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  • WereWaffle

    Surprise, surprise Waffle made a blog related to christmas for once.

    Hey, I thought this grinch-looking dominican fuck celebrated Hannukah not Christmas

    And you are right, but I did celebr-oh just read the bottom.

    Well long story short, I used to celebrate christmas with my grandparents for like, two years when I was little then we stopped heh. Did get some cool stuff though but the past has past.

    Anyways the blog is self explanatory, best christmas gifts you recieved as a child.

    Go ahead, grab some coal you naughty children


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  • WereWaffle

    Happy Thanksgiving you pesky plumbers

    Anyways I'm bored today

    So why not do another Kirby Hat Request Blog?

    Because its stupid I'd rather join the fnaf fanbase you untalented fuck

    Anyways if you are new to this, basically you request anything (lets say Bob the Tomato) and I make Kirby Hats of them for you. I've done this about 3 times and everything went swimmingly. Here are examples by the way.

    Tito Dick: The Nutshack/The PeanutHouse/The CoconutCabin/The AlmondEstablishment/DICKMANBABY

    Dergin: (See the Dragon Appreciation Day Blog)/Dergin is near; Dergin is far Dergin is peace; Dergin is war Dergin is all; Dergin is none Dergin was made up by Waffle for fun

    Maui: created by Liam/Solarrion/Good Egg/Daganronpa Man/Smol Liana

    Sly Paperfox: Created b…

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  • WereWaffle

    Incase you didn't see what I said on chat a few times or didn't see the most hidden game news a few months ago, then here we go.

    So apparently Interplay is selling out their stuff, with the news being announced around September of this year. They are looking to sell all of their IP (they have about 70 infact) to anyone willing to buy them. The IP includes Earthworm Jim, Clayfighter, Battlechess, Boogerman, and others.

    No company has stepped forward to buy any of their stuff as far as I know.

    So the question is, what game company do you think is most suitable for buying Interplay's stuff?

    (Clayfighter is good but I'm going to say most of us car…

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  • WereWaffle

    Well not favorite but close to it

    Wario is our favorite surely we all know that XP

    Anyways, Microsoft apparently wants to partner with Nintendo to bring Mario to Xbox which sounds like a good idea but I dunno how this will turn out if this goes through.



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  • WereWaffle


    Sorry if the blog title sounds memeish

    Anyways the Cars 3 Trailer came out

    I gotta say the visuals look nice

    But its a Cars film so eh, I want the Incredibles 2 trailer already damnit. ._.



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