Hey, sorry about that comment in chat. It was intended to be a joke, but I didn't realize you'd get that upset. I'm sorry.

Somebody495 (talk) 04:15, September 18, 2017 (UTC)


Nothing special iirc, it was just a website of an aquarium in Kentucky that became a meme for some reason. There was some picture of kids touching turtles captioned "see and feel the excitement". Lumoshi (tc) 03:10, September 19, 2017 (UTC)

Response to your Blog

"If I had turned out to be depressed, these comments might have been responsible for a suicide attempt. But since I'm one of the designated punching bags of this wiki, you knew mass-flaming me would turn out alright so you didn't have to face the consequences of your words."

Since you decided to disable comments after adding that stupid comment, I'm going to message you directly. Stop constantly trying to deflect blame off of you when you do something stupid. You made a pointless blog, and people called you out for it. That is not you being the designated punching bag of the wiki, and it's absolutely not flaming. You want people to stop calling you out for stupid shit? Stop doing stupid shit. That's what it comes down to. It's not because you're AgentMuffin, it's because you've been doing this same shit for years without stopping.

And as someone who has struggled with suicidal thoughts for years, I'm absolutely disgusted by your attempt to use suicide as a method of guilt tripping the people who called out your dumb blog. Grow the fuck up. --SonicWiki (Talk)


Despite your previous warning, you have broken the rules yet again (inflammatory comments and provocative attitude). This is your last warning. If you continue these actions, you will be blocked.

This warning expires one year after it was issued. When your previous warning has expired, this last warning will be reduced to a warning.

It's been decided between the active admins on Skype, you need to find a way to express yourself better and take criticism better or drama like this will keep happening.

💀 ♪♫♬ searched for seas of gold · how come it's got so cold? ♪♫♬ 💀


I wanted to apologize about what's going on. Somebody495 (talk) 22:08, November 10, 2017 (UTC)

Re: Warning

"I guarantee anyone else would have acted the same way if this overblown drama shitstorm happened to them."

I absolutely would not have.

"But no one else will ever know. You'll never have a goddamn inkling of a clue as to how this feels. I'll carry the drama's toll on my psychological state through every waking moment of the rest of my life, as the people driving me insane continually get no justice."

You're not the only one to have ever been in this sort of situation. I've made mistakes before and had groups of people hate me for it, and it sucks, but I realized where the issues resided and I fixed them and now those same people that hated me are my friends. Initially all I did was blame them and resent them but I realized that attitude was not healthy.

"I could easily name names as to what people are far more worthy of an attitude warning, but they would immediately fire back with a very clever and original "deflection" buzzword."

Alright then, name those names. Don't just accuse people of stuff and then not follow up. If you think a user was misbehaving and we didn't do something about it, tell us.

Also, the "deflection buzzword" is absolutely accurate to what you're doing. You can keep calling it a buzzword and keep making fun of the concept of saying you're deflecting all you want, that doesn't change that it's what you do.

"I don't know how to prove to anyone that I'm really the victim; it's being hit by a flurry of insults and gaslighting that make my ostensibly "inflammatory… provocative attitude" pale in comparison. It's so consistent, granular, and fast-paced that it's impossible to give specific examples aside from Inc's "FOM" joke. What I need are allies and help in these situations, not a warning."

Hardly anyone insulted you, and the ones that did were dealt with; Crunch was told to stop and he did, and Gold received a reminder for his behavior. The FOM thing came off to me, and I'm sure to others, as a joke, but if you actually have an issue with that, then speak up. Don't just say nothing and expect other people to realize you have an issue with that. And you do need a warning because this has been a constant problem and you haven't made any changes, despite how often you claim to have tried. And maybe you have tried, but whether or not you have, it's not evident to anyone that you have, as today has made clear.

"I am also incensed by the intensification of the warning due to a prior message from half a year ago; which not only had initially been forgotten by everyone involved, and which is not at all relevant at this point, but which is a warning that I still contest and could have sworn was rescinded earlier. This elevation of punishment has happened to me multiple times, once already during a block, and never to anyone else."

