Heya serious blog this time around no jokes here

I was going to make this blog yesterday but I decided to pop into chat last night and discuss about it a bit with the small amount of users there.

Anyways I'm pretty sure none of you knew this but I have astigmatism, very high astigmatism which I was diagnosed with at 7 years old I thank my parents for taking me to the eye doctor immediately. I thank them very very much. From that day forward, I wore glasses. I have been wearing them for 8 years. Every time I went to the eye doctor, the doctors always said that due to my astigmatism being very high it would be near impossible for my vision to be fixed when I got older. I felt like I would live with my glasses for the rest of my life. I had another appointment about two weeks ago I had to do the visionary letter tests that I did ok as a kid but not very well. Doing that again just flooded my mind with memories that I didn't expect to get back or recall.

I cried. I felt like I couldn't do it much like my younger self I felt horrible. Even more so when the doctor said the same thing my previous doctors told us. I was comforted that day by my dad and I just prayed that day, that one day a doctor would appear as the light at the end of the tunnel for me.

Then came yesterday

I had to do same thing but I was more strong this time. Still hate getting poked in the eye with stuff but everyone has to do the same thing. My eyes had to be dialated as well which is the thing i hate the most about going to the eye doctor. Then we met the main doctor. I was being tested for contacts (getting a trial pair next week btw) and it turns out my contacts would have to be custom made due to my astigmatism levels. Then my parents asked the question, the one question we asked every doctor i met over the years. They asked if my vision could be repaired eventually. The answer put me into tears I couldn't thank God enough for this.


The doctor told us that in the future when I'm around 21 I can go through lazer surgery. The procedure lasts about 15 minutes and you don't feel a thing but basically the machine would shoot about 500 lazers in your eyes and vaporize/repair any errors in your eyes. That's amazing. As much as I like wearing my glasses I just wish I couldn't wear them anymore. I know technology will most likely advance when I get older with possibly better machines being built in the future but I felt so darn happy that I have an 100% confirmation that my vision will be fixed.

With that, I thank God and my doctor for finally giving my family and I that confirmation. The A'ok. The response we waited for patiently for 8 years.

After I turn 16 on July 28th, I would have to wait 5 more years. 5 years more and I will at last be free from my visionary shackles. I will be happy that day very much so.

Praise God

Cíao :3


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