Shadow Inferno Shadow Inferno 8 days ago

Basic Table Design and Editing in Source

Please note, this is primarily serving as a quick rundown/tutorial on basic Table Editing in Source Editor, the following will not be applicable to Visual Editor for reasons that will become obvious, in addition, I am in no way an expert at Table Editing let alone Source, I tend to go for function more than form, there is a lot more you can do with tables than what I'm just outlining here.

So when editing Tables I generally consider there to be 12 key components, there are some others as well but generally for a basic table, as shown in the diagram below.

So we'll go through each one and what they mean and how changing them can affect things. Parts 1-5 will go over Style which is how a Table's general characteristics are defined whilst Parts…

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Shadow Inferno Shadow Inferno 16 days ago

Easiest to Hardest - Johto Gym Leaders

Hello, Shadow Inferno here, been a while. Recently I've been replaying Pokemon Heart Gold Version and thinking about the difficulty of the Gym Leaders in that game, we all know jokes about Whitney but I figured I should make a list of what I consider the Easiest to Hardest of the Johto Gym Leaders, keep in mind this isn't absolute, unless you run through countless simulations of every possible team you could have in the game up to that Gym Leader there's going to be some bias here and there.

  • 1 #1 - Chuck
  • 2 #2 - Pryce
  • 3 #3 - Falkner
  • 4 #4 - Bugsy
  • 5 #5 - Jasmine
  • 6 #6 - Clair
  • 7 #7 - Whitney
  • 8 #8 - Morty

Chuck is perhaps one of the easiest Gym Leaders in the series, to put it plainly Chuck's Team is extremely weak, his team uses sub-par moves particularly in Fo…

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Shadow Inferno Shadow Inferno 5 January

Project: Ciedalsa

Hey all, Shadow Inferno here. Today I'd like to present an idea for a new community project, Ciedalsa a community made planet & countries similar to the previous Osiris project from 2015-2016.

What is Ciedalsa?

Ciedalsa is the current working name for the planet, in a similar manner to Osiris.

As shown in the map above, Ciedalsa is a planet with two major continents and many regions/territories. The idea being that people can lay claim to the various regions and territories and create their own countries in a sort of cooperative creative writing initiative. Anyone would be welcome to pick up a country as long as they're able to provide an adequate description of what the country is.

Once a country has been confirmed it is added to the set, initial…

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Shadow Inferno Shadow Inferno 13 November 2020

Casual discussion about Hellspawn

So I assume at least some (maybe most) of you are familiar with the concept of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; War, Famine, Death and the other guy. When you think about the quartet who do you think of as the other guy, Conquest? Pestilence? Danny DeVito? maybe someone else entirely?

Post your opinions in the comments.

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Shadow Inferno Shadow Inferno 26 October 2020

Unused Images are now Liable for Deletion

As part of the on-going effort to improve the Wikia's quality in article content and general user interface it has been decided that Unused Images (that is images which do not appear on any Articles, Blogs, User Pages or similar locations) will be liable for deletion by the staff.

This new liability is listed under the Rules page however this is not a bannable offense so users who are uploading images which go unused will not be at risk of being warned or banned. It is however recommended that all users express more direct intent with their uploads and please make sure that when you upload images to the site they have an intended page to be used on.

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