Doesn't matter whether the warning was forgotten at all, it's still relevant because it was given to you this year for behavior issues. That's the entire point of having a progressive warning system; if someone already has a recent warning, the next warning they receive is increased in severity. Reminder (in certain situations) > Warning > Last Warn > Block. That's how we do it, and no amount of arguing will change that. The warning was clearly not rescinded because it's still on your archived talk page; had it been rescinded, it would have been removed. Also, elevation of punishment is something that often happens to other people - just take a look at the block list and you'll find plenty of people whose block lengths were increased after discussion. Though, that's not even applicable here because this wasn't an increase in the punishment, it was an initially inaccurate warning that was corrected to a lastwarn.

"When you have already chosen a punishment for someone, I don't think you can just up that punishment if nothing new has happened, after already having given it. That strikes me as incredibly corrupt."

As I said, the punishment wasn't "chosen", you were given a warning and we realized after the fact that you had already recently been given one, so we properly adjusted your new one to reflect the warning system we use. Calling that corruption is laughably stupid and flat out incorrect.

"If you're going to go through with this warning—and I'm sure you are—I expect others involved to receive punishment as well. I recall someone literally brigading chat with their friends to smugly watch the drama and bash me, popcorn-eating style. I've received no word over whether whoever actually started that has been warned for it, or whether the people who specifically signed up to spread drama have been infinitely blocked."

First of all, Gold-sans already received a reminder for his attitude, and Crunch was called out for it only for him to stop. There were no more warnings to give out. Someone did invite their friend on chat to watch the drama, yes, but that is not against our rules, and as far as I can recall, they never did anything that would have deserved a kick or a warning. And what exactly do you mean by "the people who specifically signed up to spread drama"? Who are you talking about there?

"That aside, various other people were called out for quite overly harsh insults, and yet I'm the one with the attitude?!"

I can't believe I have to say this to you again after saying it at least ten times on chat: this is not just about the template or the drama on chat, this is about your recurring attitude when it comes to doing something that other people find obnoxious. You constantly replying to people calling you out for obnoxious behaviors with the same obnoxious behaviors is something that needed to be dealt with. I've tried talking to you about it on chat before, but both instances that I did, you refused to respond after a short back-and-forth. You ignored the issue, kept your problematic behavior up, and now are suffering the consequences of your actions.

"In fact, I think there should be some sort of punishment for attempting to start a drama storm like this in the first place. That was the intent of the people replying to my post, not me. Anyone spying on this message can "deflect"-spam me all they want; but in my eyes, this has to be an all-or-nothing punishment, not the one-sided mess it has currently degenerated into."

I don't recall how the drama on chat started exactly, but if you think there was a particular individual or individuals who instigated it, then please let me know with a screenshot of what happened so I can deal with it. Unfortunately, chat went by too fast for me to catch what started it, and I have refreshed chat multiple times since then in order to get my PM with you to actually appear instead of disappearing into the void. As for the people replying to your post, if you think that was attempting to start drama, then you really haven't made any attempts at changing. You have this strange mentality when it comes to people telling you to stop doing annoying things, where you think, by doing that, they're harassing you and looking to start drama, when in reality, all they want is for you to stop doing whatever thing they find annoying. This needs to stop.

"I was not the one who started the drama; I was just trying to reference something that, in my eyes, was a harmless running joke. I have already pledged not to post the copypasta again since it angers people so much. I really don't want this manufactured drama shit to happen again. Why the fuck would I?"

This warning wasn't about today, it was actually something the admins were discussing before the drama on chat started, as a way to address your deflective attitude with situations like this. I appreciate your pledge to stop, but it has nothing to do with the warning.

"After everything that went down today, you admins are doing the emotional equivalent of slapping an ice cream cone out of a child's hands, then punching them in the groin for daring to be sad about it. (Not to call myself a child, but I might as well do so before someone else makes that very clever, original, and not at all smugly condescending joke.)"

After everything that happened today, us admins dealt with the two users who caused issues (yourself and Gold-sans). I'm sorry if this whole thing has made you upset, but multiple attempts have been made to address this problem and you refused to cooperate so this needed to be done. The drama today was overblown and I'm sorry that people resorted to insulting you, but we did what we could about that.

"I have nothing left—whether in terms of dignity or a sane state of mind. I beg you to reconsider."

