TechnoTigzon TechnoTigzon 29 August 2020

Tigzon is back! (FOR A WHILE)


I'm TechnoTIGZON, Tigzon, PixelManga, and Tigzon the Tigerox, whatever

Since I took a break from Fantendo, I was very comfortable to get along with stuff outside, Discord, and Twitter. I feel kinda bored so, I've decided to return to Fantendo for a while.  

How's things going for Fantendo? 

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TechnoTigzon TechnoTigzon 5 August 2020

I'm Leaving for Now...

I know all of the people going to think, " you're leaving because Athena and someone recently posted about how the situation with Exotoro handled, and others are now leaving for related reasons."

No! It's not that...

The main reason is straightforward, I wasn't very active on Fantendo, and I wasn't contributing anything. After the Exotoro/Fantendo situations, I was never involved with what's even going on this site. I never was in light of this site to begin. Most of my time, I was into some Discord servers, Twitter, Instagram, and other forums more than I usually do on Fantendo or Fandom in general.

I'm not saying you guys were never there for me. I've made some great friends within the community, and I still like having them around for the …

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TechnoTigzon TechnoTigzon 6 May 2020

Today's my May 7th Birthday (+ New Tigzon art)

Today's my birthday and I'm currently now Age 23!

Plus, new Tigzon cover art for now! More content for Tigzon will be coming later, soon... Stay tuned!

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TechnoTigzon TechnoTigzon 3 July 2019

Today's Art Requests + Recent Artworks I did

Hey Everyone!

I don't usually do blogs in here, but I might as well as make some art requests, done by yours truly...

For today's art requests, I will do little warm-up sketches based around your requests; Your OCs, Your favorite characters from the existing franchise; can be video games, anime, movies, cartoons, whatever you name it. Going to list them all below, just in case if I missed them

  • Felicity - 
  • Circe Lotte -
  • Meena from Splatoon 3 -
  • Vessa -
  • Elkine -
  • Cat thing
  • Elina -
  • Tibby from Rhythm Heaven Megamix -
  • Diamond -
  • Glenster 'Navy' Salt -
  • Miss Silverenne -
  • Minariu -
  • Saeko (Heirs to the Wrath) -
  • Kirby (Super Smash Strikers (CrakaboLazy4090)) -
  • Netflix's Hilda -
  • Kumatora from Mother 3 -
  • Reten -
  • Claire MacBeth -


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TechnoTigzon TechnoTigzon 6 May 2019

Happy May 7th Birthday!

It's May 7th in my timezone. Sorry, if I announce it too early...

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