ValkyriePyra ValkyriePyra 13 January

Pyra's 10th Wikiversary

Hey there, everybody. That number isn't a joke. I've been here for 10 years now.

It's been a crazy ride with plenty of ups and downs, but in the end I think this place has been good for me. I learned to take charge through admin work and learned responsibility to a large community, improved my art and writing skills dramatically, was encouraged to break out and publish my own work, and even discovered who I was deep down- a woman.

I've met tons of amazing friends who have inspired me and supported me in my darkest moments over the course of a decade, genuinely changing my life for the better. Even when I inevitably leave- after all, I can't be on a site like this forever- I hope that we can all remain steadfast, loyal friends. You have genui…

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ValkyriePyra ValkyriePyra 7 August 2020

Fantendo Community Peer Review

In regards to recent events, we have been wanting to evaluate general community sentiment towards the administration and identify areas that we can improve on. We have created a Google Form where you may, anonymously or not, submit any matter you would like to bring up as responses to the questions on said form. As an administrative team, we will be attentively watching your feedback as it rolls in. We hope that this will be of use if or whenever issues begin to arise, and this will prevent things from becoming chaotic in the future.

The survey form can be found here.

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ValkyriePyra ValkyriePyra 1 August 2020

Birthday Time

Hey guys I'm 21 now! :D

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ValkyriePyra ValkyriePyra 18 July 2020

Chat Mod Submissions

Greetings to the community! After the recent election of administrators Lumoshi and StellaStardown, we are officially opening submissions for chat mod promotions! Please comment below or message an administrator on Discord if you wish to enter the running to fill the slot- we're looking for about 3 to 4 mods in total!

Thank you for your time, and happy submitting!

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ValkyriePyra ValkyriePyra 11 July 2020

Admin Elections- Lumoshi and StellaStardown Promotion

Due to recent events in our community, our administration has found itself short multiple administrator positions. As a result, due to community feedback, we have chosen to consider the promotion of recent chat mods Lumoshi and StellaStardown. While it has only been a short time since they have been promoted to this position, the administration sees that these two have had community interest in promotion, and as such, we are opening up the polls!

In this blog, we would like to tally support from the community in order to see whether or not you think these candidates are worthwhile. Please comment your thoughts below, and they will be condensed here!

Voting will end on Sunday, July 12th at 9:20 PM Eastern Time.

  • Yes: 32
  • No: 7

  • Yes: 33
  • No: 1

Last tal…

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