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So there wasn't a crazy amount of support on the last blog but enough to where I think a few people could keep the project going (see here). Basically we are going to be sign-ups very similar to last time; you are (for now) going to simply be naming your series/character and the basic details of your Nintendo Land-like attraction. What's going to happen is you are going to sign up according to the rules, and when the project begins you are going to need to write up your attraction details according to the page format.

Attraction Sign-up Rules/Format

Remember, you do not have to be a major contributor to the project to make an attraction. However, we are open to as much additional support as is offered.

You can sign up only one attraction per series/character (it goes without saying that you must own this series/character), but as many series/characters as you want. We would also greatly appreciate if you could vary your genres between attractions.

If you haven't played any Nintendo Land attractions then see here for a basic outline.

  • Tentative Attraction Name
  • Name of your Series/Character
  • Attraction Genre (Competitive, Team, Solo)
  • Short Description of Your Attraction

Please separate your attraction sign-ups into different comments.

Signed Up

  • Rock Legion - .vectorDestiny (tbc)
    • Series: CrossDimensional★RockStar
    • Genre: Team
    • Description: A rhythm-based game in which 2-4 players need to cooperate to defeat the invasion of the aliens utilizing the power of rock.
  • Flip's Lilypad Drift - DoodleFox (tbc)
    • Series: Flip The Frog
    • Genre: Team
    • Description: A game in which two players control a lilypad going at speeds of car going down the river. Look out for waterfalls, get to the finish line, and WIN!
  • Radioactive: Free for All - IcicleIllusionist (tbc)
    • Series: Radioactive
    • Genre: Team
    • Description: You can pick one of six characters to play as which become a skin over your Mii. Then you're put into an Arena and you have to fight against the other players. When all other players are slain, the winner is revealed.
  • John Mogwai's Target Practice - PolisKanin (tbc)
    • Series: John Mogwai Land
    • Genre: Solo
    • Description: An onrails shooter, I guess kind of like Takamura's Ninja Castle in Nintendo Land, where targets resembling gang members.
  • GHOST SMILE - Spirit Showdown - Sr.Wario (tbc)
    • Series: GHOST SMILE
    • Genre: Competitive
    • Description: 4 players battle each other in a random map and have to get as many kills as possible. Each player can choose a spirit to use:
      • Marksman(Basic soldier class.)
      • Bomb(Glass cannon.)
      • Heavy(Melee combat.)
      • Heart(Low attack power, but able to heal itself.)
  • Season War - Ziegs (tbc)
    • Series: Master of Four Seasons
    • Genre: Competitive
    • Description: This game is competitive from 2 to 4 players. (P! dresses like Alice Harumi, P2 dresses like Luize Natsumi, P3 dresses like Lorelei Akiko and P4 dresses like Yuki Silverfield). There are four sides represented by a season, in a war. Players start fighting using magic, kinda like a magical shoot 'em up fighting arena, and summon creatures from their season side to help. Defeating others give the players Mana. Whoever fullfils their mana gauge, they will make a Finisher Attack, conquering all other season zones.
  • Guinea Pig Brawl - TerrariaBoss (tbc)
    • Series: Human Devastation
    • Genre: Competitive
    • Description: 1-4 players choose to play as one of the Guinea Pigs from Human Devastation. Each guinea pig keeps their moves and there's 4 maps to fight in- Aidan's House, Guinea Pig Base, Human Base, and Zonora. Random powerups spawn which could slowly regen your health, make you faster, make you attack harder, make you take less damage, and have super jumps. You can bring in 1-4 CPU's to the fight if you want and adjust their difficulty settings
  • The Ruins of the Original Funfair - Exotoro (tbc)
    • Series: Wasteland Warriors
    • Genre: Team
    • Description: This attraction is made out of all the original Funfair attractions, all broken and unsafe. You can play up to five players (one player uses the gamepad while the other 1-4 search in the old attractions for enemies). The fifth player uses the gamepad to spawn enemies and use the attraction's broken features in a attempt to attack the other players, although if the other players find the ghostly Host of the Fantendo Funfair they can attack him and he can't attack back directly.
  • Circus Mayhem - DarKingdomHearts (tbc)
    • Series: Dark Woods
    • Genre: Competitive
    • Description: The players enter the Dark Woods Circus and have to make their way through 7 stages. In each stage they will face off against one of the Circus freaks (Two-Headed, Distressed Doll, Chorus Clown, Blue Beast, Deformed Diva, Morbid Mermaid and Stein) as Hein (using the alts from Shattered). The one who survives the longest in the stage gets a point and the one with the most points at the end wins.
