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  • YeeMeYee

    Wiki Wordmarks

    January 7, 2014 by YeeMeYee


    Hello there peoples! I created some wiki wordmarks for this wiki and I wanted to share them with you. I made them because I thought this wiki could use a new logo. For these wordmarks I used some of my own characters and some of the hall of fame. If there are any suggestions on wiki wordmarks, ask me in a comment please! (Also... I'm thinking of making only 2 wordmarks per user). I'll try to upload more any day. Enjoy! Byebye,


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  • YeeMeYee

    New Super Mario Bros Intro Video

    ^Click for full size to see the difference!^

    New Super Mario Bros Title Screen

    Both are in FULL SIZE. so you might see a difference between the pictures, one made firectly from my wii and one directly from my Computer!

    Hey there guys, I've got some mario powerups, which you guys might like ;) I've been making them with my Photoshop, and it was pretty hard for me o.o But okay. Sometimes if I've got an idea I will try to place it here, have fun guys! Please ask before usage of the Pictures OR ideas I've made, if I gave you the permission, I will ask you nicely too to credit me. Thanks!

    Love Flower

    The Love Flower makes mario like invisible. It makes his enemies love him and they won't ever hurt you, they will prote…

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