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SphealingBlue SphealingBlue 15 July

Auralite Fighter Poll

Hi everyone, currently writing this blog from my hotel room in Turkey to announce that the Auralite Trainee Poll #3 is finally here!

As promised, users are free to submit their own fighter ideas. I'll get into the specifics shortly, but first I'll outlay the structure for the contest:

  • From now until July 25th, you can submit up to 2 different fighter ideas.
  • From July 25th to August 5th, voting will open to determine which of the community's fighter ideas you want to see added to Auralite.

At the end of the contest on August 5th, I will announce the winner of the poll, and they will be added to Auralite as a playable trainee.

In addition, I will also be personally choosing one other character as a Creator's Choice, which means even if your fight…

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SphealingBlue SphealingBlue 10 June

Fantendo Prom 2022

hi welcome to fantendo prom uwu

we did this a couple of years ago but this is just an informal event where people end up writing stories or drawing their OCs/sonas in prom outfits or as cute prom couples or whatever.

i may get some sort of story out later if i can be motivated to write one, so leave a character or two here if you wanna see them in that (no guarantee i will include them all).

anyway welcome to prom. dont spike the punch or i'll beat ur ass

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SphealingBlue SphealingBlue 6 June

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Discussion

So, a few months ago Game Freak revealed that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet would be the first Pokémon games releasing for Generation IX, coming out in November this year. It's a long way off but there's still a lot to speculate, as we only know a few details about the game so far, such as the region being based off Iberia, the fact that the game is open world, and a very small handful of the new Pokémon.

So I thought a blog like this would be a good basis for discussion about these games. What do you wanna see in these games? Are you excited? Worried? Cautiously optimistic? Or have you lost all hope for Pokémon?

Feel free to also use this to post things like predictions and wish lists for the game as well. It would also be cool to hear which sta…

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SphealingBlue SphealingBlue 26 May

Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul - Fighter Suggestion Poll

Hello Fantendestroyers, the Soul Team and I have been hard at work on Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul over the past month, though development has slowed since we've hit 100 characters, we're now asking YOU (especially you, ) to suggest some characters for us to add as playable fighters in the game.

Fighter suggestions should be added in a comment below. Please read the following guidance before commenting:

  • You're allowed to suggest as many fighters as you want but don't go totally overboard.
  • Make sure you specify which project a character is from in your suggestion.
  • Try not to exclusively suggest your own characters.
  • Don't suggest characters that aren't free to use, as these suggestions will be ignored.
  • If you want to, feel free to add any move set or…

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SphealingBlue SphealingBlue 1 May

Art Swap (May 2022)

Drawings are now open!

sorry it was late but here's who you're all drawing for! youve got until the 22nd to submit your drawings!

from Spheal 23:16, 9 May 2022 (UTC)

hello fantendrakes, it's been a while since we've done an art swap so let's do another one.

you know the drill, sign up in the comments with one of your characters. in a week or so, i'll randomly assign everyone someone else's character for them to then draw.

sign-ups will close on the 8th, drawings must be submitted by the 22nd. this should give people enough time to get around to drawing as i'm well aware a lot of people have exams and finals this time of year. reminder that if you fail to produce any art, you'll be barred from participating in the next art swap

as for the theme:


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