so nintendo just dropped this direct??

  • xenoblade chronicles definitive edition - comes alongside an additional story called xenoblade chronicles future connected, releases may 29
  • bioshock, borderlands, xcom collections coming to switch
  • marvel ultimate alliance 3 fantastic four DLC out now
  • shinisekai into the depths, capcom's underwater metroidvania out now
  • animal crossing new horizons two new free updates coming soon
  • good job, physics based puzzle game based on different occupations, out today
  • catherine full body
  • free update for ring fit adventure that adds a rhythm game mode and voice options for ring, out today
  • king's booty 2
  • smash ultimate DLC 6 is someone from arms, more info in june
  • arms free trial
  • bravely default 2, demo available now
  • club house games, a collection of 51 board games
  • ninjala, splatoon-esque ftp 8 player battle royale with a focus on movement
  • star wars jedi knight jedi academy releases today
  • star wars episode 1 racer comes out soon
  • panzer dragoon remake
  • quick fire showcase of upcoming titles: trials of mana, fuser (dj hero esque rhythm game), elder scrolls blades, vigor (battle royale), burnout paradise remastered, saints row IV re:elected, legend of heroes trials of cold steel 3, mr. driller drilland, minecraft dungeons
  • new info for the pokemon sword and shield expansion pass
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