This isn't going to be made until Fantendo Adventure is finished but I like to get things all, um... 'ready', before making a game, also Fantendo Adventure is all planed out and stuff, i just need to get it all down :P

So you can sign up as an NPC only because all NPC's from the first game become Playable.


  • Can only sign up as yourself.
  • Needs a one worded name (Names like Caller0Fdarkness1242 will not be allowed).
  • Description of self or drawing or picture is needed.
  • No one has magic powers.
  • Glasses will only be on artwork but sunglasses will be on Sprites.
  • You can sign up only once.
  • You can't have a weapon because you're a NPC.
  • You're a NPC.

Sign Ups

  • TBA - LP-F - Pops - TBA
  • TBA - Hamclub - Hammy - A jolly traveller who seems to stay in forests alot. He is very shy but will step up at any opportunity, no matter how dangerous.
  • TBA - SSD - Dark - TBA
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