TechBreloom TechBreloom 7 July 2019

stopping by again

hey guys, what's case no one remembers me im an old user. only got a yr of high school left so might stop by from time to time to work on some old projects. i noticed a lot of my old stub articles got there an admin i can talk to abt reviving them? dont remember how that works.

also, whats been new with the wiki past couple of yrs? any super active community members that would like to introduce themselves or remind me of who they r?

c u all around

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TechBreloom TechBreloom 24 November 2017

stopping by

hey everyone. one could say i retired as a former member of this community but i figured id stop by to see whats been happening. idk if im ready to make a return which i eventually will at some point in my life to finish everything ive started but i wanted to pop my head in to catch up w ppl n get the latest. anything interesting happen in the past 2 years or so? any new guys who would like to say hi? any chance anyone has left for good? lmk

regards, techbreloom

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TechBreloom TechBreloom 13 July 2017

Mario Desktop Wallpapers 2.0

I'm not using this blog anymore for reasons that have to do with comments below. It is now on Mario Desktop Wallpapers 3.0

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TechBreloom TechBreloom 13 July 2017

Mario Desktop Wallpapers

This blog has been deleted. All content has been moved to MarioGameChampion's Mario Desktop Wallpapers 2.0 blog.

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TechBreloom TechBreloom 31 July 2016

whats happened in the past few months

havent been around much so

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