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    If you're not American please don't comment below saying "I'm not American" because if you're not, then this blog isn't aimed at you. If you're gonna complain about politics just.... don't read the blog, dude.

    I know a sizeable percentage of our Fantendo population is 18 or older and living in the U.S. For many of us, this year could be our very first time voting. If you live in America, you're certainly aware of the absolute nightmare in politics that we've faced every day since election season began.

    Many people skip voting in the midterm elections and simply vote in the presidential elections. This is a horrendous pattern for obvious reasons-- who's controlling the House and Senate is virtually equally as important as who's controlling th…

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    i've seen a lot of people (nobody will be named) on this site call things satire when they're quite clearly, by no definition, satire. so i've decided to educate you all on satire because i'm a petty little bitch and i want people to stop making this mistake all the goddamn time on the internet

    so: here's the definition of satire.

    note that, as this definition implies, satire has to be making a point. and it makes a point through irony, exaggeration, or ridicule-- this is most frequently done by using an exaggerated version of the the topic's methodology to prove a point about the topic. if you still don't follow, here are some examples.

    this comic by Matt Bors is satirical because it uses its opponent's methodology to make a point about how su…

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    match with your best pal or friend or your romantic partner uwu

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