Update: This request blog is now closed. See you in the next one!

Back into another art request season, this time regarding Pokémon stuff. Specifically, I am talking about Shadow Pokémon and Refulgent Pokémon.

Right now I can hear "wait what the fuck is Refulgent Pokémon", and I made it up to put it shortly. I will give details about either forms, regarding a future Pokémon project I have in mind:

  • Shadow Pokémon are introduced in Pokémon Colosseum and returns in Pokémon XD, Pokken (with Shadow Mewtwo) and Pokémon GO (in a slightly different capacity). Their Shadow Moves are always super effective against non-Shadow Pokémon, but not very effective against Shadow Pokémon. This time, in my future Pokémon project, all of the Shadow Pokémon are fully corrupted, requiring a stronger purification technique to restore them to normal.
    • General color scheme is black, gray, and various shades of purple and red.
  • Refulgent Pokémon are a different story; they are entirely new in my future Pokémon project and is the result of light corrupting the Pokémon's spirit, just like how darkness had corrupted the Pokémon's heart. Refulgent Pokémon are resistant to hits that would be normally effective (i.e. Rock on Grass, and Water on Fire/Grass) and immunity to Shadow Moves. While their Refulgent Moves are neutral against non-Refulgent Pokémon and resisted by Refulgent Pokémon, they are always super effective against Shadow Pokémon!
    • General color scheme is white, bright beige and various shades of yellow and blue.

With the details explained, here are the rules.

  • One Shadow Pokémon and one Refulgent Pokémon per user. You don't have to request for both; just request for either form would be enough to be accepted.
  • You may allow to request your own fanmade Pokémon for either forms as long as you have image available for them.
  • Only regular Pokémon will be requested. This includes anything that isn't a Legendary, a Mythical or an Ultra Beast.
  • This is common sense but be patient; I take some time to make arts, so I greatly appreciate to not telling me to get faster. I also do it in order of who commented first (bottom of the section), thus first come, first served!

With that being said, request away! :D

Shadow List

  • Shadow Luxio (Stella) ✔
  • Shadow Wreckasaur (Yokai; redesign allowed) ✔
  • Shadow Clefable (Dreamy's) ✔
  • Shadow Hatterene (Pyra) ✔
  • Shadow Azumarill (Intertidal) ✔
  • Shadow Toxicotion (Crakabo) ✔
  • Shadow Gardevoir (Scarlet) ✔
  • Shadow Clauncher (Kirbi) ✔
  • Shadow Trevenant (WikiOddish) ✔
  • Shadow Falinks (LoZ00) ✔
  • Shadow Quevyrn (West) ✔
  • Shadow Primarina (Nimbus) ✔
  • Shadow Sobble (Aivalas) ✔
  • Shadow Claydol (Prince) ✔
  • Shadow Trubbish (Gold) ✔

Refulgent List

  • Refulgent Wooloo (Stella) ✔
  • Refulgent Trashedy (Yokai; redesign allowed) ✔
  • Refulgent Wigglytuff (Dreamy's) ✔
  • Refulgent Tsareena (Pyra) ✔
  • Refulgent Hydreigon (Intertidal) ✔
  • Refulgent Vialent (Crakabo) ✔
  • Refulgent Gallade (Scarlet) ✔
  • Refulgent Magnemite (Kirbi) ✔
  • Refulgent Gourgeist (WikiOddish) ✔
  • Refulgent Sawsbuck (LoZ00) ✔
  • Refulgent Serperior (Nimbus) ✔
  • Refulgent Nuboulaire (Aivalas) ✔
  • Refulgent Delibird (Prince) ✔
  • Refulgent Lucario (Gold) ✔


Shadow Pokémon

Refulgent Pokémon

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