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    its here fellas

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    Chat Mod Elections

    July 20, 2020 by SonicWiki

    After accepting submissions for the position of chat and Discord moderator for the last two days, we have a total of 10 candidates running for election. For the sake of transparency, 3 users who ran for the position were vetoed by at least 5 out of our 8 administrators for reasons we have discussed with them.

    Please comment below whether you support or oppose a candidate and as it makes it easier to keep track of the current votes. If you neither support nor oppose a candidate, you do not need to say their name.

    Voting will end at 2:54 PM EST on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

    • Support: 31
    • Oppose: 0

    • Support: 1
    • Oppose: 23

    • Support: 11
    • Oppose: 6

    • Support: 1
    • Oppose: 19

    • Support: 26
    • Oppose: 4

    • Support: 27
    • Oppose: 1

    • Support: 12
    • Oppose: 5

    • Support: 27
    • Oppose: 8

    • Support: 16
    • Opp…

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    After holding an election for two days, the Fantendo userbase has overwhelmingly voted in support of Lumoshi and StellaStardown's promotion to admin.

    Congratulations to the two of you!

    Additionally, we plan to hold an election to select new chat/discord moderators to replace them sometime soon.

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    exactly what it says on the tin

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    On July 30th at 6am PST, Masahiro Sakurai will be holding a video presentation to show off new details about Hero, as well as Hero's release date.

    This came from Nintendo Versus, which was retweeted by Nintendo of America's Twitter account:

    However, Nintendo of Europe's Twitter account gives more information about the presentation. According to them, 4.0.0 releases July 31st, the day after the presentation. (

    This means Hero will almost certainly be releasing on the 31st as well, as this is the same situation that happened with Joker's video presentation and subsequent release the following day.

    So in all likelihood, Hero wil…

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