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  • Thepuddlecat

    Hello everyone and welcome to the sixth Button Studios direct. This time I've got some things to talk about for some of my current and upcoming projects, so let's just get straight into it this time, shall we?

    The screen fades in from black, showing the entrance to the museum from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Blathers the Owl is fast asleep, perched on the staircase near the entrance. The camera pans downwards to the entrance, where Tom Nook and Isabelle walk in.
    Tom Nook Good afternoon Blathers...
    Blathers does not respond, being completely asleep.
    Isabelle Mr. Nook, it seems that Blathers is asleep.
    Tom Nook Ah yes. I had gathered that. Well we've got to wake him up to let him know.
    Isabelle pulls out a party popper and uses it. There is a loud…

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  • Thepuddlecat

    I feel like this is something we do semi-regularly and it's fun, so post below what albums/songs/music you've been listening to lately.

    If you have a Spotify account you can use this (also gives nice stats like when you're most active, etc.) or this (gives it in a much more readable list format).

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  • Thepuddlecat


    October 19, 2019 by Thepuddlecat

    i am birthday

    I’m gonna actually have responsibilities soon please send help

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  • Thepuddlecat

    The screen fades in from black, showing several characters finding portals in their home dimensions that lead them to Battlefield. Mario finds a portal in Peach's Castle, Samus finds one on an alien planet, Link finds one in a grassy field, Pit finds one on a floating island, Villager finds one in a forest, and Shantae finds one in a desert town. The characters meet together, and engage in battle with Donkey Kong, Ness, Inkling and Zelda. During the fight, Scorpion emerges from the shadows, attacking with fire as Beatrix begins shooting slimes around. The screen cuts to Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Ivysaur and Bisharp joining in the fight as Kirby flies in on a Warp Star above. Hades appears from a void of darkness, accompanied by Dark Pit, Ganond…

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  • Thepuddlecat

    Ok so I know I said I was leaving and never going to return and sorry for going back on my word but I kinda felt the urge to return. Probably a bad idea considering how much making projects on here distracts me from life but I gotta do something with all the ideas I've been having lately, right?

    Anyway I won't be on here as much as I used to but I do have some exciting things planned, including a new project I will be starting soon!

    Draco Duel 2, Coming Summer 2019
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