaliating because you were being mean to me.

I am very sensitive about my weight, you know.

Question: Now that plums has left are you like head admin? If not who is? Reznors.pngHammer Yoshi.jpg.pngMGCRock Mario.pngMario on Yoshi.png


We sorta got off on the wrong foot. I mean, we didn't argue but we didn't really get along too well. Do you want to be freinds?


We got off on the wrong foot. Do you want to be freinds?


Did you come to a conclusion?

Did you and the other admins decide whether or not to bring back Mario Kart: Hot Pursuit 3?

Cloverfield monster (talk) 15:37, October 29, 2012 (UTC)Cloverfield monster

Not harsh at all.

I mean, he doesn't feel sorry for Blud D Mess at all like he should. I mean, parents claiming they abused him and being taken away from him is serious business. I take that stuff very seriously. He's treating it like a joke.

Cloverfield monster (talk) 02:42, November 12, 2012 (UTC)Cloverfield monster

Alright. Reznors.pngHammer Yoshi.jpg.pngMGCRock Mario.pngMario on Yoshi.png

Excuse me, but

Would it be okay to use my bot for grammaratical and spacing errors? It won't be in bot mode (well, it can't), but it would be nice. Thanks. I'll only do it on okay'ed pages.

P.S. Don't worry, I know how to use a bot and use it in an appropriate way to not mess everything up.

Conker's Bad Fur Day (Talk|Contribs|Edits) 01:14, November 24, 2012 (UTC)

  1. That wiki isn't mine. Is from Shy guy yellow, and at first who banned him was a user named "Cinqueta"
  2. Shy guy yellow requested me to ban SW forever, but, if you look at the block log, I unblocked him after that.

Kirbychristmas.png Merry Christmas! Kirbychristmas.png

Sorry for pissing of SonicWiki, I deleted the picture from the that wiki. Kirbychristmas.png Merry Christmas! Kirbychristmas.png

so sneaky

woah nice sneaky removal of your message, turns out that whenever anyone edits my talk page at ALL, it happens to tell me! so sneaky you are ultimate ninja -L

Janie Twice

Hey Cobs, is Janie Twice free to use? because if so i would like to use her for a game i'm thinking of :) SuperToadMan56 (talk) 16:50, December 22, 2012 (UTC)

Really? i can adopt her? thanks Cobs! she is my favorite clone on this wiki i love her i also really love her name! :) SuperToadMan56 (talk) 22:20, December 23, 2012 (UTC)

question about a thing

so i'm fairly certain that this degenerator blogis where i posted something i really want to see again, it was my rewrite of the ending of portal 2, except changed to be about degenerator. but you have disablered comments, it seems? some way for me to see them again would be nice? -Leet

nevermind jasper unlocked it and it turned out MY PARODY WASNT THERE AFTER ALL. god, did you delete one of her blogs or something -Leet

Hey Cobs, I saw you may want to do the soundtrack for Fantendo Dunfair. If you do, that'd be awesome!

Reznors.pngHammer Yoshi.jpg.pngMGCRock Mario.pngMario on Yoshi.png

That's okay. All you did was giving your opinion, which I'm totally fine with, and I know you didn't want this to happen. Also thanks, and yes, it's Abed. :) I just sent your brother some other drawings on Skype as well if you would like to check them out. ;) 

I will probably be more active again after tomorrow. Thanks~ Meeeeee.png

Don't worry, it was an example. My brother isn't dead, I was just ranting at something. Sorry if you though I was being serious. AingeruTenshiThanatosHey yo!Hypnos

I am still intrested. I think I have a good idea for a plot thread involving Waddles (not sure if you've heard it yet)

ChristmasSolarizeus.pngI was changed...ChristmasSolarizeus.png and now... ChristmasSolarizeus.png I am Solarizeus. ChristmasSolarizeus.png

Fandemonium 2

I'm still interested, yeah. I'll have to catch up on the series first though. :P


Just wondering

Since you're a Community fan as well, I was just wondering if you already noticed someone made an actual game based off of the 8-bit episode. I played it and it's really cool. Also please show this to Spark as well if he's interested :) Meeeeee.png

Hey Cobweb, can you delete the past versions of my company logo please? Thanks :) Thunder Cloud.png LightningLuigi93 Thunder Cloud.png

Sorry, they're here. Thunder Cloud.png LightningLuigi93 Thunder Cloud.png

Cobweb? I am a big fan of Super Paper Battalion, and I was wondering... are you gonna finish it? Luke (MetaKnight1993)

New Idea

I'm planning a reality-show (though based on Double Trouble with a twist). The name is not confirmed but for now, it will be Troubles and Gambles. Who will be in? Canon characters (Mario, Pokémon, Sonic, Megaman, Bomberman and if this don't disturb you, Angry Birds) and Fanon Characters (from anyone who signed up). There will be two clan of 16 players each (32 overall), 4 groups (one group of 2 Teams each) and 16 Teams of two.


