Tigzon the Tigerox

aka Tigzon, Tigz, TechnoTigzon. whatever...

  • I live in United Arab Emirates
  • I was born on May 7
  • My occupation is Artist, Animator, Graphic Designer, Student, a Game Boy, Anime Weebo, 90's Cartoon Lover, a Sonic wannabe, and a YouTuber
  • I am Male
  • Tigzon the Tigerox


    June 15, 2017 by Tigzon the Tigerox

    Long time no see...

    Just dropping to say hi to everyone. It has been a while since I haven't touched the Fantendo community.

    So what's up, everyone?

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  • Tigzon the Tigerox

    Greetings, everyone on the Fantendo community!

    You may not know me but if someone does, that's cool!

    My final year of school is almost there, which my graduation day is set to be on May 24. I'm not sure if I'm ready to attend university but lets not talking about my life at school.

    Recently, I'm doing great outside Fantendo and been working on a new webcomic series, during my Spring Break. I also gained some new friends in real life and doing chores on my studies.

    However, I wanted to say something...

    I going to leave this site, not only is because I don't chat to most people. It is because I lost interest in this site. I feel like I should stick with the Sploder Forums community because I feel more comfortable than doing it here. However, I go…

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  • Tigzon the Tigerox

    Haven't used a blog on Fantendo since my lastest sketchbook blog

    Hey what's up, everyone! Tigzon the Tigerox's here! 

    I just came here to showcase some of my character sketches as well as doing some sketches, requested by all of you!

    So lets start, shall we.

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  • Tigzon the Tigerox

    Sorry, if I publishing the blog by accident...xD

    I made a blog showcasing some of my sketches, a while ago called Tigzon's Sketchbook Blog - Day 1. So check it out will ya

    So Today's week, I will showcase more doodles from my new sketchbook. Let start, shall we.

    Tigzon's pose sketch!

    Spinx (from Tigzon) doodles

    Ani Polar's pose sketch (from Tigzon) sketches

    Nova Natzumi's pose sketch (from Tigzon) sketches

    A wierd Voltron: Legendary Defender fan doodle for my friend, don't ask why.

    Well, that's it for all today. Sorry if its too short but I'm going to draw some stuff in my sketchbook, later. 

    So, What do y'all think of my sketches?

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  • Tigzon the Tigerox

    I’m not really into making blogs about drama but lets see...

    So recently, I got into a flame wars with some person on a Facebook group chat that used to be my friend in one of my old schools. He was teasing me about not speaking Arabic a lot and thinks that I don’t belong to the whole Arab countries. For those who don’t know about my natioanlity, I’m a local Emirati person, I live in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates but the wiredest part is I don’t speak Arabic a lot. I mainly speak English. Strange, huh.

    At the moment, this guy was talking shit about me not speaking Arabic a lot which I was really pissed off and gave some negative comebacks like “You don’t even speak English, you douchebag” and “You failed English because your an local Emira…

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