Ok, let me get this straight. When I was thinking on a new character's origins, I suddenly thought of a new universe. No, this isn't Pokemon, and Tailbalt almost became one. This may become a new game or something.

Oh, and before I begin, Tailbalt may still be in Pokemon Galaxy and Singularity, but this time as a guest star or something. I dunno.

Starlight galaxy

The header above is the name of this game universe, and hence the name, it's in an alien galaxy. The planet showcased here is earth-like, but has an entirely different lore than Pokemon. The creatures here are mostly sentinent beings, replacing humans for the most part.

Creatures in the universe so far



Gutmobs, Primitive creatures.

Gutmobs are the most common creatures here, which serve as a source of ivory and leather. They're primal creatures, and are the last of the creatures that appeared during the early years of Planet Genesis.

Hence their name, they've got guts, and they're mobs. These things will try to eat whatever isn't another gutmob, such as a Dragon or a Soulweaver. As such, they're often called "Land Pirahnas".

As they're common, they're also pretty weak. Most other races can take them out, but at the same time, they have to avoid the front. Their teeth are STRONG, and can even dent metal, rendering sentinels useless against them.


Big beasts, elemental breath, wings. These all trail up to the dragon, a beast that varies in shape and size. Fire dragons serve as demons in the universe, having their huge bulk and nasty behavior.
20200212 213419

The fire dragon. Notice how I gave it that demonic look.

On the other hand, the Lightning and Water dragons are the small and peaceful ones. Alas, they don't really like treating the other species as equals, especially ones they made themselves.

Fire dragons reside in the the universe's version of the underworld, which can be entered from a massive volcano. Lightning dragons reside close to said volcano, as they're attempting to close the gates to the underworld head-on. And of course, Water dragons are the ones swimming around in lakes and rivers.


These creatures have an odd connection between the living world and the world beyond the grave, being capable of making artificial souls and containing them for later use.

Tailbalt, an example of a baby soulweaver. The only one so far that discovered the Pokemon world.

20200212 213446

An adult Soulweaver. Ones of this body type make up 45% of the Soulweaver population, the rest made up by more unique ones.

Unfortunately, they don't have a soul to call their own when they are first born. Instead, they have to make one and contain it in a cobalt orb so it won't die on them. Without a soul, they're emotionless vessels that can only maintain themselves.

With a soul, however, they'll become sentinent. They'll be able to act on their own and develop a personality. Their bodies will grow accordingly, so if one was to be a tough guy, it'll be big and strong.

Unlike the other creatures, they can manipulate magic energies like how any wizard would do it. They can launch fireballs, unleash a spray of ice, lift things with their mind, and so on.

Being unable to use their vocal chords, they have to speak telepathically. Some can speak directly, but just like they say, no two snowflakes are the same.


Computer-headed automations. They've been around ever since they've invented incognito... or, was it the labtop?
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A Sentinel, fresh from the Thunderstorm factory.

They don't act on their own. Instead, they obey commands because they're supposed to. They're not really bright, but that doesn't mean that they might get a mind of their own.

20200212 213535

Computerlilly, the only Sentinel to be sentinent right off the bat.

One of them, namely Computerlilly, was an experiment to see how a sentinel would behave if it was programmed differently. She got a mind of her own right off the bat, but only wanted to play around and didn't care about responsibility. The test was clear: They won't give a care about what they demand them to do.

Out of all of them, they're merely cannon fodder to the more dangerous creatures. Gutmobs can eat them, truffles will possess them, Thornbacks will just run them over. They're just stupidly fragile. However, they're armed. This, however, doesn't save them from the big boys themselves(See dragons).


Think of them as oversized hedgehogs, that are part cow... and can explode. Ok, so they don't explode, and they're not hedgehogs. They're actually mamillian stegosaurus creatures with thorns that are, quite litterally, on their backs.

These things are peaceful... until provoked. Their berserk behaviour came from being preyed on by three different dragon species, and some ancient entities that can literally mess up their souls.

They're often hunted for their meat, which turns out to taste like heaven when cooked. When raw, it'll make you poop your pants until you die(metaphorically, of course). As such, it is reccomended to cook the meat first before storing it, lest you have to hide in the restroom for an hour.


"Spiders. Everywhere you go in the mines, there are spiders. These freaks aren't like the ones on earth, sir. No, they got them sharp fangs, and their long legs. Believe me, once you bump into one of them, you'll be screaming your pants off."

Campfire stories aside, they're just as large as Skyrim's spiders, have about six eyes, eight legs, a second set of jaws hidden on a toungue that normal spiders don't have, and they all look the same. It's noted that they're a hive mind, as they're controlled by some massive nest with psychic powers.

Bats and bat nests

Drawing heavy inspration from Diablo 3, bats are presumed to be extinct. Except they're not, just a bunch of zombies. These undead rodents will come after you and try to eat you alive, as they have an undying hunger that nobody can stop.

The nests are worse. They're not nests at all, but rather mutated zombie bats that act like cannons, firing their offspring at whoever dares approach them. Nobody knows how or why it can make baby bats if it's already dead and can't find a mate.

The nest... err, next creatures are the result of these fiends killing off people.


After someone dies, they'll either join their ancestors in a heaven-esque realm, be reborn as a fire dragon due to the bad deeds they did, or become this.

Bats will bite any corpse, causing their DNA to infect the corpse, and making it into a zombie. These will only have the instinct of spreading the virus to the living by biting them to death. Unfortunately, soulweavers won't bite anyone even if zombified, and instead will wander the earth without a soul, struggling to survive.

The program

An infectious entity much like the bats, except it aims to control society rather than ending it. As such, it'll corrupt the mind of a sentinel and make it shoot at everyone in the town or city it was infected in.

Robots with the minds of what originally inhabited the local area. That's going to be everywhere if the main computer can't be shut down. Anyone who's been claimed by the AI will be forced to live in what used to be the biggest city on the planet: Mechopolis.

Void knights

Eight figures in armor. They're the last of a shadow-based species from the void, an empty realm with remains of society. They plan on protecting the Soulweavers and most of the dragons from being killed off by zombies and the program. They also plan on expanding their population after the evil's been dealt with.

When one takes off their helmet, it reveals that they're a species that's related to the soulweavers by appearance. They're not going to reveal if they're truly related to them until they expand their population, and they have to do something first(see above).



  • The bats were based off of the Carrion bats from Diablo 3, and the corruption from Terraria.
  • The program was based off of the Exos from Destiny 2.
  • The soulweavers almost become legitimate Pokemon, having only one member before the blog was created.
    • Tailbalt was the one who sparked the idea into mind.
  • The Void knight armor looks vaguely like Nightmare from Soul Calibur.
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