Alpha Clan

Red Group

  • Team 1 (Two characters together)
  • Team 2

Blue Group

  • Team 3
  • Team 4

Yellow Group

  • Team 5
  • Team 6

Green Group

  • Team 7
  • Team 8

Omega Clan

Orange Group

  • Team 9
  • Team 10

Purple Group

  • Team 11
  • Team 12

Cyan Group

  • Team 13
  • Team 14

Pink Group

  • Team 15
  • Team 16

The trick is, there must be 12 Good Guys and 12 Bad Guys (those who are neutral will decides who joins), and there must be 8 Good and 8 Bad each Clans, and each Teams one Good and one Bad each. This will make a major twist of the show! Also, no questions asked for those who signed up, nor elimination voting (this is why we called Troubles & Gambles!), but in the show, the two lost will get in Elimination Challenge and the one who loses get out, while the winner can stay and become immune until a another Elimination Challenge is done, and the two winners teams up. (The 1st Winner will keep the team number.)

So...What do you thinks? Samtendo09 (talk) 16:33, March 12, 2013 (UTC)

The point is if you like it or no, and if you will approve it.

FUN FACT: I check the logs on chat every morning to see if there are assholes that talk about me while I'm asleep.

Good to know my paranoia is justified :|

Planning a Camp

Hey, can I make a camp for Fandemonium? I would ask Metal Locked, but he's been inactive lately...

Just so you know, a camp is where users compete as characters until one is standing, it's not a real camp, but it's an Internet based camp. So do you mind if I make one? -Limblesspin

new acct for my son

Thanks for letting us setup an account -- I'll have to read a little on it first..

David means well and does not understand sometimes and mis-reads social cues and people's responses on occassion.

If I need to I can easily restrict or deny his access to this site but I don't think that will be necessary at this point.

If you need to verify that I'm his dad I can easily do that. 22:08, May 7, 2013 (UTC)David's Dad


I doubt you remember me, but I was that guy from CP Wiki in 2008 who raged at you for blocking me here or something. I'd just like to apologize for that, as recently I've been going over a lot of stuff I posted on the Internet ages ago (trigered by the realization that I cannot access my old YouTube account I haven't used since 2011in order to delete it due to Gmail account fuckups/Google customer service generally being useless). So yeah, I'd just like you to delete my user page, cheers. --Yowuza (talk) 16:46, May 8, 2013 (UTC)

Cheers! BTW, do you even remember me out of curiousity?
Yeah, you're probably right. Looking at the old archived forum page on Community Central, we were both quite immature. --Yowuza (talk) 16:04, May 14, 2013 (UTC)

Justice: Apocalypse Review Pre-Review

Hey, Cobs! Long time no see! I am working on a DC project called Justice: Apocalypse and am wondering if you could give it one of your bite-sized reviews. I enjoy them very much. Thanks!

Alright! Sorry to pester you, again. But I have at last completed by Justice: Apocalypse game project and am ready for the full review. :) User:IsmailFeroz/sig5


ok dude

Shy guy yellow (talk) 21:53, May 16, 2013 (UTC)Shy guy Yellow

Sorry if I sound aggressive towards you. I really just want to patch up things between us, ok? 50pxNintendoofah64 - Talk50px 00:12, May 17, 2013 (UTC)

Hey dude, it's Lemmy. I am having trouble with soundcloud, and it simply refuses to do anything. So if you want to get a hold of me, leave a message on my talk page. I will check it peroidically and get back to you as soon as I can.

-Lemmy. P.S: How goes the remix?

Hi, Cobweb

Your brother doesn't seem to be getting my messages, since usually if I meet an annoying IP, I go to him to block him/her, so can you block this dude? He keeps reverting a delete tag I put on a short page and vandalized another page even after I warned him, so can you block him? Lumoshi

And he uses profane language when reverting my edits. I know it's allowed, but does he need to put that there? Lumoshi

Hmm, Spark just got to him yet I messaged you on your talk page. Lumoshi


Never mind. Lumoshi

Hey Cowman. Lemmy again. I managed to get on Soundcloud during my tech ed class at school and upload a track that I threw together on GarageBand. If you have some spare time, would you please give it a listen and give some feedback on my talk page here? That'd be great :)

BTW, I also listened to a track of yours (Higher Building or something) and I loved it! Can't wait to collab again!


Why are you still acting like this towards me? Do you not understand that I really don't there to be any negative conflict between us?

Well, ok then. But just because it was a perfect opportunity doesn't change how distasteful some of those things you said about me.

