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  • I live in Hell
  • I was born on May 28
  • My occupation is Gay
  • I am Bootylicious
  • Team-Eva

    Town of Fantendo

    December 2, 2014 by Team-Eva

    Well I thought it could be fun if some of us signed up to play Town of Salem (it's free don't worry). More about the game can be found at their wiki. However only 15 people can play at once so only 15 people can sign up! Once you've signed up tell us your name and stuff! Get signing! ^-^

    1. EvalynnRose ()
    2. Monstermanchego ()
    3. qyzxf ()
    4. Vonn ()
    5. CSketch ()
    6. FaeNanami ()
    7. PolisKanin ()
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  • Team-Eva

    8 years after the events of the first game we learn what became of the characters we loved. All getting jobs and aspirations of their own after helping save the world. All but one return, the one who played the ultimate sacrifice. But perhaps they didn't go too far at all. A strange portal opens somewhere in the universe, but what lies in the void is the real mystery...

    Since Fantendo Adventure is being rebooted I thought It could be a good idea to get stuff ready for Fantendo Adventure 2: Void of Darkness. So, you can sign up characters and stuff.

    Okay keep it simple, no overly cray names, no abnormalities like wings or tails, must be human, choose an age out of; Adult, Teen, Child, Toddler, Baby. Remember it's set an extra 7 years from 201…

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  • Team-Eva

    I Might As Well Do it Too

    October 27, 2014 by Team-Eva

    Plus I'm really kinda currious, so, what do you guys think of me? Be honest, no sugarcoating!! ^-^

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  • Team-Eva

    Quest of Ore

    October 23, 2014 by Team-Eva

    Well I've had this series in mind for a while now, it's about a Gemless Gem Princess, Ore, who still hasn't developed her Gemstone yet and is still in Ore-Stage of her species evolutionary stages. She is the first born daughter of the King and Queen of Gemonia, her Sister is Princess Diamond who serves as one of the antagonists of the game, along with Bloodstone and Amber. During a war between the planets Gemonia and Talimet. The King, Queen and Princesses are taken hostage by the Platinum King and are executed but Ore manages to escape, forming a group with other Gemonoids such as Opal, Tiger Eye, and Tanzanite. Ore goes forth on a secret mission to kill the Platinum King but many obstacles stand in her way. Ore also heads on a personal m…

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  • Team-Eva

    I did it again

    September 22, 2014 by Team-Eva

    I broke my (dad's) laptop. The backlight went kablooey, so bye-bye, see you at Christmas!

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