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  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on March 6
  • I am Male

Hey Clyde, sorry to bother you but we're gonna need alot of signatures for this to work so could you sign this petition to bring Geno back please? Geno/Petition. Madokasprite-resizeElise (talk)

Fantendo Emissary

Hey Clyde1998, I was wondering if I could use your character Clyde in my game Fantendo Emissary. Mirai Moon 


Can I use Clyde in a new Fantendo Kart game I am making? Please respond


Team Revamped

Clyde, I revamped my team. Here's the revamped team!

FFL Team For Next Season

Clyde1998 I Have A New Team For The FFL Next Season Called The Wuhu Island Victory Will They Be Able To Come In Next Season Sonic 1999's 2000" TV 00:30, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

Hey Clyde, when you see this, get to chat please! Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me...! :D

Clyde, when you get this, go on chat please. Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me...!


Chat bro'. Let's talk about FFL. Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me...!

Awesome, I will do mine after I do this FFL round-up or on Friday prolly'. 150px-456774Welcome to Oblivion... Lord of the Darkness2

Can I make a team for Fantendo Football League, please?

Sorry, just forgot my singnature... Darthtankengine Studios, "We Do Stupid Stuff" 20:48, January 31, 2012 (UTC)


Could you please join my Galactic Journey Co. because I am currently the only member and are you good at making game covers?? (if you are could you please help me make a better one than this??)
File:Super Mario Front Logo.jpg

Wow, thanks for your support for EM3! I owe you one buddy! EllaFOCStelios7ChilliFDesperation(talk)Padge

Clyde is a Yoshi?

SM64P: Is clyde a yoshi?

Clyde1998: Yesss....... *Thinking : ???*

SM64P: Then he should appear in Yoshi!. it is going to have almost all Yoshi characters. Respond on my page or in the Yoshi! comments or (BEST) Both. Pleez respond, pleez say yes! Yoko says; "Bye Clyde!"

Bye clyde

Hey Clyde!

Hello, Clyde! I was just wondering if you want to join my company, Underworld Games. It's very well known for creating the featured article on the main page of Fantendo. User:IsmailFeroz/sig4

I can have my own team in Fantendo Football League? StarIcon STAR StarIcon

Oh you are talking about the Kit of my team? StarIcon STAR StarIcon


Team Formation

  1. GK: Boovishell
  2. RB: Donovan
  3. LB: Terry the Koopa
  4. 'CB: 'Oshawoly
  5. LB: Kyuchao
  6. CB: Mario
  7. RM: Tyra
  8. LM: Choyro
  9. CM: Inyuro
  10. ST: Halloweny
  11. ST: Gumchie


  1. GK: Lina the Paratroopa
  2. CB: Kiri
  3. CM: Gem Lord
  4. 'LM: 'Molgar (human form)
  5. RM: Doreamon
  6. ST: TowTow
  7. ST: Bubashil

The team name: Locky's Warriors!

That's all StarIcon STAR StarIcon

  • Home: Blue and Red
  • Away: Red and Blue
  • Third: Black and White.

Christmas Merry Christmas2 Christmas Christmas3 To Christmas4 You!

Oh god, I loved that! Thanks for the kits! Christmas Merry Christmas2 Christmas Christmas3 To Christmas4 You!

Hey bro', it has been a while my sexy year 10 Southerner chum. I can't access Steam now so if you want to chat, get to chat pls. kthxbai. -Stiliose

Sorry I was revising, YouTube PM me or get on chat tonight! :D Ta. -Stiliose

Alright.. Thanks! You're officially in Underworld Games.! User:IsmailFeroz/sig4

Re: Fantendo Football League

I do have one question. What kinds of players can I have on my team (as far as real people, real characters, fake characters, etc.)? LIKE A BOSS LIKE A BOSS!!! Shiny emboar

Darnit I missedm it, sorreh. Was there a podcast? I was too busy at my friends playing Epic Mickey like a coolster. EllaFOCStelios7ChilliFDesperation(talk)Padge


I'd like to request a Fantendo Football League team managed by Happeh. Cyan yoshi Happeh (Happy65) 19:33, January 31, 2013 (UTC)

Yes, I will give you my squad list.

Team Name: Yoshi Alliance


  • Karl Mapleborough
  • Gerd Mapleborough
  • Willem Mapleborough
  • Adam Smith
  • Joe Smith
  • Charles Smith
  • Alexander Akysonov

Now, am I allowed to make the page yet? Cyan yoshi Happeh (Happy65) 07:41, February 1, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Clyde do you have Skype or something so that I could easily IM you? Thanks. EllaFOCStelios7ChilliFDesperation(talk)Padge

Join Everyone Football League

Hey, I was wondering if you are still going to do the Fantendo Football League or if it is still up to adoption, because if it is still up to adoption, I would like to take it. Napsta2

Sure, I will gladly help you on FFL. :) .vectorDestiny (talk)

Yeah, I agree that the leagues should have at least 16 teams each. Also, as for the article, maybe we can use a wikipedia article about any soccer league as a base for the article, not outright copying, just using it as a base to make the new one.


FFL team for next season, by Heroicpingouin

Heroicpingouin says : Hey Clyde, here is the team I propose :

Name : Atletico Aether

Nickname : The Atletico, the Atletics

Manager : Heroicpingouin

Home stadium : The Wastelands (Mario Strikers Charged)

Capacity : 40,000

Team default formation : 2-4-4

Main Players :

-Goalkeeper : Volt (captain)

-Center forwards : Hooves (vice-captain) ; Jerrix Cruiser

-Midfielders : Squav ; Sinless Devil ; Reese ; Rash

-Defenders : 4.13 ; Beluga ; Zerita ; Hailey

Substitutes :

-Goalkeeper : Riddle

-Center forwards : Torchie

-Midfielders : Aero

-Defenders : Giraffey

Home Kit : Blue shirt with white stripe on shoulders and arms, and a light blue lightning that get through on the the front, white shorts

Away Kit : Blue and white (except the lighting) are reversed.

Third Kit : Any

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