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    March 9, 2016 by TheNintendoKing

    I don't really want to make a big deal about this, but I honestly don't feel like I want to be here anymore.

    So yeah, I've decided to fuck off for good for a multitude of reasons. Oh, and I make jack shit in terms of games and stuff.

    This is going to be a short blog but I don't really know what else to say. So I'm going, but you'll still be able to contact me if I have you on Skype or on the RPA wiki.

    Goodbye my friends, and may the Force be with you.

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  • TheNintendoKing

    Ok, so if you haven't already heard, the very expensive DLC for EA's Battlefront game has been revealed. Personally, I'm very excited, yet I can't even get the fucking game working. The DLC will be split into four different packs that will be released gradually, as well as some free updates in between.

    Yes, a free update is coming out tomorrow so be ready to update the game. This is what it comes with:

    • The Tatooine Survival map will now support the Blast, Droid Run, Drop Zone, Hero Hunt, and Heroes vs Villains multiplayer modes, and is called Raider Camp.
    • New Hoth-themed outfits for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, also rideable Tauntauns.
    • Private Matches, Daily Challenges, and Community Events.
    • Balancing tweaks to some weapons and other game modes.


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  • TheNintendoKing

    Hello everyone! I am TheNintendoKing, and I am here today to make a very exciting announcement.

    Some of you will already know about this, but I feel like it is appropriate to come out and actually confirm it. As you know, I am currently writing up Super Mario Galaxy 3.5, which is, obviously, a fanon galaxy game. However, I've been inspired. After toying around with Galaxy 2's source code and changing the files, I have officially decided to turn this piece of writing into an actual game. Everything you see on that page (excluding the 'Wii XPlus') will be featured in a huge hack project.

    For now, I'm not going to start any true work on the hack until the page is completely, 100% finished. Until then, I'll just continue to mess around with the …

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  • TheNintendoKing

    Ok, so. I've asked some other people on chat this question, but I want to see everyone's opinion.

    The scenario is me and you personally trapped in a toilet-cubicle sized storage cupboard that we have to stay in for 24 hours straight, and we can't bring anything in except for what we are wearing or will wear.

    I'd sleep.

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  • TheNintendoKing

    I've read the comments and a lot of you are pissed about it.

    I removed Agent Unknown and Omega X due to the criticism so, I need two more GOOD characters.

    So c'mon kids. Vote.

    Like basically, suggest characters in the comments, then I will do a voting round, and then another, and then a final. The final two characters will be added to DLC pack 2.

    So what are you waiting for, suggest.

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