Yami no Tenshi

aka Annoying Agent

  • I live in Palencia, Spain
  • I was born on April 12
  • My occupation is Artist, student, videogame player
  • I am hombre/male
  • Yami no Tenshi

    Beyond Arts

    August 22, 2015 by Yami no Tenshi

    These last days, I've prepared some arts for Battle of Bracelets: Beyond. I will try to upload more art in the next hours/days :P

    Now I will explain more or less some new characters:

    • Gwyrd, Gorria and Anyil were Golden Bracelets in the 19th Century and fought Darkreon and her army. Darkreon reappeared by getting the body of Geist, a young woman whose life was void, in her opinion, and accepted the power of Darkreon to fill er life. This war was wone by the God of Darkness, Geist sealed Photos' soul into his three weapons and the Golden Bracelets were killed by the Dark Bracelets. But for some reason, the avatar of Darkreon was killed too and his soul was sealed as well. It was a chance for Yssir, who revived them to fight for the Infernal ar…

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  • Yami no Tenshi

    Hai Hai Hai! A couple years ago, I suggested to make a game: Fantendo Lords, a fighting-puzzle game in which several Fantendo characters would do things and fight things and things. Each character would have an element and each element would have a Lord, the most powerful character with that element.

    WELL. NO.

    I want to change the whole idea. Now I want to do an action game (more like a TLoZ game) but it would need a story, a fan space, items and, of course characters. The game would be right now of Project Eternity, but I would like to collaborate with other people on this thing. So, if you want to collaborate, please, tell me in the comments below.

    Besides, you can start signing up your characters:

    • It would be preferable original characters. …

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  • Yami no Tenshi

    Things to sketch

    July 24, 2015 by Yami no Tenshi

    I need things to draw. Please, tell me here and I will show the sketches soon.

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  • Yami no Tenshi


    July 17, 2015 by Yami no Tenshi

    Sketching, sketching... :P

    And this one, Glacian in the Palace of the North Oracle.

    Edited arts and a new one :D

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  • Yami no Tenshi

    Welcome to Project Eternity Talks!

    In this conference, Project Eternity will show information about new games and information about the ones that have been already announced. Get ready to enjoy these announcements:

    For the ones who liked or loved the remake of the first game of the franchise, get ready for the revolution of the series. Battle of Bracelets: Beyond is the remake of Battle of Bracelets: The Cursed Death. We have seen how The Origin of the Legend was greatly welcome and now we want to repeat the experience with one of the most followed games of the series. Let's begin with the new modes:

    The Book of Souls relates the story of Aingeru trying to save Bella from the influence of Hades. But there are other events apart: there is a pe…

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