would be cool for newcomers and also a nice stroll through memory lane for the Elderly in our community :)

quick edit: when i say "complete" i am of course referring to "as complete as it can reasonably be in, like, a few months of work".

as for drama? i think it's an important part of the site's culture, even if it's not something exactly pleasant to remember. why shouldn't it be included?

however if it honestly, TRULY makes some of y'all uncomfortable, i don't blame you and fully understand. even just a short title and one or two sentence description is enough to get the idea across. there can be such a thing as too much detail after all.

another quick edit: this blog started with me thinking "hey it would be interesting to know a bit more about the site i've been on since 2014". if i had known it would harbor a long-winded debate on whether a particular event (that i was unaware of, i'd like to reiterate) should be included on a yet-nonexistent page, i wouldn't have bothered.

i have disabled commenting as i no longer see much of a point in continuing this conversation. if they happen to be re-enabled, let it be known it was not me. as such, i will not be engaging in them.

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