Yami no Tenshi

aka Chaotic Otaku

  • I live in Palencia, Spain
  • I was born on April 12
  • My occupation is Artist, student, videogame player
  • I am hombre/male
  • Yami no Tenshi

    Hello everyone! As the title says, it's my wikiversary, i have "been" here for already 6 years (the funniest thing is that some of you, mostly new users may not know me :P).

    The other thing is showing a pair of games that I want to announce. But first I want to explain that the Battle of Bracelets world has been expanded and now not only Battle of Bracelets games will be into the universe... This is related to the first announcement:

    This game is an adventure-action game in which the player will control Hunter, the protagonist of this story. Hunter will start facing several enemies that are commanded by the Totem Spirits. These Totem Spirits are oddities that represent gods, demons or simple spirits that are represented by animals. Actually,…

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  • Yami no Tenshi

    One of my friends gave me some advice about drawing and I started to practice. Nonetheless, I want to have some opinions to see what to improve or what to pay attention to. I will upload more things.

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  • Yami no Tenshi

    Hello everyone! As you may know, there will be a Fire Emblem Direct tomorrow in which, according to the information, Nintendo will show new stuff about the new titles of the franchise (they have announced multiple titles, right).

    So what will we see tomorrow?

    • It was confirmed a Fire Emblem for Android/iOS that would be released in March the latest and they are showing things about this game tomorrow. Nowadays, we know nothing but this game existance, this game could be any kind of game actually.
    • The announcement of Fire Emblem Warriors for Nintendo Switch last week made us know that FE is having presence at the new console. This game would be the new adaptation of the Dinasty Warriors franchise to other Nintendo series. Then, we are most prob…
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  • Yami no Tenshi

    First blog after a year and four months XD I usually go against mainstream things but I love drawing, ART IS ART. So you can ask me any character (one per person pls) and I will draw them, I will. I don't know how often I will draw them since I may be quite busy but I will try to do it as soon as possible (I will draw on paper so quality may not be the best sorry :( ). So people, go ahead and request!

    I will do my best!

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  • Yami no Tenshi

    First off, congratulations to CrunchyTommy for the Banana Prize and Exotoro for the Durian Prize! Foxy is waiting next to your house's doors to give you the prize.

    And finally! The last two prizes: Pineapple and Grape Prizes.

    They are common for ALL the fruits:

    • Each user will have to give 3 points for the user who fits the most the reason of the prize, in their opinion; 2 to the second one, and 1 to the third.
    • You cannot vote yourself.
    • You cannot ask for votes.
    • You cannot negotiate for votes.
    • You can vote just one or two users, but it's necessary to indicate the number of points for them.
    • You cannot vote for more than three users.
    • The hosts can be voted too.

    The Gape Prize will be given to the smartest user. Here, I will list each voted user and the…

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