We will not be reconsidering.

--SonicWiki (Talk)


Change that image again and you will receive a ban. It's vandalism and you should know better.


I find it absolutely absurd that you think I intended to provoke or bait you like that. I'm sorry if you feel like I intended to provoke you, but I did not. I took a image of a Digimon-like Popolio off google images, and put it down on the blog as a joke. It's not intended to disgust you. It's not intended to do anything but be a joke. I'm sorry you don't like the image, but it's a joke and I know you know what that is.

Your behavior goes against the site's rules. If you change it again, I will ban you. It's literally so petty and insignificant, but that's how it goes. That's why I didn't ban you the first time you did it, because it is so insignificant but it's totally breaking the site's rules. If you break the rules again, I will ban you.



Don't go back! We sealed the monsters in there and if you breach the topographically sealed nature of the room, they could escape instantly. 実際、日本語は分かりますか? 言語は、聴覚の範囲外です。 私たちはそれをより安全に話しています。

Amalgus (talk) 19:25, November 19, 2017 (UTC)Amalgus


1 Now it came to pass, when the wall was built, and I had set up the doors, and the porters and the singers and the Levites were appointed,

2 that I gave my brother Hanani, and Hananiah the governor of the castle, charge over Jerusalem; for he was a faithful man, and feared G-d above many.

3 And I said unto them: 'Let not the gates of Jerusalem be opened until the sun be hot; and while they stand on guard, let them shut the doors, and bar ye them; and let watches be appointed of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, every one in his watch, and every one to be over against his house.'

4 Now the city was wide and large; but the people were few therein, and the houses were not builded.

5 And my G-d put into my heart to gather together the nobles, and the rulers, and the people, that they might be reckoned by genealogy. And I found the book of the genealogy of them that came up at the first, and I found written therein:

6 These are the children of the province, that went up out of the captivity of those that had been carried away, whom Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon had carried away, and that returned unto Jerusalem and to Judah, every one unto his city;

7 who came with Zerubbabel, Jeshua, Nehemiah, Azariah, Raamiah, Nahamani, Mordecai, Bilshan, Mispereth, Bigvai, Nehum, Baanah. The number of the men of the people of Israel:

You seem to be mistaken. I have no illusions of any sort and I am of perfect mentality.yourpreciousoneswillsoonbeannnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii





THIS, is fucking awesome agent, thank you thank you thank you, I love it with all my heart. This is so good, thank you so much agent.

PIXILART-LOCAL (2)The Coldest Guy Around (Talk)


You won the Lumoshi Award

B.J. Blazkowicz III (talk) 21:58, January 3, 2018 (UTC)

Sorry 2/20/2018

Sorry about shouting at you like that in chatSomebody495 (talk) 04:57, February 21, 2018 (UTC)


I'd like to make things better between us. Just, please, tell me what we can do to fix it, and I'll try to follow the instructions. Somebody495 (talk) 05:31, February 21, 2018 (UTC)


Earlier when you brought up that blog in which you were stating that you wanted to improve Fantendo, I was mistaken. For a moment, my mind flashed to that satire blog thing. I'm sorry, and I'll consider how to help improve Fantendo. Somebody495 (talk) 06:49, February 25, 2018 (UTC)

howdy, pal-o

is it possible you could make a logo for me? the game is called “Super Mario Chiaroscuro”. if you could it’d be really appreciated, if you can’t that’s totally fine!


Leavanny Dream
Sorry to
BUG you.
166Ledian Dream

don’t worry about time, dude! as long as you do it, it’d be really appreciated! (if you can’t thats fine too)

Leavanny Dream
Sorry to
BUG you.
166Ledian Dream


It looks really nice! We're talking about how we're going to design the pride skin right now, but we're not currently sure if we'll use your logo as it may or may not clash with a BG Jasper has planned. It might be used, but even if not, it still looks super good and thank you for devoting some time into making a wordmark for us!

