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StellaStardown StellaStardown 23 May

plushie nice blog’s revenge

Hello users of Fantendo, this is a plushie nice blog. We haven't had one of these in like 4 years so why not.

If you aren't familiar with the concept, we usually do these after periods of drama but sometimes just do them randomly, like now. The plushie nice blog is traditionally a blog where users give each other compliments, for no reason other than to appreciate other users on the website. Kind of gay tbh

If you are an active user of the community you can post a brief comment below and people will reply to your comments with personalized compliments for free! You don’t even have to pay them! What a wonderful opportunity. You will be held at gunpoint until you comment on this blog.

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StellaStardown StellaStardown 17 April

Opening the Fissure

Around a year ago, around Fantendo’s 14th anniversary, I began working on a deep dive into Unten’s history that eventually became a blog that uncovered the truth about Unten’s story over the years. We’ve now hit Fantendo’s 15th anniversary, and in the year since I wrote that blog, I realized there were some glaring inaccuracies in it. In an effort to portray Unten’s character and story accurately, I decided to write another blog to correct its errors and to elaborate on missing information.

This is not that blog.

You can maybe consider this a prologue to Part 2 of sorts, but rest assured that there is still more to come. For this blog, I decided to get more information about the conception of Unten by reaching out to the creator of Unten’s s…

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StellaStardown StellaStardown 1 January

2022 Predictions

screw resolutions, let's predict the future together. doesn’t have to be anything realistic, this is all just for fun. let’s goooo

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StellaStardown StellaStardown 24 October 2021

Lunchtime… 2!


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StellaStardown StellaStardown 29 June 2021

The Truth About Unten

A few months ago, around the time of our wiki’s 14th anniversary, I discovered some shocking truths about Unten. Since he’s the mascot of our website, I figured these things deserved much clearer documentation than they have had previously, as the history section of Unten’s page goes into some of it but not far into detail. This blog intends to bring these details into light in an effort to accurately depict Unten as he was in the olden days of Fantendo, a free-to-use character with only a few initial paragraphs to describe him scattered around a few early articles.

The Unten I intend to describe is not the New Fantendoverse Unten, whose history is documented rather well on his article already, and is not really the Classic Fantendoverse Un…

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