So while we wait for the next Smash DLC, I was thinking for a while, and I felt like Ultimate is different than other Smash games in terms of discussion. I came to the conclusion that the "EVERYONE IS HERE" theme was the reason behind it; Everyone came back, but at the expense of other content. There was a rather small amount of newcomers in the base game, especially when Echo Fighters are taken into account, and the amount of new stages in the base game can be counted on one hand.

The DLC brings the bulk of new content in terms of fighters and stages, and almost all of them are completely new faces. In addition, the majority of the first Fighters's Pass were third-parties, while the base game was mainly Nintendo-focused. As a result, it feels like requests are now sharply divided between Nintendo fan-favorites and earth-shaking third-parties. I think the ARMS fighter will pave the way for promotions, but only time will tell.

But enough of that. The main focus is me wondering, "How many fighters would be in a hypothetical Smash 6?" Obviously, we can't bring everyone back, and it would take a lot of effort to get all those third parties. But hey, look on the bright side; More obscure Nintendo games could get another shot, right?

I think we'd get 50 at the lowest and 70 at the highest. Every Smash game has more fighters than the last, but I suspect Smash 6 would be forced to drop a lot of veterans. Ultimate already bright everyone back, and it can't compete with that. It would need to focus on newcomers as a counterbalance. I'd also image it would have a serious shakeup to the standard Smash formula, given that Ultimate is basically the pinnacle of Smash at the moment and will cast a massive shadow over any sequels.

So what do you think? How many fighters would be in the roster of a realistic Smash 6?

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