yes yes sign ups for the second fantendo adventure game even though the first one isn't finished but whatever its time.


  • You can only sign up as yourself and can only be human, you have also have the options to choose a life state, from teen or adult, please bare in mind canonically speaking the game would take place rought 6 years from now, so imagine your age then.
  • An actual name, so basically if you have a long username and people call something like MMD or something don't sign ups as that, use either your real name or a nickname.
  • A description of your appearance is required, you can also provide an drawing or selfie for even more accurate results.
  • Don't go into too much detail about your backstory, most of the stories will be created to fit the games lore and situations, and dont make your backstory too rediculous or edgy, keep it simple.
  • The art will not include your outfit but an outfit discription is needed as the sprites of the game will have outfits.

Sign Ups

  • Zabu
  • Jai
  • Cass
  • David
  • Avery
  • Dennis
  • Colin
  • Jesús


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