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SuperToadMan56 SuperToadMan56 6 June 2013

I'm leaving, this time for good

Well, i've not been active for a few months now for reasons that i'd prefer not to say... anyway, i'm leaving, this time for good, bye guys :(

P.S: You guys can have any of my works e.g. Luck, Dolly P. Koopa (and everything else i made) is now abandoned

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SuperToadMan56 SuperToadMan56 28 April 2013

Guess who's back!


i'm back from the hospital so yeah! did i miss anything?

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SuperToadMan56 SuperToadMan56 7 April 2013


Welp, i got my pots, my leg's really itchy and im typing this at the hospital computer with my left hand, but anyway... im probably going to be inactive untill about...... a month or two from now..... but, yeah... im fine now... well not fine but... you know, so, did i miss anything major?

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SuperToadMan56 SuperToadMan56 2 April 2013

Inactive.... again

well, i broke my leg and my arm, i don't want to go into detail, just now.... anways bye for now!

lovin' the new logo! go mudkipz!

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SuperToadMan56 SuperToadMan56 28 March 2013

MLP Sims 3 :O

just cuz i can :P

Twilight, she turned out.... okay-ish the rest are coming in a sec :P

Apple Jack turned out the best IMO :)

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