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Up Up the Cat Up Up the Cat 3 May 2019

Plans and whatnot

Hey all

been down, wouldn't say depressed but not doing my best so uh yeah just gonna keep drawing Asriel Dreemurr to get through it or whatever. So I may as well tell y'all about... stuff... idk

Ummmmmmm Super Mario 3Deluxe is gonna get improved or smth. I might make a Super Mario Maker but idk, that seems off of plans until post-June. Also, fun facc: I had boxart ready for a New Nintendo Land so idk if y'all want that but uh let me know if ya do

ANYYWAYYYYYYY I better tell you about the biggest thing I have planned: Final Hope.

Yes welcome to my cringy Undertale AU which takes place in my main characters' universe but anyway

It's gonna be a comic series that has Asriel be alive again because I had a dream about the boi, then I woke up and cri…

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Up Up the Cat Up Up the Cat 2 May 2019

Final Hope Preview of Part 1

so hoi all


gonna post this comic that I plan on making and was wondering if y'all want it posted here too so have a preview or whatever

(forward note, this takes place after the pacifist run mentioned in Frisk's Story which I may rewrite so yeah)

Frisk stepped near the Ruins. The barrier had been broken and the monsters were now waiting for Frisk to guide them out to the surface. Yet, she headed back to the Ruins. After a chat with Asriel, she stepped near the exit. Asriel sniffled and then started sobbing. He tried to keep quiet but he just couldn't. After a few minutes of true sorrow, he turned and saw Frisk.
"Y-you're still here? Well, that's e-embarrassing, huh?"
Frisk tried to talk to him again, but all he did was stutter and try to put …

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Up Up the Cat Up Up the Cat 16 April 2019

Story Idea- Rosalina's Storybook: The New Chapter

Tell me if you like qwp
The story of Rosalina is not one I could have stay sad-
BTW, if you don't know Rosalina's Story or what the super crown is, I highly recommend finding out what they are, as they are pretty important to the story.

It was another one of Rosalina's visits to the Mushroom Kingdom. She had been extending her stays there, in recent years. She found joy in the presence of Mario and company. After some racing and exploring, she decided to visit her old home.
"This place... oh, the hills..." She spoke as she walked in. "My old bed, that silly portrait of Brother..."
She stopped and sighed.
"Mother's room."
She stepped in.
"Ah, there's the makeup she first taught me how to use. And there's the dress I used to pretend to wear. The ben…

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Up Up the Cat Up Up the Cat 7 April 2019

Super crown ideas

Y'all better not be rude or I'll disable comments

You read the title! Suggest '-ettes' (or '-ets' if your character remains male) and feel (almost) completely free to make art so people can use them in their games and such~

I'll add a gallery for -ettes/-ets people have made and want submitted and if one of them gets enough art or whatever I'll make a page for it and maybe add it into my game. Woth noting: Only post art if it is yours or you have the consent/permission of the creator of the art or character. In other words y'all can't frickpost me with Uppet because like nobody has my consent. :) Though, I already designed an 'Uppet' so I mean- yeah- see the gallery- So anyway have fun and be creative-

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Up Up the Cat Up Up the Cat 1 April 2019

Super Mario 3Deluxe stuff

Hello everyun

How are ya? ... So I'm still keeping SM3DX, along with my other games, around because I put some effort into them and wanna keep them. HOWEVER, I don't plan on making much 3D art yet because I want to actually draw stuff instead of looking for resources on the Internet but maybe soon


I do plan on making edits to SM3DX every once in a while because it's kinda nice and I do want to improve it since it was basically my first project here, so yeah- I also removed the boxart since it was outdated so I'll draw it soon- or at least a concept of it-



I might add the Super Crown to it but I wanted to know if y'all would like that-

So I made a poll on the game: "Yes" means you want -ettes and stuff like that. "No"- no is p…

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