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  • WereWaffle

    16th Birbday

    July 28, 2017 by WereWaffle

    Heyo! its been like..........


    Nearly the whole summer.. I did come to chat on occasion though. Anyway I'm 16 now and the Emoji Movie is out and the reviews are phenomenal.

    Not driving yet though which is fine, insurance would go up and i'm not hyper in wanting a car now got school and stuff anyway.

    Anyhoo take care dudes! o//


    P.s:the new wikia redesign is so damn confusing now geez.

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  • WereWaffle I know its 2 months away but eh

    Anyways this heap of shit is actually coming out on my birthday. Fuck.

    What a perfect year to turn 16...At least some nintendo related stuff comes out on that same day...

    Anyways my finals are coming up next week and after that summer break! Whoopdee freakin doo.

    Probably might be active on here again depending on how summer goes gotta get back into the artsy mood as well as improving my skill which got pretty rusty unfortunately... but no worries I know I can get better :3


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  • WereWaffle

    Found here.

    Anyways nintendo trademarked something that has to do with bowser for all we know it could be a spinoff game. After all Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Wario, and Peach had a few so who knows Bowser could possibly have one as well.



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  • WereWaffle

    Free 🐢

    May 4, 2017 by WereWaffle

    Heya serious blog this time around no jokes here

    I was going to make this blog yesterday but I decided to pop into chat last night and discuss about it a bit with the small amount of users there.

    Anyways I'm pretty sure none of you knew this but I have astigmatism, very high astigmatism which I was diagnosed with at 7 years old I thank my parents for taking me to the eye doctor immediately. I thank them very very much. From that day forward, I wore glasses. I have been wearing them for 8 years. Every time I went to the eye doctor, the doctors always said that due to my astigmatism being very high it would be near impossible for my vision to be fixed when I got older. I felt like I would live with my glasses for the rest of my life. I had ano…

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  • WereWaffle

    Hey long time no see (ignore the title my phone glitched on me)

    Amyways, apparently a hacker datamined into the eshop's code and found a game titled Mario & Luigi Super Star Saga DX + Bowser's Minions. As far as we know it may be a remake or port of Super Star Saga as for the Bowser's Minions part, nobody has a fucking clue.

    Not sure if it's real or not but the icon looks pretty convincing then again it could be fake. Thoughts?


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