Team-Eva Team-Eva 17 April 2013

X and Y: True of False?

Well basicly i would like to know what you guys think about Pokemon X and Y and also if you think these are real or fake, i personaly think the're fake but the're rather realastic... ish... :\

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Team-Eva Team-Eva 14 April 2013

Just a little something

Okay, so i like, never come on wikia but, meh, anyway... can somebody make a Sugimori style art for my fakemon? it's a Jynx evolution if you could that would really help :3

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Team-Eva Team-Eva 11 April 2013


Err... hi, i'm Eva and im from Canada, i really like Nintendo (and Total Drama but that's not to important) im new here and i hope i make lots of friends here, you all seem friendly :)

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