Also, could you not bring up the time I did drugs? Unless it's necessary, please don't. 50pxNintendoofah64 - Talk50px 04:00, June 7, 2013 (UTC)

  1. Ok, I kinda see how I would appear to be preachy which wasn't what I intended to look like. But honestly I don't understand how I was as preachy as you described me, wasn't the image the only preachy thing I did. Anyway, I decided to remove it because it seems redundant since no one else here has had drug problems. And lastly I don't think you seem to understand that I don't want to be rebellious and do drugs and that I'm not proud of the fact I did them.
  2. That wasn't the reason why I freaked out. It was those two images you posted. Freya later showed me that they're from some comic, but at the time you posted them, I didn't know that. And why I found those images offensive is because they were intentionally badly drawn, and intentionally badly drawn things usually means that the person is mocking something. Search "original character do not steal" to see what I mean.
  3. I understand that it was rude of me to act like that, but I couldn't help it. I just needed to vent my stress. I apologized for doing so. Since you agree that you'll be reasonable to me if I do the same, I'll find better ways to vent any stress.
  4. It's the funkiest thang. Ok, honestly I don't get what point you're trying to make here. Could you explain it in better detail? I don't want there to be any misunderstandings.

50pxNintendoofah64 - Talk50px 21:22, June 7, 2013 (UTC)

Master Clyde Super - Pinti'Cuz I canPinti 3D.png
TALK - 0 seconds ago
I'm not; infact, I'm trying to do the opposite of that. As I said on Sora's page, I'm just trying to see if I should start trying to be like "don't tell your age" when someone says that they're 12-. Oh yeah, and I also wanted to see if I could report Meme if he get's horribly annoying.

LuckyEmile's reply to your message

um... you know that I am ok with falling in love with fictional characters, and that if you watched MLP, or at least knew from the title My Little PONY, you'd know that Rainbow Dash is a pegasus pony. The title tells you she is a pony, not a horse. So don't tell me her species and it not be her species. I know Dashie well enough to know you can't get your facts straight. LuckyEmile (talk) 19:34, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

I have replied! LuckyEmile (talk) 16:57, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

I accept your apology (unless that was sacrasm, which it does resemble a bit). Don't feel too bad, I see how you can misunderstand. LuckyEmile (talk) 19:03, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

Fantendo + Fanon

Hello Fantendo! I am TheUltraman, Admin on Super Smash Bros. Fanon. I was thinking since we are both Nintendo Fanon sites we should be affiliates as that gives good promotion on both sides. Super Smash Bros. Fanon is also affiliates with Video Games Fanon and is in the works of being affiliates with Super Smash Bros Wiki. We would like it if you could think about this offer and discuss being affiliates with our site.

If you want to talk about it any further you can PM me or Animal Crossing Leader (we are the two active admins on Super Smash Bros. Fanon out of our four admins). TheUltraman (talk) 20:13, August 12, 2013 (UTC)

User talk:Expert of Mario Imformation

Why did you delete my blog post?

Simpson55 (talk) 03:28, August 20, 2013 (UTC)


Listen, I really wanna talk with you personally, stuff has been going down and honestly, I feel as if I should discuss this with you. Please come on Skype.

the revence of ferlor99  that user spam and vandallising user pages ok fella by colt345


Licensed Video Swap Tool

Hey there, Cobweb . My name is Doug and I'm a member of Wikia's Community Development Team! Wikia has recently updated a new admin tool for videos called Licensed Video Swap. This is a new tool that allows admins to quickly swap videos embedded videos on your wiki from outside providers (such as Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc) to the same (or very similar) video that exists on Wikia Video. The benefit being that the videos hosted on Wikia Video are fully licensed and will never be removed for a licensing issues.

You can read about the updates to the tool on this staff blog. and I am available to help you if you would like any assistance switching any videos out on your wiki, it's your call. Thank you and have a good one!
TheBlueRogue (profile)•(talk)•(email) 22:26, November 18, 2013 (UTC)

An idea to get more views on Fantendo


I don't know whether you are the best person to talk to about this (anymore), but...

I don't know whether this might help this site gain more views, but a member on Royals Rendezvous (RR) pointed me into the direction of Ultimate Top Sites. This allows for the site to advertise you, in exchange for you advertising them. RR has had over 25 views in only three weeks using this (on a much less looked at category of the site).

It's a quick and easy way to gain views for the site. I've searched out the best category for the site - link - and all you have to do is have people click on a link for Fantendo to move up the list. This link can be a picture of your choosing. The higher up the list you are, the more likely you are to gain views.

Just click here to get started, or reply for anymore information that may be required before you push ahead.

Clyde1998 (tbc)

Deletion Request

Hi. May you please delete these articles for me? (They're all mine.)
Legend's Wake/Soundtrack, Skyler, Scythe
Thanks! You're the best. DaftPunk.png VictoryStar

See User talk:Dehydration's Grasp. -- Lumoshi (talk) 01:55, September 3, 2014 (UTC)

old friend

You still around on here? -