💀 ♪♫♬ searched for seas of gold · how come it's got so cold? ♪♫♬ 💀

what was the message? Mirai Moon  22:18, June 18, 2018 (UTC)

nice! I'm glad I'll never be able to see it. :( Mirai Moon  23:54, June 18, 2018 (UTC)

if you want sure, do what you want man. dunno why you need my permission to do that, but go ahead Napsta2


Hey, I understand we are not in good terms but I was wondering if it would be okay for me to do a game similar to Switchover? I had an premise inspired by Switchover but I won't do it if you disagree with the idea of me basing off my game out of the concept of Switchover.

Ico-zilla-icon HollowPharaoh (talk)

Sockpuppeting, pls dont ban meh=

This is my new account, my old one was Broken?IceDemon, i only created a new one cuz i couldnt confirm my old accounts email and change my name, plus, octomanicboi sounds way cooler. Pls dont ban me

OctoManicBoi (talk) 21:46, July 24, 2018 (UTC)OctoManicBoi

I Know

I've read your edited blog multiple times since it came out. I've taken a close look at each paragraph. And while I do believe the Timestrike Discord server isn't a wiki problem in and of itself, I can't fall asleep knowing you feel so shattered by this whole shitfest of a situation (a shituation, if you will) -- it's a tiny bit past 3 AM as I'm writing this. And honestly... I feel really bad for you.

I will say I think you overreacted a bit in the initial blog -- the Timestrike server is mostly intended to be a place for friends to hang out and nothing more, and I'm pretty sure most of the people there would feel kind of uncomfortable having you, Ender, or Stella in the server, considering past experiences with y'all. On the other hand, I do understand the feeling of being left out by a majority. In the past you've brought up feedback giving you the drive to keep working on your projects, and I definitely know how that feels. There are a few projects I've gotten totally bored of because I didn't get people's thoughts even when I did ask for them, so I just ditched them. I've also noticed my AMA thread rarely gets any questions, and I have to plug it after every time someone asks me something and it just dies for 2-3 weeks -- and when I compare my thread to maybe Athena's or Pyro's, it sometimes discourages me from feeling like I'm part of the community, even though I know I am.

And your fear of others on the internet finding out about your controversial blogs is something I can surely relate to. I've had situations irl that I legit don't want anyone to find out about because I fear they will use them against me. The fear of being publicly shamed for dumb shit that's happened in the past? Been there, done that.

What stuck out to me the most, though, is the statement near the end: "you can have a correct argument and still be in the wrong for cutting someone where it hurts and not letting them get a word in edgewise." It's very interesting to know that while you admit Helena, Crunch, etc. have a good point (at least I think you do...?), you still make it known you feel damaged. Even as a member of the Timestrike Discord myself, I realize the problem could have been resolved in a better way. I linked your blog to the server, but I didn't know it would cause such a huge fuss -- I legit had to force myself not to comment because the situation turned out a lot worse than I expected it to. You asked for civil discussion and got a flame war, and now I feel the need to take the blame because I was dumb enough to link your blog not knowing what would come out of it.

I'm really sorry you feel the way you do when all you wanted was a place to share your Nintendo fanon. And lemme make it clear: I love your content! I really do! Flipverse is one of the most unique things I've seen on the wiki this week IMO, and has inspired me to do a Pictochat revival sometime in the future. SwitchPiste over on the Lapis Wiki is still a fun read to this day. And Recess Rumble? That gives me nostalgia in so many ways, because when I was in elementary school I used to imagine the things we did at recess or in the gym were like a video game. Your articles are so well detailed, and even so they just seem to have a nostalgic vibe that I adore so much.

I won't say you're not near-universally hated, since you'll still feel that way regardless. What I will say, though, is that I don't hate you personally. I had tons of fun joking around with you and Stella in "the jam" while it was still active -- I loved our inside jokes! Remember "Lumoshi?" or "Correct Answer" or "nope, a"? Those made me laugh so hard! Overall, I'd say when you're not having to deal with strawmanning or whatever, you're actually a really funny guy with a strong passion for what he does. That's what I remember you for. You may not feel like you're part of the Fantendo community, but you're definitely part of my community.

I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do, Muffin. Have fun. Be yourself.

Lincoln Nickelodeon 3The real you is the perfect you. LOUDHOUSELoriRender

theres an issue with Template:SkinStealth that now causes a strange lone symbol to appear where it was supposed to be stealthy put in the code. i dont know how to fix this, do you have any idea?



