Well after the rousing success of Episode 1 last week, I think Community Draw will be able to make a full proper return. As stated in that blog if you aren't familiar with the event, Community Draw used to be a weekly/biweekly event where people on the wiki would get together to draw a character in their own visual styles.

As with last week feel free to submit your artwork any time between now and the 5th of June. Also as mentioned previously, you can still submit artwork for a previous Week if you so desire. In addition if you'd like to submit a suggestion for a Community Draw character please message me on my talk page, I would recommend a character who already has at least one piece of artwork or has a good description of their physical appearance that people can work from.

So this week we'll be tackling another canonical character, hailing from the Pokémon series, it's...


... Goomy! The weird slug-dragon base form of the Kalos Psuedo-legendary, Goodra.

Feel free to draw Goomy however you want, if you want to give it a variation or have it performing an attack or simply showing off a different expression, whatever feels best to you.

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