no comments again. i really, REALLY didn't want to make a blog about this. i thought i could keep my reasoning for leaving where only people who cared could see it, but i've been told a mod made a public announcement about it on the discord server. there goes that idea.

anyways, here's the point of the blog:

i was told that exotoro wanted to talk to me about my post.

the fact that the community has twisted the point of my post to make it about her is disgusting but not unexpected.

this is not about exo. if you read the post, like ACTUALLY read it, you'll see that i believe she did the right thing by stepping down and asking to be banned, and i even thanked her for doing so. i believe she has changed.

saying that my post is about the "exotoro situation" is a gross oversimplification. the post is about the moderator's lackluster response to the situation and the community's willingness to let it slide. what exo did is disgusting, but this is not about that.

exo, if you're reading, i am so sorry for the misunderstanding. i don't hold any ill will towards you and haven't for years.

but i don't think i should be the one apologizing.

i think the mods should do it for twisting my point to make me seem like i'm beating a dead horse for drama.

so, thanks for proving my point.

...and you, reading this. please consider reading my post on my userpage and drawing your own conclusions. the mod's announcements are only half of the story, and are conveniently avoiding the point.

real quick, as i was writing this, i was shown the actual announcement post. it honestly just reads like a generic PR response. you can say "this is not a mistake that we will ever make again" and "actions speak louder than words, and this is the time for action" all you want, but until something actually happens fantendo will continue to be an unsafe place for vulnerable people. you've written things like these before and nothing happened.

the time for action was then, not now.

this isn't about exo, it's about you.

i am not "upset and uncomfortable", i'm disgusted and ashamed to have ever contributed to this site.

thanks for proving my point

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