TheFoxyRiolu TheFoxyRiolu 31 October 2019

favorite candy?

in lieu of jeeps and creeps being in the air, here’s a fun little halloween question; what’s your favorite candy?

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TheFoxyRiolu TheFoxyRiolu 26 September 2019

let’s share some fun facts about games that people may not know

so i recently just found out that, in wii sports bowling, you can actually change the color of your bowling ball by holding down a specific direction of the d-pad in the loading screen? wii sports is one of the first games i’ve ever owned and i only JUST found out about this and i’m flabbergasted

let’s share some obscure facts about games that people own like that! no harm in learning new things, right?

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TheFoxyRiolu TheFoxyRiolu 24 September 2019

social security exchange blog 2k19

hey y’all! i’ve noticed recently there’s been a lot of new users cropping up that i don’t really know, so i figured a community getting-to-know-each-other activity would be really fun!

so everyone, post your social security numbers in the comments below! it’ll allow us to get a really nice sense of each-other’s personalities and i think it’ll help strengthen some bonds around here :)

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TheFoxyRiolu TheFoxyRiolu 29 August 2019

the “world’s worst” game

based on the improv show whose line is it anyways?; let’s try this game on for size.

person #1 comments a category of the “world’s worst ___”—think, “world’s worst advertisement method” or “world’s worst book title”. other people have to comment examples of such they think of. the funnier, the better.


  • ”world’s worst children entertainer”
    • ”ok kids, so we couldn’t afford to buy a piñata, but luckily, your cat loves candy!”

and so on and so forth.

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TheFoxyRiolu TheFoxyRiolu 12 July 2019

“where do you see yourself in five years?” (late wikiversary)

Technically speaking, I’m three days late, but I think it’s absolutely worth celebrating this anyways. On July 8th, 2014, twelve year old Fuz joined this place thinking I’d just be throwing some ideas onto a page and calling it a day. Five whole years, several okay articles, and one utterly awful username later, I’m still here and kicking, albeit not as much as I used to.

Not to be a sappy numfuck or anything, but I want to thank everyone who’s help me grow as a writer, friend, and human being in the past five years. Although my activity here has been waning recently, I will always cherish how this place has helped me mature, and change for the better—I’d be on a much different path than I am now, I can say that much. It’s through this plac…

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