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This is for all the friends I have and some people I know it took me a while to make this. My friends, I thankyou for being nice to me and helping out with my artwork and so and so. THANK YOU YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basher and Moustache Man - Werewoof16 (Me)

Super Grover - Samstation

Jhonny Dog - Sr. Wario

Eva - Team - Eva

Cyan Kirby - Kirbymariomega

Blushi - Mixxmasta

1337 Mario - 1337doom

Pikachu - Arend

Frolo - Plazzap

Bombell - Dohimissed

Cutter Kirby - GamerAwesomeStuff

Kneesocks - Sorastitch

Tabooki - T0M V 1.2

Mewshi and Waddlenote - Yoshifraga97

Diskun II - Simpson55

Yoshiegg Nook - Yoshiegg

Locky - LockyX2

Purpleguy - Cobweb

Spike the Porcupine - SpikethePorcupine

Yellow Shyguy - SGY

Snaily Joe - Shroobario

White - Sloopy678

YonenBooe - Toad Shy' Guy

Legendary Pop-Fizz - LPF

4 Mustached Lumas - Lumoshi

Ujori Kasami - Iceboys12

Catbug   - Edinemir95

Randy Boggs - Meme911

Derpy Hooves - LuckyEmile

Super Scratch Kat - SuperScratchkat

DarkLord- DarklordofstuffMC

If you want to be added on the next one... feel free to ask me :)

Thankyou everyone for being nice to me YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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