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  • I live in Ireland
  • I was born on February 5
  • My occupation is artist
  • I am the last of a dying breed
  • WesternSkies

    art fight blog

    June 30, 2020 by WesternSkies

    art fight starts tomorrow! hope to see some of you guys take a shot at it

    heres my profile. give me an attack and ill attack back

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  • WesternSkies

    everybody vibe with me in the comments to summon forth sinnoh remakes. lets ignore the inevitability of lets go johto being announced tomorrow and instead focus all our energy into manifesting gen 4.

    also i couldnt find a mystery dungeon summoning circle so heres a time gear. focus your energy on the time gear to bring forth explorers dx or a new mystery dungeon game.

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  • WesternSkies

    FUCK IT i have been dying to draw stuff in the sugimori style!! post your pokemon trainers down in the comments and 1 (one) pokemon you want me to draw alongside them. if theyre really simple then maybe 2 pokemon. i dont care what you use to make your trainers as long as its a fullbody image. if youve got any little requests like "i wanted this design on the shirt but the picrew wouldnt let me" or like "can i have em wearing this jacket" or "pink streak in the hair" or whatever the fuck then work away! just so long as i have something to reference off of. ill try to draw most of them.

    would prefer that they're like "trainersonas" like you as a trainer but its w/e

    EDIT: also some idea of like. a personality or a pose idea would be awesome

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  • WesternSkies

    E3 2020 Bingo!

    June 10, 2020 by WesternSkies

    yall know how it goes

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  • WesternSkies

    dunno what else to title it

    ANYWAY you may have heard of a small article called Splatoon 3. its a lil project im working on. i plan on making a lot of artwork for it, but i have a dilemma. i dont have any mascot player characters!

    thats where nyall come in. id love for you guys to design the default player characters! yknow, like the orange and blue inklings from splat 1 and the short haired pink inkling and the slick hair green inkling from splatoon 2.

    now, you won't be doing it from scratch. not fully. i've got 40 hairstyles for you guys to choose from! that's a lot! though i'd really prefer if you didnt use any of the returning hairstyles so its more like 25 hairstyles. but that's still a lot! and - though its not as important - id love if…

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