It had been quite a while that I didn't do the line art requests, did I? Time to open a new lnine

  • You can request me up to two of the following type of requests (two of the same request type are accepted);
    • Regular request. Nothing special about this.
    • Having one of my characters cosplaying as one of yours. You can also request for an inverse; one of your characters cosplaying as one of mine.
    • Secretverse Counterpart. Basically an AU that have a fantasy-like settings but much more emphasis on general fantasy and magic, and even have technology thrown on it. The abilities of Secretverse Counterparts, right up to their power level and even personality, may even vastly differs!
    • Special requests involving two characters interacting in one drawing (such as the Bynde vs Exateno one from Ole Oktoberfest) are allowed. This case is more time consuming than the above three does to essentially drawing two characters in one, but still count as a normal request and can help me to do some poses I don't normally do before.
  • For any of the above accepted requests, if, and only if, you have few characters and you already used most of yours from the previous blogs, you can use official characters (preferably from a video game franchise) to get around. I am not into realistic details so don't expect realistic details from realistic-looking characters. Joke or meme-only (i.e. those who only exist in the form of a meme) will not be accepted.
  • If you cannot find them or didn't know them, this link to my characters category will help you.
  • Because I wanted variation, I will also not let any of my characters be cosplayed more than three times. This means if Meta-Form is used for a cosplay by three different persons, then he cannot be selected again, so make sure you asked first!
  • I also take my time to make my sketches looks good, so I suggest you to not pushing me to hurry up either. I will make sure to make as many as possible and not leaving any requests behind, although it is possible that I may close it earlier.
  • As we are in the first month of Summer, you can request special summer themed variation of the above requests!

Requests closed! See you in the next lineart request blog!

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