Hi there. Maybe this has already been done, or maybe it's useless, but I don't care. This is my way to do something for the wiki, in this case for the newbies or just other people who want to improve. It was Alange's idea from a while ago to make some sort of school for newbs. Various people should write a blog with their tips and stuff, so yeah, in this blog I'm gonna tell some useful tips that really helped me, but also mistakes I used to make, to help you improve. Maybe most of it has already been told to you, but I don't care. Then just don't read it.

Me as a newb

Maybe some of you still think I'm a newbie to this wiki, but I don't feel like one. I feel like I found my place in the community and I have lots of friends. But yeah, everyone has been a newb, even the legends of this wiki like Arend and DK. I don't know how they acted back then, but here's how I acted:

  • I used lists and cliché idea's in my games. They were allright I guess, but not very special. Try to make tables and try to think of twists in your games. That will make it special, and you'll get more comments, plus more people will come to know you. For example, just look at this. It was his first game, and immediately people started to know him. He only has been here since May I think, and now he already is... well, kinda famous I think. Now I don't think most of you don't have the right programs (more about this later) to make such wonderful artworks, but try to take a look at the lay-out, and the well-written info.
  • I used to focus too much on the artworks, and altough it mostly works attracting, really, try to add much gameplay info and main info. There has been some games that only excisted of some galleries, but those were deleted.
  • The good thing about me when I was a newb was, I was/tried to be nice to people. That one really helps. A first impression is always important. If you're being a d*ck to people, they don't want to talk to you anymore and so you'll never get a good reputation. You'll lose respect from people. This one's kinda obvious, but it still really helped me.

Yeah, okay, so... How do I make good artwork?

Well, the only thing I can do is making a list of good programs to use. If you want to master them, you should watch tutorials on Youtube and practise very often.

  • Photoshop CS4
  • Photoshop Elements '07 (I use this one)
  • Illustrator (can be used for great 2D artworks)
  • Muro (also can be used for great 2D arts)
  • Paint.NET
  • Blender
  • Gimp (very, very good. For me however it is a bit hard to master, bit I've heard it's one of the best art programs)
  • PowerPoint ('07/'10) Powerpoint is very handy and easy to use to make box-arts and such. You can also make artworks with it (various styles).

Just search them up in Google. Although it isn't your ticket to success, good artwork often helps making the page look good. Also, as I said before, it works very attractive, making people come watch your page.

A program I don't recommand however, is MS Paint. Maybe that's the only one you have, but it can't make things transperant, it doesn't work with layers... well, I can go on with this a while, but I think you get the point. No offense to those who use it btw.

Other tips


  • Always listen to sysops. Trust me, they really know what's the best thing to do. You may think you're the smartest, but trust me, you really aren't.
  • It's very important to know the rules.
  • There are always some people (mostly very popular users, but not always) that seem rude or sometimes even mean (or sometimes just crazeh! ). But just don't try to get fights and when you get to know them better, it turns out they're actually very nice.
  • Try not to act weird. You can do that when you're famous, but as a newbie you'll scare people away.
  • When someone's mad at you, or you just feel like a zero, don't give up. I used to feel like that, but now I'm having a great time every time I visit the community.
  • Don't make stupid blogs just to get attention.


  • Learn how to wikicode. This helps you out a lot of times when making something like a userbox or sig, and also when making games.
  • Try to type in English please. Your English may not be so good, but at least try. Also, try to type normal and not Like This or even without capitals. Also, know how to add headings and such. It might take a little practise, but it really makes the article look better.
  • Try to make stuff that's actually Nintendo-related. Of course, a new element or new idea's are always welcome, but there are limits. For example, just try not to make such a game like The Teletubbies and the power of XTC. Really, that would not be appreciated. New series are always welcome, take a look at the BoB series or Pusher's Pile. But I think you know what I mean. If introducing a not-Nintendo-related series to the wiki, don't make it a joke game. Maybe you think it's funny, but it very often happens that we don't think of it in that way, especially from a newbie.

The End

Well, this is the end I think. I'll add more when I remember something, but for now this is it. I hope this helped you, or at least you enjoyed reading it. Please guys, don't critique my tips or the blog. I am just trying to be nice, and I'm offering my night for this. So even if you think this is just a bunch of horse's sh*t, be nice. Maybe my tips aren't the best, but these are the things that made me who I am now. Also I don't mean this like be like me, because then you're cool! or Listen to me because I'm your god!. No. Those are just tips and you don't have to follow them. I'm just trying to help the wiki and I also hope I helped Alange's 'school' with this.

OK thanks for reading 'til the very end. Peace. Template:T0M/sigH

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