Team-Eva Team-Eva 28 May 2015

Generic Birthday Blog

It's my birthday, happy 17th birthday me, blahblahblah, can't stay long, yadyadyada, happy birthday me

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Team-Eva Team-Eva 4 May 2015

Baby Got Back

It's me, got back, in both senses.

So anyway, I'm taking anti-depressants and things now so that's good, I don't hallucinate as often anymore, feel happier, yadayadayada, so, how's everybody been?? c:

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Team-Eva Team-Eva 16 April 2015

I Have To Go

These hallucinations are taking over my life, I'm going to seek professional help, I wont be here or on the Skype Chat or anything like that, I just have to go, and I don't know when I'll be back, probably not for a while though. I'm sorry. Goodbye.

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Team-Eva Team-Eva 3 April 2015

ISAZA - User Season

So, I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse is really fun to make, but I have limited Sim ideas so I thought "Hey, what if in the next season I made User Sims who lived in the Zombie Apocalypse" so then that happened, and so far I've asked a couple people on Skype and I have a little list, I can only have 16 Users though,

So, I need 3 more Boys and 5 More girls, so hurry up if you want to be in, if you do want to be in you can just either; post a selfie, draw a picture of yourself or describe yourself.

You can also go to modthesims and choose out some clothes and outfits, but please don't choose anything by PeggyZone or CoolSims because those websites are down and I am unable to get the required meshes, if you really want something you can still tell…

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Team-Eva Team-Eva 20 March 2015

Vote Eva 2015

It's here again so I guess I'll try again this year, okay here goes...

I think you should vote for me because, despite the fact that I don't always edit everyday, I'm literally always here because I have no life outside my room. Another thing is, I always try help the newbies at getting their articles up to standards by giving the help and criticism, I hate it when there's a fight and I always try prevent them or end them, prevention is better that cure after all. Also I've been here for like, 6 years now (despite only actually joining almost 2 years ago) so I know a lot of the ins and outs of this site. I have a lot of things to keep me occupied around the wiki and I could always use a few more, so, I hope you consider voting for me for Sy…

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