  • Sweet Stunts - Peppermint Princess (tbc)
    • Series: Motor Chickz
    • Genre: Competitive
    • Description: players take on the role of their miis as they perform several stunts in midair while driving candy-themed motorcycles, around a candy-themed world. each successful stunt equals a certain amount of points based on how many stunts the player performed. once a time limit is met, the player with the most points wins
  • Crescent Crusade - IcicleIllusionist (tbc)
    • Series: Codename Crescent
    • Genre: Team
    • Description: Using your Mii, you have to race against several other species similarly to how you do in Codename Crescent. However you have Bosses in each race, which you have to knock off the track using the punching glove item built in to your race car. You use the keypad to select whether the punching glove hits left, right, backward or forwards. You win coins if you knock off the boss successfully without falling.
  • Dream Catcher - IcicleIllusionist (tbc)
    • Series: The Temple of Dreams
    • Genre: Solo
    • Description: You play as either Aloe or Meadow. You have a tile grid of different elements and you have to match them in either groups of 3, 4 or 5. The matched elements deal an attack on the enemy, and your goal is to defeat them. There is a map and 13 enemies to defeat, and when you get the end you receive a special prize.
  • Dragon Legends - .vectorDestiny (tbc)
    • Series: Dragonkind
    • Genre: Competitive
    • Description: Play against friends or CPUs in a top-down shooter like camera view racing against each other as well fightning against demons utilizing various techniques such as Wing Attack, Flamethrowers and melee combos. The first one to defeat the final boss of each course wins.
  • Intel Search - .vectorDestiny (tbc)
    • Series: TranSpy/Cass Ayers
    • Genre: TBA (2v2)
    • Description: Two (or more) spies have been sent by the H.O.P.E. organization to recover the Intel but the opponent company L.I.F.E. has also sent two or more spies to recover the same intel. The players take control of one of the teams and try to recover the Intel first. They must play carefully to not be caught by the other team and they can temporarily stun the other team with traps and with a stun gun. First team to get the Intel wins.
  • Shocking Battles - .vectorDestiny (tbc)
    • Series: Recharged
    • Geenre: Team
    • Description: Players take control of an eletron (Voltaire's species) as they fight along their way against waves and waves of enemies. At the end of each 5 waves, a boss appears. The game only ends when all the players are knocked out or they manage to complete the objectives in Story Mode.
  • Immortal Trials - .vectorDestiny (tbc)
    • Series: Eternika
    • Genre: Competitive
    • Description: Players have to complete challenges sent by the cast of Eternika that consists of small minigames. Each player has to complete a minigame to stop a bomb from going off, which usually does in 30 seconds. Each minigame only lasts for around 15 seconds and the winner of the attraction is the last one remaining.
  • TriggerBall - CrunchyTommy (tbc)
    • Series: TriggerBound
    • Genre: Competitive
    • Description: a smaller version of the triggerbound arena with a ball in the middle,get the ball into your pit 3 times to win. You can also use your paintball guns to shoot other players and the ball
  • Rhythm Survivor - .vectorDestiny (tbc)
    • Character: Mekat/Nume
    • Genre: Solo
    • Description: The player needs to survive against Mekat and Nume's forces and to do so, they need to defeat their enemies by pressing a certain button combination to match on the rhythm of the song that it is playing. The player can get level-ups and other RPG-related mechanics.
  • Strange Magic - .vectorDestiny (tbc)
    • Character: Ero
    • Genre: Solo
    • Description: A match-3 puzzle game, in which the player must match three of the same kind to upgrade one of their stats. At the end of the puzzle, the player must duke it out against one of Ero's greatest henchmen.
  • Wild Wanderer - Yveltal717 (tbc)
    • Series: ~Wild World~
    • Genre: Solo
    • Description: Your objective is to go through a four-staged obstacle course, to save various animals at the end of each specific stage.
  • Boy in Blue's Horror Hunt - T0M.V.12 (tbc)
    • Series: Boy in Blue
    • Genre: Competitive
    • Description: The gamepad user hides somewhere or walks around the arena (which can be a dead forest, haunted mansion etc.) and is some kind of Slenderman-esque figure that can kill the hunters (the other players) with one attack. The other players work together to find and hunt down the gamepad user. They can find equipment such as bows and guns but the mansion is full of traps so they have to watch out. Whoever kills their opponent(s) wins.
  • Destiny Maze - FlameKing6789 (tbc)
    • Series: Destiny Chronicles
    • Genre: Solo
    • Description: The player must navigate his/her way out of the maze, while dodging/defeating hoards of monsters. The player has a power and special meter. Filling up the Special Meter has him transform into their Destiny Wepon for a limited time. The Goal is to make it out of the maze, without running out of health.
