I DON'T do art requests. I can draw whatever I want.
I do art trades however. If you wanna commission me, you would either pay me in DeviantArt points or Furcash/Furdollars on Furvilla.
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You made another one?

I see you decided to switch accounts again? Is it a hassle making tons of accounts? ITV Dude (talk) 09:07, February 15, 2017 (UTC)

KirLudwig replies

Hai Lol its me KirLudwig, u left a message IDK when in my talk. Thanks for dropping buy, I'll be active again BTW.

Ludwig Von Koopa 3DLudwigLudwigvonKoopaSKL22SigvonLudwigNSMBUKoopaLudwigSSB4rocks!Ludwigq

Re: KirLudwig replies

Thanks for the early happy birthday.

Ludwig Von Koopa 3DLudwigLudwigvonKoopaSKL22SigvonLudwigNSMBUKoopaLudwigSSB4rocks!Ludwigq


Hey its Kirludwig. yh i play roblox and my username is LudwigspiriT, friend me whenever u want. Do u play Pokemon brick bronze on roblox?

KirLudwig 21:02, December 19, 2017 (UTC)KirLudwig

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