I made Sky base zone from Sonic the hedgehog from Game gear.


How's it going?

Benjamin Kirsch 00:11, August 12, 2018 (UTC)

Hey, if you have a problem with me, let's just talk about it. I feel like you have something against me with that "Because you don't miss us, whether we believe that or not,," comment in chat and I feel like both of us should make a active effort to change how we've approached this kind of stuff in the past.



my discord tag is on ath’s talk page

Leavanny Dream
Sorry to
BUG you.
166Ledian Dream


What’s your discord tag? I’ll try adding you.

Leavanny Dream
Sorry to
BUG you.
166Ledian Dream

Looks good to me. I asked a couple sysops what they thought and they were fine with it.


It got reverted roughly 2 weeks after I puit it up.  Holy fuck its the Crunch   Talk  Contribs      18:27, October 2, 2018 (UTC)

Cheesy comestibles

"This user is not fond of cheesy comestibles."


Someone else that doesn't like cheesy comestibles, for once! Over my near-two decades of existence, I have never been able to stand the taste of raw non-melted cheese, and I have been ridiculed and laughed at for so damn long because of that characteristic of mine! Everyone else around me can eat cheese just fine, but I always felt like the fifth/sixth wheel in my family because I couldn't consume it myself without feeling the need to upchuck it! You know what else bothers me about cheese?? It is a chore to slice and dice cheese and shred it too- I have cut myself too many times from trying to turn the damn food to rubble for too many dinners! I guess to be fair, I was always a picky eater, but my diet has improved vastly as of the past five years and yet I'm still unable to eat as much as a generic cheese stick from the local supermarket without wanting to die! I was so excited to see that userbox on your userpage, you have no idea how wide the wicked smile on my face was

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA *high-pitched screaming. stop roleplaying, athena*

This is such a weird thing to message someone over, but DAMN did I want to express my also-negative feelings about cheese. Please have a terrific day and ignore this over-the-top vent. Just so this message isn't a waste of time, is there anything of yours I can take a gander at Don't take that out of context

💀 ♪♫♬ searched for seas of gold · how come it's got so cold? ♪♫♬ 💀


Cheese Haters Rise Up ! indeed. We should take a stance against all cheesy comestibles. Let's ban them from the United States, first, then lead this operation over the rest of our god-forsaken planet.

In seriousness, I caught up on Fun Surrrrey a little while back! I think it's still holding up well, with Episode 4 becoming my favorite of the whole batch so far. Keep writing it dude, it's one of the few things that's managed to make me gag on my pasta fork- and that's a good thing because that means I'm laughing and dying at the same time!

💀 ♪♫♬ searched for seas of gold · how come it's got so cold? ♪♫♬ 💀

Parry the Platypus fanart I found

I found this lovely art of Parry the Platypus that I thought you'd enjoy,,, note the commas

💀 ♪♫♬ searched for seas of gold · how come it's got so cold? ♪♫♬ 💀

Sprite work?

Hey, so I remember seeing your spritework for Tangerine Pikmin a while back and thinking it was really good. I was wondering if you could do sprite art for a character in Super Bunea 64 called Jazz Turpentine, which is a 16-bit era Sonic-style character that looks like this:


You don't have to feel restricted by the limits of the 16 bit era, I would just like a nice clean sprite for the character given I feel like your pixel art style would suit what I was going for the character.


Awesome, thank you! If you finish it, you can just put it on my talk page.


Don't forget!

Don't forget to put up your new fighters on the Roster Morphosis round! If you don't get to it by the morning of October 25th, you might not be able to vote- and hence get eliminated! We don't want to make everyone wait too long.

💀 ♪♫♬ searched for seas of gold · how come it's got so cold? ♪♫♬ 💀

Hey, how does the text overlaying on Template:CautionUser works? I found that really impressive but I can't understand the code because im a dumbo.

hollow [talk page]

Yeah! Thank you, I love the colors on it :>



Hello, wait, please, do not erase my idea of that version, I have only created what my idea would be of how I would like the game to be, the only thing I have done is to put those characters because I wanted to see them in the game, I have not done anything wrong, please


Thanks! Lumoshi (tc) 23:49, December 5, 2018 (UTC)


Can we talk ?

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