TaBooki 2 Beta LogoThis might not come as a surprise, but although TaBooki: GU is far from finished, I'm already thinking of TaBooki 2. So because I couldn't wait and wanted to make some things clear, here's the announcement blog and some idea's I already have. First, there's something I want to make clear about the main theme.

The Main Theme

Now, like a month ago I woke up having a theme in my head. I played the theme on my keyboard and after that, it took like a month to fully make it. But then, my friend listened to it and told me a similair theme already excisted (no, it's not you Yee). I was like totally down. Do you know how much effort I put into this, and now it's for nothing? He told me it's some theme from a Dutch themepark, which didn't make sence since I've never been there before, but he was right. Since my version sounded quite similair to that one, but with lower quality and some mistakes, and some little differences in the main melody, I decided to overwrite my file with the MP3 from that one and claim it was my MIDI, since I felt like it was just a better version of my MIDI. I am very sorry for that, but I was very, very mad. So now you all now. But I give full credit to the Efteling, since the newer version is theirs. I hope you understand and I'm very sorry. I also do not feel like changing it into another theme, because I also made a short tune for TaBooki after winning a match in Brawl based on it.

Anyway, a link can be found here:

The other themes will be composed by me, like this one was also meant to be.


In TaBooki 2: Double Trouble , TaBooki gets help from a little bird named Teeko (Tiko in Europe). The game introduces obstacle courses, which are air levels full of obstacles where only Teeko is playable.

Flynn and Theodor will likely not appear as playables this time.

About the story, TaBooki hears rumours about GherooB trying to bring his dad back to life. He soon gets confirmation, as he and his dad attack the woods. After noticing TaBooki, GherooB releases his (new) troops all over the worlds and flees to his castle. Now, TaBooki starts a quest to defeat the troops and make it to GherooB's castle.

I will most likely create the page in December.


There is a drawing with my first idea's I want to show you, but I will upload that very soon.

So yeah, that's all I can tell for now.


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