aka Luigi, Dialga, whatever

  • I live in the toilet beneath the toilet beneath the bathroom beneath your worst fears.
  • I was born on February 18
  • My occupation is RPing, Gamin', goomba stomping, working on stuff(?), undoing vandalism, putting my moustache on everything.
  • I am an Italian Plumber.
  • Yoshipea

    Basically just a rip-off of Unten says Shit, I basically made this to practice in areas where I already know I can preform well, and expand upon more... questionable areas. Keep in mind that I'm not perfect at this stuff.

    List of characters I can do are:

    • Luigi: Example
    • Mario: Example
    • Heavy Weapons guy: Bad example
    • Zomboss: worse example
    • Megatron: Does this sound like Megatron? I think it sounds like Megatron
    • Ragnarr(Adult):He speaks!
    • Squidward: Samtendo recommended this one

    Now just come up with anything that is a quote, and just hope I do it with the character you want me to do. If I don't respond after a period of time, then I either don't want to do that specific one, or it's proving to be impossible.

    P.S.: To get rid of confusion, you can post d…

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  • Yoshipea

    Make me look stupid

    April 13, 2020 by Yoshipea

    Try to make me look stupid. Just be careful, I got some tricks up my sleeve.

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  • Yoshipea

    Ask me anything

    March 25, 2020 by Yoshipea

    No seriously, I mean anything. I might have to Roleplay if I have to.

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  • Yoshipea

    Some new universe

    February 13, 2020 by Yoshipea

    Ok, let me get this straight. When I was thinking on a new character's origins, I suddenly thought of a new universe. No, this isn't Pokemon, and Tailbalt almost became one. This may become a new game or something.

    Oh, and before I begin, Tailbalt may still be in Pokemon Galaxy and Singularity, but this time as a guest star or something. I dunno.

    The header above is the name of this game universe, and hence the name, it's in an alien galaxy. The planet showcased here is earth-like, but has an entirely different lore than Pokemon. The creatures here are mostly sentinent beings, replacing humans for the most part.

    Gutmobs are the most common creatures here, which serve as a source of ivory and leather. They're primal creatures, and are the last…

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  • Yoshipea

    Lightie need a name change

    January 24, 2020 by Yoshipea

    Ok, this might sound a bit weird, but Lightie needs a new name. I have no idea on what name would fit her, and all the websites I went to had no help.

    Sheesh, her name sounds childish and stupid as of now.

    Can you guys give me suggestions? I'm drained out of name ideas.

    Update: Soulstar. That's the new name I picked. Goes along with the theme too. Ok, you're all dismissed, go on and get back to whatever you were doing.

    Soulstar -> Souldier -> Crystoul

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