Back at this again, alright so we've been having some trouble lately with the Kieran socks, now are Sysops on yes, that's why this isn't a call for more Sysops, the thing is, both sysops were asleep, now having two sysops on at the moment (at least I suspect a few more are skulking around) is pretty good, we have the power of banning there however the issue is that sysops have other shit to do and chat is easily the most vulnerable place for attacks from trolls,socks,advertisers, etc. This has been going on for a while now but tonight (or today depending on where you live) was by far the worst attack by a Kieran Sock of my knowledge, the Kieran Sock joined at 1:21AM AEST and was not banned until 1:30-1:31AM AEST by RTA. In that time the Kieran Sock spouted the usual filth they do; Caps Spamming, Rape, Sex, Murder, general derogatory terms, etc.

To say the least we have very few Chat Mods at the moment, only two; Hammy & Snicks, Hammy's apparently on vacation atm so realistically we currently have 1 confirmed active chat mod. We need more is what I'm saying, now I'm going to list every single user who was active on chat during the Kieran Sock so you guys can talk it over with what to do.

  • CrunchTime420
  • DoodleFox
  • IndigoFusionbolt
  • LunarScald
  • MeGa eXal
  • Pyrostar
  • Thektdude
  • Tigzon the Tigerox

Obviously I was as well but I'm not interested in this position although aside from Exal and Indigo (I think) the others have expressed interest in the position.

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