  • Enfer: The Firefly's Hunt - CSketch (tbc)
    • Series: Enfer
    • Genre: Solo.
    • Description: The player moves around in a 2D Field in an eerie black field filled with mountains, while The Firefly, a giant firefly demon moves above shining his light, sometimes going on the background and foreground to hunt for you, you must try to walk stealthily to The Firefly's nest and rescue Lucy from Enfer to win the stage without being spotted by The Firefly or else you'll lose. There are various techniques to avoid being spotted by The Firefly, like hiding inside small tunnels which are holes inside small hills you can hide on, hide behind trees and stand besides "Camouflage Bumps" which temporarily cover you in the same black material that The Gargantuan One is made of, making you blend in (if the Firefly is looking from the foreground), but you can't just always hide, as there's a time limit, though you can collect Clocks to gain more time, there are also monsters who come out and attack you, if you're attacked you'll be pushed back and stunned for 3 seconds. Try to get the highest score, you can do this by collecting points around the map, trying to reach the nest in the lowest time possible and without being attacked by monsters the least possible.
  • Consciousness: Freaks and Serenes - CSketch (tbc)
    • Series: Consciousness
    • Genre: Team
    • Description: Two people appear strapped in chairs in dark rooms until some scientists turn on the lights and pull a lever, causing the two people strapped to the chairs to be shocked with electricity until incarnations of the two sides of their mind (Freak is the spontaneous, Serene is the calculating) appear and the two people are knocked out, the 4 incarnations try to get back into their owner's minds but the scientists scare them off and now they need to get back in before they disappear.
The attraction is a top-down game which can be played with up to 4 players (2 Freaks and 2 Serenes), Freaks can attack enemies by punching, which is the strongest attack, but can't pick up objects, Serenes can only attack by picking up and throwing objects but they can, well pick up and throw objects, the players must work together and use each individual skills to battle through different rooms with puzzles as security guards try to stop you, there are buttons only certain characters can stand on, doors that have to be punched through, puzzles that require throwing objects at things, and each room is randomly generated, making each playthrough different than the last, you must try to complete 25 rooms in Easy Mode, 30 in Normal and 40 in Hard Mode in order to win, but there's a time limit, completing each room awards you with more time, but the amount of time you get depends on how fast you complete it.
  • Blue Soupuke: Zombie Invasion - CSketch (tbc)
    • Series: Blue Soupuke's Bizarre Adventure: Crystal is Destroy
    • Genre: Solo
    • Description: The player is thrown into a top-down arena where a barrage of zombies starts coming for the player, the player can use a variety of combos to take the zombies down and get Ze Moneh from each kill, the player can use Ze Moneh to buy items, combos and more, you can also kill zombies to gain experience to upgrade your stats and become strongerr because as the hordes come along the zombies become much more stronger and Unenio Beorndo starts appearing to try and mess you up by dashing across the screen trying to bite you and shooting lasers at you from above, after every 25 hordes you face off against Untenio Beorndo, who can shoot lasers, freeze you and stop time for 4 seconds, every time he becomes stronger. The goal of the game is to obtain the highest score possible.
  • Digitbot Battle - HoshiNoKaabii2000 (tbc)
    • Series: Shock Block
    • Genre: Competitive
    • Description: The four players play as Digitbots. Player 1's Digitbot is red, Player 2's is blue, Player 3's is green and Player 4's is yellow. The idea is that you have to customise your Digitbot. You could have a fast but weak one, or a strong but low healthed one, etc.
Every Digitbot has a certain amount of hearts (10-25). You have to attack your rivals in a certain way to peirce their health. Once a Digitbot has lost all their hearts, they are out, but they can get revenge by flying about in a flying pod, dropping bombs
  • Bacon Pilot - Dragon of Steel (tbc)
    • Series: Bagon Bacon
    • Genre: Solo
    • Description: Fly your piece of bacon through a set of mazes, firing lasers at obstacles. Each maze has a 60 second time limit, and there are up to five mazes you can enter. You have three hearts per maze, and if you lose all three, then you lose.
  • You Just Got Served! - Ochibrochi (tbc)
    • Series: Cake Girl Riot!
    • Genre: Competitive (1 v 1)
    • Description: 2 players needed. Each player dons the costume of either Trixie Farl or Tiffany Eclair.
The players must traverse around one of the 3-4 stages (think Pikmin/Animal Crossing) with different themes, and collect various ingredients, worth various points, randomly hidden around the map under a 2 minute time limit.
Before each game starts, there is an short introductory "client card" which will state what kind of dish the players need to make (vague statements; "something sweet", or "something spicy"), as well as a list of 3 definite required items (example; "it must have apples, nuts, and custard!"). These required items are worth extra points. There will always be 2 of 2/3 items, and only 1 of 1/3 items (example; 2 apples, 2 nuts, and 1 carton of custard).
Players also have the ability to tackle each other. If successful contact is made, the player will be able to steal a random item from the other player, however, there is a 5 second stun time between each attempt.
At the end of each game, the ingredients' are added to the "mixing bowl", where it'll create a dish depending on the items collected. The points of each item is added up, including additional points for meeting the set requirements. If a "poison dish" is created, that player immediately gets 0 points. The player with the most points win!
There is also a "cook book" which will be updated for every new dish a player manages to create. There are hundreds of different possibilities to discover delicious meals!!
  • Electro Labyrinth! - Electrosynthesis (tbc)
    • Series: Electroworld
    • Genre: Competitive
    • Description: 2-4 players. Each player can choose a costume out of four randomly generated Electroworld characters.
Each player will take the role of a character. They must grab all of the items in the maze before the time runs out. However, you have a first person view of the maze so you can not see where all the items are. As you go along you will find obstacles which will tell you where to go. Some of these may be a trick however, so watch out. Traps will be laid in specific locations as well, so you will be stuck for 3-5 seconds. The winner is whoever collects every item int e shortest amount of time.
  • Junkyard Tag Team - SuperSmashBlender17 (tbc)
    • Series: The Auras
    • Genre: Team
    • Description: 2-5 players; Throughout five levels, players will platform as their Miis in different colored shirts. Each color has its own stats and abilities (the same from Junkyard). However, only one player will be playing at a time. Every time the player presses the ZL/C button, the player will rotate with a different color. Players are set up in a pattern/line, so the next character after the player with the GamePad will always be Player 1, and the character after that will be Player 2, etc. After all players have gone, the line will restart, so the person with the GamePad plays again; there are 10 shirts, so you will have a different colored shirt at least once. Players must constantly switch characters to solve puzzles and defeat enemies/bosses. There is also an endless mode for this attraction that gives you points for defeating enemies and bosses and completing tasks; this mode takes place in an endless house with constantly changing rooms.
  • Rainbow Wars - Dk64rules (tbc)
    • Series: Painterly
    • Genre: Competitive
    • Description: 4 players begin on different points of an arena (which are based on locations in the series) and must rack up kills against one another using special paint guns stylized to look like paintbrushes. Each player gets a specific color of paint. However, paint ammo is limited.
When a player is defeated, they will leave behind a splatter of their assailant's paint, which said attacker can use to refill their reserves partially. The Gamepad user can drop in Paint Packs for any players, unless the player is waiting to respawn. If a player goes long enough without receiving any paint, they can perform a Last Stand Splatter, in which they go up to a player and take them out with a colorful explosion. The last stand player will then receive a longer reload time and come back with their ammo refilled.
Games last for three minutes, so the key is to manage time and paint, working with the Gamepad user and your own skill to come out on top with the most player kills.

Platform Sign-ups

We will also want this game available for a large amount of consoles, so if you have a fan-made home console sign it up if you would like (one per user). You will have to eventually fill out a form for the project involving making a set of controls based on your system for the project. for purposes of making things more simple as far as controls and players go, we're just going to be sticking to the wii u.

Revived Attractions

Older series with FF2013 attractions that we have been given permission to remake. Series that have not been crossed out are still in need of a new attraction builder (details tba).

There was also some discussion on the last blog about how different attractions may change and become modified based on the advancing of the story, but for now we are keeping these pretty basic. Thanks for the support, ~ TechBreloom UserpageContribsBlogs

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